Wednesday Walk | A Walk at Submarine Museum, Malacca.

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A Different Kind of Walk Today!




Yup, you saw it right, this one Submarine was decommissioned in 2001 by French Navy and transferred here to use as a training vessel in 2005 for the Royal Malaysian Navy. Now it's been set up on steel support at dry open land in Malacca, and opened up for public as museum.





This was me and my sister looking and amazed by the giant propeller in front of us. Looking at our size, you can imagine how big this thing was.


I have never seen a real submarine before, only in those western movies, we can see how actually it might look like. So when we went to Malacca (another tourist attraction in another state which is about 2-3 hours drive from the capital city) for vacation, we took the opportunity to take an up-close and personal look at the giant steel, where no other place will have.

There is an admission fee to enter the museum, RM 5 (USD 1.22) for adults. There were notice boards beneath the submarine stating its history. We have to walk around the pavement surrounding the submarine to get into the main stairs to go beneath it. That's how the photo of gazing at the Sub came from :)

It was a sunny day so hats and umbrella is a must on this kind of weather. Luckily we were told air conditions were installed inside the submarine, that was a relieved!


Let's see what they have inside.


The only entrance to the submarine, using the staircase provided. You also need to take off your shoe before entering. We carry ours right until exit.


That was a mannequin dress in uniform. There were few of them, some gave us a scared because it's was hidden somewhere not very visible.








First, we saw the control room I guess with old types of computers maybe? There wasn't any sign stating what compartment we were in. I was not sure what I was looking at most the time, lots of equipment that I'm not familiar with, there were sleeping quarters, kitchen, I forgot to take the torpedo bays and it's engine room though.


The walkway was very narrow, most can squeeze 2 people side by side, but to be safe, we walked one person at a time.


That's it for the tour of this antique submarine.


Exiting the submarine at the other rear side. Into the hot air again...


Underneath the submarine, there was an open-air hall, set up with television showing the history and the opening of this museum to entertain the tourists.

I thought it would be nice to take this walk in a different approached by introducing a tourist attraction since the walk was a long and hot one anyway. Maybe some of you might have served in a submarine, does any of it looks familiar to you?

So basically, that ends my Wednesday Walk for this week, hope you enjoy it!


This is my post for #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay and also #makemesmile by @elizacheng!

All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


Address: Jalan Klebang, Melaka 75200, Malaysia.
Contact: +606-282 6526
Opening Hours:-
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
Friday: 9 am - 12.15pm, 2.45pm - 5 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9 am - 6.30 pm
Admission Fees: Adult RM5 / Children RM3 / Children under 7 years old Free

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Wow, that's very cool! I would like to go inside and see everything myself. Thank you for the excursion.

Thank you @amalinavia for stopping by!

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Oh wow!! Thank you @theluvbug, love you all so much!!

What a cool walk, its so tight inside these sumbmarine s isn’t it, I love the shot with people in shot showing how big it ad the propeller is

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yup, I wanna show you all how big this sub really am too!

Ohh yeah front he outside it looks so huge and looks so small and tight once inside it it seems

Yup, I can't stay in those closed space.

OHh no that would not be for me either, I think its a special kind of person who can work n a submarine

Totally agree on that!

An interesting place to visit, I saw one many years ago but have never been onboard. My brother had a tour over one before joining the navy early 1970's.

Size is impressive outside, yet inside I would be claustrophobic subject to such tight space with no windows LOL.

Thanks for sharing your interesting day out @joelai

Me too, can't imagine being in this tight space and under water!


Very strange thing to see a submarine like that.

But is a genius idea keep it as a museum. I'm only a little bit concern about the state of the outside. It looks really rusty. They should apply some layer of paint or something to protect fr from weather.

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

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Hello @neuerko, nice to meet you! Yes, I hope they will take good care of it too for many years to come.
Thank you for stopping by!

Very cool! I have never seen the inside of a submarine before! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for joining the walk @cindyhartz!

Great post, @joelay! Thanks for virtually bring us into the submarine!

Are you sure it was a mannequin and not a nice ghost? I think we need @steemitri’s opinion: he’s a dummy expert! 😍

You well deserve a !BEER 🍻 and a resteem: enjoy!

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I do not want to know if it's a real mannequin or not @amico!! Hahaha...
Thanks for the beers!!

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This is so unexpected, thank you so much!!

Interesting post, I never visited a submarine, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading too @starjewel!

Submarines are one of those things that I'm like, yeah, whatever - until I see a submarine up close! It just makes you think of being in close confines, and they are always bigger than you think! Have you see the old war movie called Das Boot?

No, I haven't seen that movie before @riverflows, must be very old.
Thanks for stopping by and comment too.

It is from the 80s. Its meant to be one of the best war movies ever made. Netflix did a serialised version recently.

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That's very interesting!

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Thank you so very much!

highly impressed with the stuff! it is hard to shoot, really, in such tiny corridors.
thanks for joining the walk!

Thanks for your comment too @qwerrie!! I love the Wednesday Walk!!

me too! one of my faves, I try not to skip it. I wonder, how tattoedjay manages it to observe all the entries????

I was told by him, that he used GinaBot to monitor.

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Once I had the chance to visit a submarine in Peru, it was also a kind of museum, unlike this one, it was in the sea and the sensation was intense; I have always wondered how it would be to live in such confined and reduced spaces. regards

Ah, thanks for your comment @bntcamelo. Well, I would not want to live in such a confined space, I would be very panic.

Wow seeing an old submarine out in the open like that almost feels surreal. I am glad they didn't get the exterior repainted. That rustic look to it makes it really look interesting.

I know right, it was cool to be in there!

Howdy joelai! That was great, I love that thing! Except I wanted to see the torpedo bays and engine room the most! just kidding. Do you think you could live on one? I don't like the thought of it!

I do not want to be in such a space janton, the thoughts scare me, hahaha...

Me too! I don't know how they handle that, for days, weeks, or months at a time! Nightmare!

Howdy janton! Yup, they must have a strong mind to do that!