Such a fun walk when there is only one street. Wednesdaywalk

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Mingė is a small fishermen village with about 50 residents. It is located on the Curonian Lagoon, by the lower reaches of the river Mingė, in the Nemunas Delta Regional Park.

You'll not be disappointed, look at everything😉






Locals joke that the main street is Minija river.

Up to this day, there is no bridge, so a 13 km detour is needed to go from one bank of the village to another by non-water means. The western side has more buildings, although both sides are authentic and devoid of modern buildings.





Because of its unique landscape, Mingė also known as "the Venice of Lithuania".




Main Street

pagrtakaspro sodybas.jpg

These photos is original and was taken by me. August. Minge village. Lithuania

This is my entry for #wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay.


Looks like such a beautiful place, I do love the clouds and the reflections of them on the water

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you for your time, dear @tattoodjay!

My pleasure 😎👍😎

I must need to visit this Minge Village, it's beautifull🙌👍

Thank you for stopping by!❤

Nuostabūs vaizdai! Taip gražiai viską nufotografavai!

Kokie vaizdai, tokios ir foto :)

O vaizdai tai tikrai patys už save kalba :)

Gražus tavo gimtas kraštas :)

Šios vietos truputį tolėliau (apie 80 km) nuo mano gimtojo krašto. :) Turbūt painioji Šilutę su Šilale :) Bet man ten viskas labai gimta ir sava, nes tiek kartų lankytasi :)

Taip, tikrai, vaikščiojau po Šilutę ir vaizdavaus, kad tu čia augai...
Važiuosiu apžiūrėt Šilalę kitusyk :)

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I like the style of the village considering that most of the world is cutting trees for building, I like to see a place where people live together with the nature but I wonder ... in which country is this place ?

Thank you @khalifandro so much for such warm feedback.
I am very pleased ❤

What a beautiful village. I love the houses right on the water.

Congrats on the OCD nomination!

Thank you so much, @gniksivart! :)

Sveikinu su labai graziu ir sekmingu postu. Kai aplanko @ocdb su @blocktrades (su 4 Mln SP uzantyje) - tai jau maza nepasirodys :)

P.S. (edit)
O stai ir mysles iminimas:

Ačiū, @onealfa, labai !
Nu žiauriai faina būt pastebėtai ir įvertintai :) tokios komisijos 😁

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