#WednesdayWalk: Mob Museum

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I am writing this post to participate in @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk challenge.

Last week I had just returned from my trip to Vegas and shared some pictures from all over the town with you. This time I am going to be a bit more specific with what I share.

One of the friends that we took our trip with was really interested in going to the Mob Museum near Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas. This is the older part of Vegas before the behemoth casinos were built further down the strip.

Although I enjoy museums, a lot of times places like this are simply tourist traps with maybe a couple of artifacts to show and just a bunch of "fluff" in between. That definitely wasn't the case with this one and though I was a bit apprehensive to visit at first, I am extremely glad I did.

Situated in the old courthouse, the museum is three floors(four if you count the basement) of nothing but artifacts, displays, videos, and more information than I could handle about the mob. We picked the cheapest tour and ended up paying $27 per person to get in. There are some expanded tours that take you through a crime lab and things like that, but we didn't have time to do those.

If you aren't familiar, the Mob has a deep and lengthy relationship with Prohibition and Vegas. It is only natural that Vegas would be the location for this museum.

As I said, there was just too much information thrown at us to cover it all in this post. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that "there wasn't an inch of wall on any of the floors that wasn't covered with some fact or video about the mob".

Instead I am just going to share some of the pictures I took as we were walking through. If you want to do some learning I encourage you to visit their website that I linked above and head to the "Learn" area.

This is an old slot machine they had on display. It is crazy to think how far they have advanced. It's also crazy for me to think that no matter how much they have changed, the house still always holds the advantage...

I also just realized that I took a ton of pictures of the weapons. I guess it is because I am a boy...

As much as they focused on the mob, they also focused on the law enforcement officers that worked against them. In fact, on the second or their floor of the courthouse, we got to sit in one of the very same courtrooms they used to have hearings about the mob. They showed a short video while we all sat in benches facing where the judges seat would be. It was pretty cool.

I think this is a pretty famous quote, though I had never heard it before. I think it is really awesome though and I had to get a picture of it. They actually have shirts with this saying on it in the gift shop, but I didn't purchase one.

My wife and I have been watching "Ozark" on Netflix. It is basically about money laundering for a Mexican Cartel and the challenges and tribulations that causes. I still don't quite understand how it all works, so I took this picture in case I wanted to educate myself a little in the future.

Finally, for the museum part I will leave you with this. We actually have a picture of our friend pulling the lever and her husband sitting in the chair. I didn't have the guts to do it though, plus there was a group of people behind us waiting...

Down in the basement of the museum, they have a couple of other small displays, but the real reason you want to go down there is because they have a distillery and an old style "speak easy" where you can hang out and have a drink.

As expected the speakeasy was packed and I had a feeling it was going to be a bit pricey, but our friend had read about it online and wanted to have at least one drink there. We waited about five minutes and were actually lucky enough to find an open table for the six(two came later) of us. The bar area isn't very big at all and they had a live jazz band playing so it was even more crowded.

As I said, the six of us did our best to fit around a small four top table and @mrsbozz ordered this gem of a cocktail. I can't remember the name of it and I didn't get a picture of the menu. I had a sip and it was fantastic, it was fruity and sweet yet the alcohol was strong enough to remind you it was there.

Being on a big of a whiskey kick right now, I decided to order their "old fashioned". I've had these a lot of places and it is really just a fantastically simple whiskey cocktail. I have to admit though I was a bit taken aback when it came out to me served like this.

Luckily we were smart enough to realize I needed to open up the book to find the wonderful elixir that was inside. Mixed with the cherry, sugar, and water that were already in my glass it was a real treat and definitely one of the best cocktails I had during my trip.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend visiting the Mob Museum. Make sure you go with an empty head though because there is a ton of information to take in. You could literally spend half a day just browsing the base exhibits they have, not to mention the special ones that they offer.


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Wow. I've never been there, I figured it was a simple tourist trap. I'll remedy that before too long.

I almost shat when I saw that opening picture. I owned a blue Colt Woodsman that I bought new in '72. I was, without question, the finest firearm I have owned. It was like jewelry. To see one with a silencer on it was a bit of a shock.

That old fashioned and the service of it is just cool beyond words. Simply amazing, and that from a guy that doesn't drink!

Thanks Bozz. A terrific walk indeed!


I would definitely recommend it. I was trying to keep an eye out for any mention of Detroit connections to the Mafia, but they stuck to just the big dogs or I totally missed it because there was so much information to go through. One of the most interesting things I saw was the fact that mob hits are still happening in the 90's, 2000's, and 2010's. That is awesome about the Colt. My friend has a Ruger Mark II or III(similar to this colt) that I have been thinking about buying, but I have just never "pulled the trigger". :)


I've got a MKII now :) I sold the Colt to a friend in a moment of weakness but I think the MKII will belong to one of my nephews one day. It is a truly marvelous gun, too.

I never went there i thought that it would be touristy and mediocre but from this post I realise how wrong i was, I am glad I got to see it through your post, and love the way they present that drink what a cool idea and so fits with the theme of a museum

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

PS I will be back to resteem in a little while


Yeah, it was really pretty awesome. Thanks for the compliment but I really don't feel like my pictures do it justice. They have the floors set up to give the most usable space possible for the exhibits.

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I think your photos do it justice I was really impressed with what you showed us :)

That one armed bandit looks really cool, as do all the guns. I'm glad they had that Tommy gun on display, wouldn't be a mobster museum if they didn't have that ;)

Original presentation of the whiskey as well!


Indeed! There was so much stuff to look at in this place. They even had old poker chips from the early days of Vegas, it was really cool.

That would be really interesting to see! When the mob first opened up Las Vegas they needed good quality food for in the restaurants. My father-in-law owned one of the first trucking companies in Chicago and he was contacted by the mob to haul meat from the Chicago Stockyards to Vegas. To do that he bought some of the first refrigerated semi trailers on the road.


Wow, that is really cool!

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Looks great . Wonder are the mob running it as I heard they are still prominent in those parts . No arguments over ticket prices 😂😂

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It's possible! My brother in law knows a lady that volunteers there. I wasn't going to complain about the prices!

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I can imagine they would tell you to “ Go suck a lemon” if you didn’t complain 😂😂😂

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Thank you!

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Wow that is so cool. Would love to visit this someday if I go back to Vegas


You totally should if you get the chance!

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One wonders if that old slot machine could be gamed by studying its mechanics haha.... Also like the slice of orange (?). Was it candied? Looks very interesting!
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I did not even know that duch a museum exist ^^ .. those are some nice pictures you took there ;)

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