Colorchallenge Thrusday Green : Stage Decor in Green

in wedding •  8 months ago

This is my entry for today's #colorchallenge Green. This #colorchallenge is initiated by @kalemandra for Thrusday.

#colorchallenge Thrusday Green : Stage Decor in Green


angled view of reception stage decoration


Green Color Wedding Stage Steeming

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I love Indian weddings.

nice colours

it is very beautiful wedding!


@ahlawat ji thanks.


@mehtaver beauutiful decoration but Fro Which City You Are My Business is also a same Wedding Planner

Wedding Stage with Green colour & flowers Perfect combination.
Hanging Flowers make stage awesome.
Stage decoration is super i give 10/10 for this decoration. :)


@tussar11 thank you for awesome feedback. I like your marking. Keep steeming..... :D


Yes brother.. i am also following you from long.
I have also resteem you one post which was on bitcoin ben.. please also like my blogs...

WOW! Nice decoration. I want this type of decoration for my wedding.


Sure, we will do it for your wedding.
Thanks @ohimahathir for such a nice reply.

चराग तो जलते हैं अंधेरों मैं हर जगह, मगर यह मन को लुभाए वह रोशनी है. मेहरबा है कुदरत तेरे अच्छे कर्मों पर इसलिए तो...? @mehta तू अपने हुनर का धनी है.....
It is very amazing And very beautiful decoration @mehta sir
खास आपके लिए यह शायरी लिखी है मेहता साहब
मैंने स्टीमजेट म्यूजिकल कॉन्टेस्ट में हिस्सा लिया है और एक इंग्लिश गाने की वीडियो बनाई है हो सके तो आप इसे जरूर देखिएगा धन्यवाद........!


@one-step1 aapka dhanywad. itni sunder panktiya likhne ke liye.
bas steeming karte rahiye.... aur :)


@mehta जी कैमरे से ज्यादा मेगापिक्सल की तो आपकी आंखे होंगी,इंद्रधनुष के सातो रंग की तरह आपने हर दिन दो दिलों को किसी ना किसी रंग मे पिरोया है,,,बेहतरीन फोटोग्राफी आपके माध्यम से देखने को मिलती है,,,वाकयी में "its a colochallenge"
हमारी शुभकामनायें आपके साथ हैं!


@atuldwivedime आपके शानदार जानदार comment के लिए शुक्रिया.
आपका जवाब नहीं.

HI, again bro @mehta..... again 4 awesome pictures with very good lighting effect and angle view.

Awesome decoration.
The place of the reception stage is just perfect because the black in the background takes it to the ultimate level.

Well captured.
Keep up the good work bro.Thanks for sharing such Pictures.
Waiting for your next amazing pictures.


@san190 thanks for wonderful feedback.
You are amazing. Keep sharing the things and enjoy the steem power... :)

The lights faded the colour of green ..But the stage decoration is awesome.


Thanks @doctorhealth for your great feedback. I like it.
Keep steeming regular. :D

It is a magnificent stage very well decorated very elegant that attracts a lot of attention, it serves for events of artists who sing romantic music.


Great! @wendyth16 your feedback is nice. Thanks for comment.


Yes..It is very well decorated


बहुत ही सुंदर स्टेज है मेहता साहब। हरे रंग में रंगे स्टेज की शोभा बहुत ही प्यारी लग रही है और उसपर आपकी फोटोग्राफी हमेशा की तरह लाजबाव है। इसी तरह लगे रहिए।

There is a very beautiful decoration, such a decoration is very rare & i has a very good combinations of grenish, whites and yellowish colours lighting.


Thanks @kanhiyachauhan for beautiful comment.
The colors are made with flower decoration.


Very beautiful flower decoration I have never seen such decoration and We will always be supporting you to keep such a beautiful photography in front of us.

'Green' is almost at the back ground, yet is is still the dominant color! Its great stuff.

Very nice,osem color, lighting,and decoration nice work sir..

I am new i hope you support me..

beautiful wedding! arrangement nice stage decoration with cool colors

captured the view to perfection.Good job!

Very nice pic osam ....

i think it's beautiful and royal marriage

@mehta thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome

Wow......have a wonderful GREEN Thursday!


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Great job .... Liked green theme!!!!


It is a superb stage exceptionally all around finished extremely rich that pulls in a considerable measure of consideration.

I'm not surprised when they say "Marriages are made in Heaven" & with such a super beautifully done mandap - Mehta ji makes so many journeys commence :)

nice decoretion brother

Just simply wow!

@mehta sir this beautiful decoration is result of very hard working and innovative idea.
very beautiful

Plz fallwo me back dudd

Wonderful theme colour wedding pictures. The decoration is world class. Brilliant photography too. Keep up the good work.

Simplemente bello! सुंदर

These are very nice photos! What camera and lens were you using? :)

thats amazing wedding decoration where do it belongs from?

good situation..

I have up-vote you please up-vote me as well
You can follow me @yogendersingh

In my manner the decoration is like a sweet dream. It looks like the beauti of nature focus on the stage with the glorious of lighting.

Mehta ji , bhut hi accha decorate kiya h aapne !!! Jaipur k rehne wale ho kya ?

This decoration are awesome I want this type of decoration in my wedding

Hello. I participated in the @ raah color challenge of East Asia Korea. Would you like to come over?

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You always post the best event setups, @mehta!

@mehta We all wait, when MEHTA Brother will have a beautiful wedding for us, place name, address, pictures, with a great color,, today's stage decor is green color, Lots of lights on today's pictures, today look more beautiful,,, what do you think MEHTA DADA

Wow. this is so beautiful . i love it

Nice photography sir
Sir Plz mera ID pai footer GIF create karke bejna sir thnk's
My wt's app num - 9703571603

Simplemente bello! सुंदर