11 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange UK (Reviews Updated)

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What is the best cryptocurrency exchange in the UK?

This is a common question that many people ask. If you are looking for a reputable international crypto currency exchange, then there are several options available to you. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the top exchanges and help you decide which one might be right for you!

Based on our research, the 11 best cryptocurrency exchanges for the UK are:

  1. Binance – Best Overall Cryptocurrency Exchange
  2. CoinJar – Great UK Crypto Exchange
  3. CEX.IO
  4. ChangeNOW
  5. Coinburp
  6. Coinfloor
  7. Coinbase
  8. Kraken
  9. Changelly
  10. Bittrex
  11. Bitstamp

11 Best Crypto Exchanges in the UK

Here is a list of the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges in the UK.

1. Binance — The Cheapest Exchange
top crypto exchanges in the UK


Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance has no fees, which makes it better than most other exchanges.

This company offers low fees, good security, and good customer service. They have a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

They also offer fast transactions and excellent exchange rates. One fee that you might have is 0.1%, but this can be cut in half if you use the native token BNB to pay for it.

Binance is better for people who are an advanced user, and not recommended for beginners. The user interface can take a little time to figure out, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a great place to trade cryptocurrencies and make money on the markets.

Binance is a company that provides a lot of safety for traders in the United Kingdom. It has a money vault called SAFU, which contains 10% of trading fees. If there is any bad thing that happens to your account, then this money will help you out.


  • Binance lists a lot of different cryptocurrencies and also adds new crypto assets that many people want.
  • Binance offers a lot of liquidity. This means that you can buy and sell your money easily.
  • The crypto exchange has a desk that is easy to talk to.
  • People who trade on Binance Coin can get a discount when they trade.
  • Binance is a website where people can trade different things. People who are experienced can trade with more money, up to 125 times as much.


  • Binance may be regulated in the future. They are not currently regulated, so they might have to change their rules.
  • Binance has sometimes listed crypto tokens that turned out to be a scam.

Supported Payment Methods: Faster Payment Methods, Debit Cards (Visa and Mastercard), Bank transfers via P2P trading, Third-party gateways (Banxa, Simplex).



2. CoinJar UK based bitcoin exchange
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the UK


CoinJar has been recommended since it was launched in 2013. Many people say that the experience of using CoinJar is just like using their regular bank transfer system. The user interface is easy to use and they have excellent customer service.

The crypto exchange only supports the most popular and high-liquidity coins. You can use the crypto exchange to buy your first cryptocurrency. It is easy!

CoinJar has become a popular crypto exchange in the United Kingdom. It is easy to use and has low fees. There are different trading fees for buyers and sellers, but they are both low. The fee for a buyer is 1% of the payment type (cash, card, bank transfer), and the fee for a seller is 0.2%

They have an app. It is for android and iOS. You can use it on your phone.


  • Coinjar is a good place to trade your cryptocurrency. They have never had any hacking.
  • The interface is easy to use for new investors.
  • The crypto exchange rarely has downtime.
  • Coinjar fees are lower than competitors.
  • You don't need to pay an extra fee if you withdraw to an external wallet. The network fee will still apply.
  • Coinjar has a customer support team that will answer your questions.


  • Coinjar only supports a few different types of cryptocurrency.
  • The platform does not support card purchases.



3. CEX.IO – UK-Friendly
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the Uk


CEX is a good place for people in the United Kingdom. It has easy payment methods, great security, and GBP deposits. CEX is one of the few exchanges where you can use Visa or Mastercard to buy crypto.

There are many different cryptocurrencies. The ones that are most popular are BTC, ETH, BCH, BTG, DASH, LTC, XRP, XLM and ZEC. Advanced traders can use CEX.io to trade on other exchanges with 10x leverage but it is not free.

It seems like the maker and taker fees are reasonable, but there is another fee of 7%. This makes the card trades more expensive. There is a 2.99% charge for card trades. For withdrawals, there is an additional 3% + £2.10, plus £2.90 for commission on top of that.

Finally, they have a mobile app that you can use to trade on the go!


  • This is a strong, well-secure crypto exchange.
  • It is easy to use, and it doesn't have many buttons.
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • A lot of high volume traders.
  • Mobile app
  • Various payment methods


  • The fees are high.
  • The app only supports a few digital currencies.
  • It is hard to get in touch with them.
  • There are no advanced order types.

Supported Payment Methods: Domestic Wire Transfer, Debit Cards (Mastercard and Visa), SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments, Skrill.



4. ChangeNOW Exchange
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the Uk


ChangeNOW is a good cryptocurrency exchange. It has the same amount of altcoins and trading pairs as Binance. If you want to trade, use ChangeNOW instead of Binance.

ChangeNOW was created to be a place where you could trade one type of cryptocurrency for another. But now the platform also has a new service. You can pay with bank transfers or use your MasterCard or VISA debit and credit card to buy crypto assets on ChangeNOW. The site charges 1% of the asset and 5% for the

ChangeNOW is a new website that helps you exchange your coins. It has many great features that make it safe and easy to use. You can also buy coins with it too! We review ChangeNOW in more detail so you can decide if this is the website for you.

The ChangeNOW customer support team is very responsive and helpful. So you can feel safe when using their service.


  • There is no need to register.
  • We do not have control over your crypto assets.
  • ChangeNOW can change your money and pick the best rate for you.
  • In the exchanges, there are no limits.
  • The average transaction takes 2 minutes.
  • You can use Visa and MasterCard to pay for your order.
  • More than 200 coins are listed on thier crypto exchange. There are more than 40,000 different ways to trade them.


  • Crypto-to-fiat exchanges are a bit expensive.
  • No crypto-to-fiat exchange is available.
  • You can find price charts on the internet. But there aren't any other tools for trading crypto.



5. Coinburp exchange
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the Uk


Coinburp supports BTC, ETH, LTC, bitcoin cash and EOS. Coinburp is simple and quick. They also use UK Faster Payments Service (FPS). The downside to Coinburp is that there are no other payment options available.

You will have to pay a fee of 50 pence for transactions below £100. Transactions above £100 are free. Withdrawing money costs 5 pounds per order.

Coinburp is a good website for buying or selling. There are low transaction fees and it is very easy to use. You should register on the site if you want to buy or sell bitcoin etc.


  • In the United Kingdom.
  • This company has a 4.9* Trustpilot rating, and 1000+ reviews.
  • Verification is easy. It only takes 15 minutes.
  • GBP deposits are credited quickly (within 10 minutes).
  • This app is easy to use, and it has the iOS and Android version.
  • You can email us, use Telegram or Facebook Messenger.Bitcoin prices are about 1.5% above the real exchange rate, and there are no trading fees.
  • This site lets you store your money. What is stored online is insured.
  • The minimum deposit is just £5 (or €5).


  • Only supports Bitcoin (BTC) and 5 other cryptocurrencies.
  • You can’t deposit funds with a debit or credit card.
  • GBP withdrawal fees seem high (a fixed fee of £5).



6. Coinfloor Exchange
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the Uk


Coinfloor is one of the oldest and most experienced exchanges in the UK. From customer support to security, everything is good. Yet there is a problem. It's not easy for beginners who have never traded before to use this platform.

The people that use Coinfloor have a lot of money and want to trade bitcoins. The crypto exchange is more personal than others because it only trades bitcoins. It also provides high-liquidity which means you can trade big orders with it. This is why there is a minimum deposit limit of 1,000 GBP.

If you want to buy bitcoin in small amounts, you can use the Auto Buy function on Coinfloor. This will create a recurring buy for small amounts of bitcoins. The coins are stored in a secure place and there is an audit every month to make sure they stay safe.

So, this may not be the best place to start if you want to start small. But if you want to go big and need a more refined approach, they’ve got everything covered.


  • The user interface is easy to use.
  • You can get a mobile trading application. It is convenient!
  • The 2-factor authentication and trading password offers extra security.
  • There is a 100% cold storage of user funds.
  • The sign-up process is fast and easy. You can sign up in two minutes!
  • The app supports GBP/BTC trading pairs.
  • You can transfer money in and out of the bank account.
  • This site has a lot of questions that are answered.


  • There are only a few coins on the crypto exchange.
  • The deposit amounts are high.
  • Unfortunately, there is no live chat platform with support.
  • There is no way of shorting coins when you are on the offer.



7. Coinbase Exchange


Coinbase is a crypto exchange that has more than 30 million customers. It is based in the United States, but people from around the world know about it. The platform works well and its security is very good.

Coinbase only accepts 4 cryptocurrencies for purchase: BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC. But they have many ways to pay for them. They accept fiat currency from GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD. For United Kingdom citizens there are different fees for buying or selling cryptocurrency depending on the payment options you choose.

Coinbase is a company with an easy to use website. They have a design that is very simple and there are some basic trading features. There is also another version of Coinbase that has more advanced features for experienced traders.


  • The interface is easy to use for beginners.
  • It is easy to sign up for this service.
  • Supports digital assets with high liquidity.
  • It is very regulated.
  • Strong security means that you are safe.
  • This account is covered by the FDIC.
  • For convenience, I am using a mobile app.
  • Accessible in 100 countries.
  • Pro platform has low trading fees.
  • Coinbase has many different services for you to use.


  • Another thing, besides the Pro crypto trading platforms: most of its other products and services are expensive.
  • High levels of compliance with regulations have led to concerns about privacy.
  • Regular downtimes help to fix problems with Bitcoin. They happen when the price of Bitcoin goes up or down a lot.
  • Debit card are available to people in only a few countries.
  • Six coins are available for staking so far and the fees are very high.



8. Kraken Exchange
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the united kingdom


Kraken is a US exchange that can also trade with people in the United Kingdom. They have been around for a long time and they have not had any security problems. Kraken also has all of the things you need for an exchange with great coin support, fiat currencies gateways, low trading fees, advanced trading services, and good customer support.

Kraken makes it easy to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can deposit via Etana Custody, FPS, CHAPS, or BACS. The only downside is that it takes some time for the money to arrive.

Kraken has a special security system. You can have it so that you need an extra layer of security when you log in to your account. It also lets you lock some actions from the Global Settings Lock when you are not going to use your account for a while.


  • I have high-security measures on my accounts. They are safe to use. I have two-factor authentication.
  • Has low fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  • The trading app is sleek and customized. There are so many customizations.
  • There are many cryptocurrencies and some trading pairs to trade.
  • They can prove that they have reserves.
  • Experienced traders like this. They offer excellent services.
  • Staking services, OTC, Margin Trading, Indices, Futures, Dark Pool, Account management, Cryptowatch


  • This is not easy for beginners.
  • Pro and intermediate accounts are slow at being verified.
  • The website is slow sometimes.
  • No credit or debit card deposits



9. Changelly Exchange
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the united kingdom


Changelly is European exchange. It is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Not as well known as other exchanges on the list, but it has grown more popular recently.

You can buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with any money you have. However, Changelly will automatically convert it to EUR or USD for you. This might not be ideal for people in the United Kingdom as they will lose money when converting their funds.

Changelly is a different kind of exchange. There is no place to keep the money on the platform. When you sign up, you just provide your email address. Changelly has reasonable fees but card purchases are more expensive than other types of payments. Your first few orders have limits which are lifted soon after.


  • Guarantees the best prices on cryptocurrency.
  • You can easily trade over 140 different types of cryptocurrency with a low fee.
  • Non-custodial exchange means that the customer does not need to put their money into it.
  • It works with many popular wallets and crypto exchanges.


  • No trading with cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptocurrency prices are set by Changelly.



10. Bittrex Exchange
Best Crypto Exchanges for the UK


Bittrex is a well-known exchange based in the US. It was founded by an excellent team of security engineers from big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Blackberry. They used their experience in cybersecurity to make it more secure.

Bittrex is a good place to trade cryptocurrency. There are lots of different trades you can make and also lots of trades that experts can make too. Also the trading fees are really low.

To get cryptocurrency on Bittrex, you need to first deposit money. You can put it in your account from a bank account, SEPA, wire transfer, or debit card if you have one. You cannot use a credit card to do so because they are not supported. If you want to deposit money into your account using a credit


  • Fully regulated and legally compliant in the United States.
  • This website has never been hacked. It is very secure. You can use two-factor authentication to make it even more secure.
  • When you sign up for a service, they will only need to know your name and email address.
  • The account verification process process on this exchange is faster than others.
  • You can withdraw up to $3,000 per day.
  • The fee is easy to calculate.
  • This supports over 250 different kinds of cryptocurrencies.
  • Available in most countries.


  • You cannot deposit or withdraw money from this account that is not in cryptocurrency.
  • This app does not allow you to trade and lend money.
  • The customer service is slow.



11. Bitstamp Exchange
Best Crypto Exchanges for the UK


Bitstamp is a European bitcoin exchange. It was launched in 2011. Bitstamp was originally headquartered in Slovenia, but is now located in Luxembourg and available worldwide.

The first thing you need to know about Bitstamp is that it's not aimed at people who trade altcoins. It only supports five major crypto tokens: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and XRP. Moreover, it doesn't support GBP payments; only USD and EUR ones.

This website is easy to use. If you want to trade crypto for crypto, you don't need to show your government-issued ID. This is only necessary if you will link your bank account and credit card on the website.

Bitstamp used to have problems with security, but it has been working hard on updating its security methods and improving its performance.


  • Advanced trading platform
  • Bank transfer and bank deposits supported.
  • Have a selection of altcoins to trade with
  • High liquidity
  • Low Fees
  • Regulated Exchange
  • Support credit/debit card transactions
  • Support major currencies.


  • Weak support
  • It can take up to a week or two for your account to be verified.



Features to Look for When Choosing a UK Exchange

You need to know about two kinds of crypto exchanges. You need to know what to look for when comparing different crypto exchanges. You should think about factors like the following:

  • Speed: Depending on your needs, you might need to make sure that the exchange will complete a transaction quickly. Read about how long it takes before you sign up for anything.
  • Risk: Before you sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange, make sure that they take steps to protect your account.
  • Prices: The digital currency charges a fee over the spot price. The fee can cost you money, so look for the best rate possible.
  • Location: What is your exchange's location? This might play a role, and you need to be in the right area.
  • History and Reviews: It is a good idea to look up the history and reviews of the best cryptocurrency exchanges before you choose one. You will want to know if people are satisfied with it, or if there have been any scandals in the past.
  • Reviews can help you decide which exchange is right for you.
  • Coins: Which coins does the exchange support? Check to see which ones it has.

International Crypto Exchanges in the UK, Australia and Canada.

  1. The Best Crypto Exchanges Australia
  2. The Best Crypto Exchanges USA
  3. The Best Crypto Exchanges Canada]

Types of exchanges

There are primarily five types of cryptocurrency exchanges.

1. Instant Exchanges

The best crypto exchanges are places where people can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Places like these have card transactions and you can do them instantly.

Examples: Changelly, BC Bitcoin.

2. Centralised Exchanges

Centralised crypto exchanges are a place for people to buy and sell things. They have a big book with all of the things that people want to sell. People look at the book and then they find the thing they want in it. And when someone buys something, somebody else sells it to them and gets their money.

They also keep what you are trading and often are a place for hackers to steal your money. Users should only leave on the crypto exchange an amount they are trading and can afford to lose. Not their keys!

Examples: Most of the crypto exchanges that we covered in this article were centralised cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. Decentralised Exchanges

Cryptocurrency decentralised exchanges are places where people can trade from their wallets. They do not need to have someone else's keys.

Examples: Ethereum-focused Uniswap and Honeyswap.

4. Peer-to-peer (P2P) Exchanges

Even the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with P2P are platforms that provide an escrow service for crypto buyers and sellers. This means that transactions are initiated by interested parties, and the exchange holds the funds until payment is confirmed.

Examples: LocalBitcoins and Paxful

5. Derivatives Exchanges

Derivatives Exchanges offer products that track the price of cryptocurrencies. Investors can bet on how much the price will change without having to buy bitcoin. Popular products are futures, options, and perpetual contracts.

Examples: BitMEX and FTX.

How to choose the best bitcoin exchange?

A Bitcoin app that suits your needs is one that offers the services you want. It may be important to look out for these factors:


The best exchanges are easy to use. They have an interface with balances, deposits and withdrawals, and other trading tools.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are easy targets for hackers. The best exchanges use the latest security standards to protect users' assets and also give users the option of using 2FA and passwords that are unique and very strong.


Even the best bitcoin exchanges have charges and bonuses that you can save money on if you are careful. You should choose an cryptocurrency exchange that has the best fees and bonuses before investing your money.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

If you want to buy Bitcoin, then you need a trading platform. Some platforms also allow you to trade other cryptocurrencies too. You should be careful about exchanges that list valueless tokens and always do your research before investing money.

How to use a cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency apps may look different, but some things are the same. You can click on the "buy" button to buy bitcoin.

  • Sign up with your email. Then, when you verify it, you will be able to use the account.
  • Verify your identity so that you can increase the amount of money you can send.
  • Enable 2FA and other security measures.Click on the Deposit button and choose your preferred payment method (fiat money or crypto)
  • You will need to make a bank transfer account to the exchange. The money you deposit will show up on your account when it confirms.
  • For crypto deposits, get the address for the asset you want to transfer and send funds from your external address. Wait for network confirmation to access the funds on your exchange account.
  • If you want to sell your money for Bitcoin and other cryptos, find the Buy button.
  • For trades, go to the “Markets” or “Exchange” tab and find the trading pair that you want. For example, if you want to trade Bitcoin for Ethereum, then find BTC/ETH on the list
  • Open your trade and then choose the "Order Type". Then fill in the other boxes.


Are the deposits on cryptocurrency exchanges insured?

Cryptocurrency deposits on exchanges are not insured. But some exchanges, like Coinbase, will insure your fiat currency. And other exchanges like Binance have a self-insurance policy that will pay you back if there is a security breach.

Are all cryptocurrency trading platforms regulated in the UK?

No. All cryptocurrency platforms are not regulated. But if a certain platform requires you to submit KYC documents before accessing features, then it is probably playing by regulatory standards. You can also check on the website for more information since most regulated bitcoin exchanges like to flaunt their regulatory credentials.

Do all Bitcoin trading sites have a mobile app?

Yes. Every player in this field has a crypto app and they are all available for people in the United Kingdom.

Do all large-volume cryptos get listed on exchanges?

Most of the big platforms can also be used for altcoin exchange.

Is Binance better than Coinbase?

Binance is a good company but not for trading dollars. If you want to trade dollars, use Coinbase.

Which crypto exchange has the most coins?

Binance now supports over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies. The most popular ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. There are also some lesser-known altcoins that you can trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or BNB.

What is the best crypto wallet?

There are many types of crypto wallet. You should use the type that is best for you and your money. One type is an online wallet, but these can be easily hacked. It is better to have a hardware wallet so your key will not be lost if it gets hacked.

Has Coinbase been hacked?

Coinbase has never been hacked. This is because they always update their security measures with the newest technology. For example, they use a type of encryption that is very strong (AES-256).

Coinbase is very careful in deciding which cryptocurrencies to support. They have strict guidelines. You can protect your account with 2FA, a withdrawal address whitelist, and Coinbase's wallet.
What is the cheapest crypto exchange?

Binance offers the lowest fees for trading coins. They start at 0.1%. This is a good rate for this industry. You can also use Binance coins to pay your fees and get an extra discount! If you are a big institutional trader, it is best to trade on Coinfloor because they offer reasonable rates on big trades.

How do I avoid scams on cryptocurrency exchanges?

You might fall victim to theft if you buy crypto. You could lose your money and other goods. Regulators are trying to protect people against fraud, but it is still a big problem.

Where can I find a list of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges?

You can view the trading volume of cryptocurrencies on sites like CoinMarketCap., but be careful because not all information is correct and many exchanges try to cheat their way by making fake trading volume.

Why do some crypto exchanges ask me to verify my identity?

In the United Kingdom, exchanges have to follow anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) regulations. They have to gather information about their customers. This is called "know your customer."

Is it safe to store your cryptocurrency on an exchange?

Some exchanges will let you have your own account with a wallet. You can put cryptocurrency in your exchange account and then take it to other places. Some exchanges require you to have a wallet at the time of purchase.

Do not use an exchange for long-term storage because it does not have your private key. This means that you do not control your funds. Exchanges are targeted by hackers and can be stolen.


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