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Have a great Wednesday!
Walking is useful, everyone knows it! I always try to make time for a walk. Of course, I take my camera with me for taking pictures. I set up the camera in Pinhole mode. Are you interested to see this? Let's go, virtual photo walk!

This road leads down to the sea ... But today I will not go down it.

There is a sea in the distance.
The road seems to be deserted.

As you can see people are walking.

These photos I took in another mode.


Signs of spring ...

Here are the first spring flowers.

This is March 2019

I hope that you enjoyed the walk.

Have a nice walk

Original photos by @leylar
The photo were taken by OLYMPUS E-M1
Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO
Thanks for your time!

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They are all such cool shots but the pinhole mode worked so well for this walk, I to always take my camera with me when I go for a walk even short ones :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thank you very much for your kind words @tattoodjay. Yes, the shots turned out to be unusual ..


Unusual yes but unusually cool,, I loved those shots


I took a few shots in sepia mode as well. I will show later


Cool I look forward to seeing those

nice photos for your pedestrian route :) Cheers :)


thanks for stopping

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I really like he first one! The colours, the vignette, the road. Great composition!