WednesdayWalk - Graffiti Chalerma Park !!

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Today another Wednesday and another #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay who has encouraged us all to go on that adventurous walk every Wednesday so i wanted to see something different in Bangkok city today so i googled graffiti in Bangkok i came up with a couple that weren't to far from my place and they looked like good art work and vibrant colors.






I took the Skytrain to Ratchathewi station and as you come down the stairs from the station you walk along the main road and Chalerma Park is about a 5 minute walk from this station.






Chalerma Park i found trendy and fun and is home to tons of small murals and art works that are well worth a look.







It's not a big park but it is certainly a fun and colorful place to relax and there are even a tire swing for you to enjoy while you survey the scene or for the kids to play on.







I was lucky enough today to see the graffiti artist at work one of the guys was Thai and the other guy from Spain they were friends and working together they said they do graffiti work all around Bangkok. I was loving the smell of the can sprays it was bringing back the memories of went i was spraying cars back in my days.







Even this cute little kid was having his go at doing his first bit of graffiti to add on the wall. These guys i was talking to was saying that many graffiti artist come here to practice on these walls you will see different graffiti at this park every time you visit how interesting so if i go back in a couple of weeks everything may be different again.








It is certainly a photographers paradise this park there were many photographers here today that i saw in the time i was there either with there models or girlfriends doing some shoot outs.








So this once abandoned space has now turned into a beautiful urban park, complete with benches, badminton court and tire swings great place for a game of badminton.






In a city of concrete, traffic and pollution Chalermla park is really a breath of fresh air.



Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.


How to Get to Chalerma Park: Take the BTS to Ratchatewi station and head towards VIE hotel, and it's in the corner of Petchaburi Road Soi 18.





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Thank you @pixresteemer :)

That street art looks amazing, I will definitely check it out!

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Most welcome it's not a big park but is very colorful and if you like a nice steak check out Hungry Nerds Steakhouse they make a great steak right next to the BTS Station near the park.

I went to Chalerma park today, what a cool place! I also found tons of street art in the alleys and the channel nearby. Didn't make it to the Steakhouse though, I was still full from the delicious street food I had for lunch

Ohhh...that is great glad you found it and enjoyed it , i had a good walk around the back alleys also and found lots more another great area for photographing. Ahhhh...the street food is the best definitely don't need a streak after 🌝

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Today i bought myself a new computer ...yibb...yibb...and i have just downloaded the new version 2.2.0 lets see how i go with this new computer and new version wish me :)

Good luck 👍 🤗

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thanks so far going good but just responding a bit slower then 2.0.4 maybe try a different server you think 😀

Very colourful place full of paints riots! I’ll soon get a headache from all these paintings!

Come on it's nice to see the world in color :)

Fantastic ...!!!
Wow !!! All So very colorful 😊
Beautiful photos..

Thank you @annephibrick it was a new world of colors a fantastic day it was :)

Your photos all so colorful and beautiful. Being there taking pictures had to be most amazing!!!!!
Truly I'm sure was a most fantastic day.

Thank you it was truly nice to be there photographing these murals :)

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Thank you @travelfeed and @smeralda much appreciated 😀

It's our pleasure!

Colorful and fun are good words to describe this park and how cool you saw an artist at work, and also cool that its always changing making return visits always interesting to see what is new

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you my friend i have always wanted to see these artist at work and it was the perfect time to be there and i will certainly be visiting this park again in the near future :)

That’s cool isn’t it I always wanted to see a big mural being done and finally did earlier this year
And I love parks where the art is always changing

I have never seen any one doing this till here at this park and i will be looking forward to going back in a few weeks time i might get lucky again and see them again 😀

Good Luck with that, The ones I saw were doing big murals that took a week or more to do its was cool I would go past each day to see the progress

And that would be pretty cool to see how it progresses each day you would be looking forward to seeing the next stage completed :)

Ohh yes indeed t was, I am now checking each Sunday if there’s any new Murals going up in NYC but no luck finding any in progress yet

I am sure one will pop up soon enough 😀

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I am using 2.2.0 now how do you mean i am using a older version ??

Weird your post shows it was posted from 2.0.4 and maybe you updated and it triggered above message.

That's what happened i updated this post and i did post it on 2.0.4 before 😀

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Thank you @crowdmind :)

That's amazing sir that the only place in the city where grafitti is legal? There's some great artwork there!

  ·  last month (edited)

This was a great discovery one of the best i have seen in Bangkok and there are a few more places around Bangkok that they do allow it i must hunt them down 😀

Sir janton can you please go to this link and vote..Cheers

Howdy today sir hangin! Yes I think we would all love that if you hunted down those other areas! I voted for those numbers just now sir hangin.

Am looking into it i will find them for 🌝...and thank you sir janton 👍

Ok. what's the deal with the new profile image?

I got bored plus that photo is special to has great memories so now i can look at it everyday 🌝

What great memories, the day you got divorced?

Spot on how did you know 🤣

Very cool. Hey that is a good deal, you got to use their models for free! :D I like that lil kid painting!

Thank you my friend ....haha...yeah i didn't think of it that way and the little kid was cool :)