A Lot Of Pics For A Short Walk!

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My walk today was pretty short but I did take it this morning and it was just around my house. Like literally, around my house! I didn't feel too good the last few days so my walk was short and close by. It also rained the last three days and it was quite gray when I first went outside but the sun and blue skies made an appearance while I was out which was very nice.



I did take a lot of photos though and even decided it best to put a bunch in collages to minimize space and keep ya'll from getting too bored..lol. This first collage is of some old Black-eyed Susans flower heads.


I still have some old Bee Balm flower heads as well. I would normally have them cut and cleaned out but taking good care of the garden has been difficult this year. I may have to pay someone to help me out some.


Here is a nice soft patch of moss that is growing over some concrete. Had to stop and run my fingers over it and take a photo of course.


The first two photo in my post are of some buds on the big maple tree in the back yard. There are a lot of buds on that tree right now!


I even spied a bud that had opened up.


I walked most of the way back to the Holly tree at the very back of the yard.



I didn't make it all the way back as there was a lot of big puddles from all the rain. Just look at this yucky mess!


Even Sylvester and Baby (the cats) didn't follow me all the way back there which probably made them smarter than me. 🤔 😁


By this time the sun was trying to break through and I was seeing some pretty blue skies! The second photo below almost looks like there is a heart in the cloud. Happy (Early) Valentine's Day! 💖



I could hear a plane overhead and even managed to get a good shot of it for a change. It made me think of my friend @redheadpei as it was an Air Canada Express plane.


I think it must have been a sign, Jo, cause guess what I saw next?! A blue jay! It was digging into a branch and eating the wood pulp. I don't think I've ever seen one do that or don't recall ever seeing one do that. It was really pecking away at that branch but I got some okay photos even with all that movement. The blue jays usually just fly over or are too well hidden in the trees for me to catch them so I was happy to get some okay photos of him (or her).




There were some small branches on the ground from the maple tree that had some lovely lichens on them.


Which brings me to the end of my walk and post. I will end my post with how it began...with a few more photos of the maple tree buds. 🙂




Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk!!






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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! xoxo 😊

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Thank you very much @followforupvotes!! 💖

It may have been a short walk but wow what a cool collection of photos hope your feeling better soon

Thnaks for joining Wednesday walk :)

Thank you very much @tattoodjay!! I think I had a bit of luck with me on a couple of the photos..lol. 😉

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Thank you very much @beerlover and @pixresteemer!! 🍻 😁

You had captured pretty gorgeous nature properties as well. I like the way of your short walk. These birds images really awesome and captured by them very difficult and need to be patience sometimes. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you so much @madushanka!! I'm happy to have been lucky enough to capture the blue jay. They fly over so quickly. 🙂

Awesome! Thank you very much @pixel-curation!! Much appreciated!! 💖

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Congratulations @deerjay!

Thank you very much @wwwiebe and The PhotoStream team! Very much appreciated! 💖

Nice walk @deerjay and you even ran into a Jay. You got a good shot of it too =)
The weather here has improved much and it almost feels like spring. The Plum trees seem to feel the same way as they are all in bloom right now.
IMG_0847 (2).jpg
A shot taken out the window of the neighbors tree... there are hundreds blooming across the city right now.... Spring is on the way. =)

Thanks so much @chromuimone and for sharing the gorgeous photo of the Plum tree blooms..they are just lovely and I love them! 😍

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