@melinda010100 what a beautiful place for a walk

Thanks! It truly is!

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Thanks, Pix! 😘

Walking in a place like that makes any day special. Thanks for bringing us along, my friend @melinda010100 🌺💐🌹

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It is always a pleasure to have you along! 😘

Beautiful post and photos Melinda!! 20 acres is a lot of garden and I think I could spend a long time there. I love all of the different colors and it all blends together so nicely! This looks like a place that I would love to visit! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!! 💖

Thanks! It truly is a special place. Me and my camera love spending time there!

You are welcome Melinda and I can see why!! 💕

Loving the pictures, so very beautiful. I’m wowed. 💜🦋👍♨️

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Thanks! I feel so lucky to have that all this beauty is just across town!

You’re most welcome and you’re lucky to have such a beautiful environment surrounded with stunning landscape of lovely flowers.

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What a beautiful gardens i too would spend a lot more than 5 minutes there

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Oh good! I'm glad you liked it! I couldn't get motivated this morning to go out to take pictures. So days are better than others and this was not one of the better ones!

We all have good and bad days you have to trust what your body is telling you and take it easy when you need to :)

Beautiful walking place. 20 acres 🤗😍 !!!
I would love stroll everywhere there.
Totally cool Labyrinth..!! I walked one a long time ago that was made with all kinds of different size rocks.

This one is new to the garden and I'm assuming it will be landscaped and will become more interesting. I love the rock ones best!

Very interesting park. Nice!

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Smell the trees and flowers perfume walking quietly through this area, what a treat!

Spending more than five minutes here, perhaps sitting taking in all the beauty, places like this are definitely a morning outing Melinda.

How gorgeous i would be spending days there taking photos of every flower :)

This is my favorite time of year to be there. My camera loves it there, too!

Yep and i can see why 😀

Wow! Those are beautiful gardens! I see a few places i would love to sit in for hours. Labyrinth is very cool.

There are lots of hidden benches where you can sit and not be bothered by anyone. It is a very peaceful place to be.

What a beauty!
From her even breathtaking!
Here you can walk all day!

What a beauty! From
Her even breathtaking! Here
You can walk all day!

                 - ludmila.kyriakou

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Walk and take photos! It is my favorite place to go with my camera!

This place is just super !!!

Stunning shots of this beautiful garden Melinda! What a heavenly place! 🌸😍🌸

It is so beautiful. I've been in gardens all around the world and this one is one of the best. I am so lucky that it is so close by.

Oh wow! You are very lucky 🌸💖🌸

Howdy Melinda! That place is absolutely stunning! That would have to be one of my favorite places to hang out!

They will soon begin pulling out flowers and doing the work of preparing the beds for winter and putting up 500,000 Christmas lights for their holiday extravaganza.

oh! I didn't think of that as being a year-round operation. Well that's wonderful..beautiful at all times of the year!

Nice photos of that garden. It looks so colorful and pretty! Walking among those must be a lot more pleasant than it is to wander through the half-dead browns that dot the landscape around here right now.

Things here are not looking very fresh and green anymore, either. The garden is still beautiful, for the moment, at least!

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