Measure UX On Your Site: A Detailed Guide to Web Design

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What things do you measure on your site? How frequently do you conduct likewise measurements on your site? These questions can raise awareness about what’s needed to be done for the Website UX too. Website UX also requires a measurement approach so that you must realize the potential changes & modifications your website requires. Your website design has to change over time. Likewise, you have to imply certain changes to your UI & UX. User Experience (UX) consists of different components that you need to improve collectively to form your website design. You have to make changes to these components frequently. You have to understand your existing website UX first. And, for that measurement is important.

To give you better insight we’ve created this article going through which you can understand the core of your UX measurement goals & objectives. We’ll let you know why the measurement is important and what you’re supposed to do to measure your existing UX performance. UX is an indivisible part of website designing and you can trigger huge online traffic & user recognition through an ideal website design. Because a good website design encourages your visitors to interact with your products, services & information. They also share their issues & queries better when they know how to reach out to you easily.

Through this post, we want to educate you against any designing mistakes or drawbacks related to your website UX. It is an analytical effort that you have to put in someday to track your web designing performance. If your existing website UX & UI is not able to bring you desired results against your project investment, you can contact SFWP Experts anytime and get expert advice regarding your current web design product. Our Award-Winning Website UX Design Team is there to assist you with your website building project at any time!

Why Measuring UX is Important?

Your business website has different aspects of design to cover. Therefore, there’s a lot you need to work on. You can hire a designing team or a company to overcome your challenges and get expert advice regarding your web designing issues in the future. Moving ahead, your business website has to pass so many analytical tests to keep growing in the market. Why is measuring UX important in this context? We’ll discuss this thoroughly in this segment.

Website UX plays an important role to raise interest among your website users. They’ve got ample options or alternatives for your website to get answers to their online queries. So, they won’t stay longer on your site if you’re not even able to provide them a better experience on your site. The better experience doesn’t merely come from the information you’ve provided but also from your website design.

Why? Because the users are also concerned about doing some activities on your site. They like to use various functionalities and even go for purchase decisions for corresponding products. Following this, it becomes your responsibility to measure your existing web design performance & resolving the user issues accordingly. You can consult SFWP Experts anytime to get further solutions to your budding website design issues. We’re a renowned Custom Web Designing & Development Company based in San Francisco & provide for emerging businesses all over the world!

Measure UX on Your Site

Moving ahead comes the measurement procedure. You have to specify many things about your business objectives and goals & also ensure how your poor website design is creating a corresponding disturbance regarding that. To measure UX on your site you can follow certain aspects that are going to help you through your journey. Here are the components you have to keep in mind accordingly:

1. Evaluating UX

To evaluate UX you have to specify what generally resides in a UX and what you’re supposed to evaluate in website UX. Evaluating website UX you have to focus on the components that together form your website UX. These components are usually divided into the following parts:

  • Users
  • Context &
  • Goals

First, you have to evaluate your target audience for whom you’re going to make corresponding changes to your website design. Moving ahead you have to specify the use cases to which your design product is associated. And, the ultimate component is the goal or objective your website users are going to achieve through using your website design. You have to make sure of all these concepts. Evaluating UX means primarily evaluating the factors associated with your design.

Additionally, you also have to include user satisfaction in this context. Because user satisfaction can also be a powerful factor to understand what works fine for your website design.

2. Measure UX Success

The approaching step is to go for your existing UX success status. Many of you might not know if the UX design is actually successful for your online business or not. To measure the same, you have to analyze the usability of your website design. This analytical data is going to help you understand where your website design currently resides. Here are some parameters on the basis of which you have to decide your UX success:

  • You go for your task success rate initially. This rate is usually based on the various little operations your website visitors perform on your site
  • Task completing time is the approaching step you have to go for. You have to figure out the total time taken by your website visitors to complete a specific task
  • Another important aspect is the retention time your website users are taking to remain on your site for longer. You have to make sure that your website visitors don’t leave you because of a corresponding issue
  • You also have to check the conversion rate to specify if your existing website UX is doing good with your sales goals & objectives
  • Then there are error rates you have to specify about your website design with respect to your user experiences
  • You’re not supposed to ignore user satisfaction as well and for that, you can collect the record of user reviews & ratings about your website design & functionalities

3. Quantify UX

The approaching technique is to quantify your website UX with the help of corresponding records. You have to keep a record of whatever happens to your website designing performance from time to time. You can keep the records as per the operations and activities performed by your website visitors in different frames of time. To quantify the user experience what you have to do is to try the given below frameworks:

  • AARRR Framework
  • RARRA Framework
  • Customer Experience Index
  • HEART Index by Google

All these frameworks help you analyze user experience based on varied parameters. These parameters can represent User Happiness, Retention, Engagement, Adoption, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Referrals & other factors associated with user experience on your site. So, that’s how UX measurement takes place on your site. Your website users are your first priority to please and consequently, you can know about your website designing & development drawbacks!

Closing Thoughts

Website designing requires dedicated skills on your part to come up with a solution that’s important for your website UX measurement. If you don’t employ a skilled team to handle all the likewise website building operations, you can simply visit SFWP Experts to know your existing potential of user retention. We’re an Award-Winning Custom Coded UX & UI Design Company based in San Francisco. We’re looking for your response!!

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