Outages and Aggravations and Adventures

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Well, despite my best efforts (and successes!) at getting the old generator up and running again, @donnadavisart and I are still locked out of the Steemosphere by a Comcast outage as well as the power outage caused by this historic nor'easter. It seemed like a good time to give this Esteem mobile app a try and put my limited data plan to good use, for once.

I gotta say, typing on a cell phone is something this old man is never going to get behind. This is slower than writing by hand and more prone to error.


The stormy adventure began last night. My boss encouraged my to head home early from the city as news was coming out of truncated train services and flooded stations, and business was slow, anyway.

Fortunately my train ran without mishap. Driving on the highway though, the Prius was getting shoved around by the wind like a Yaris. No fun. And traffic came to a halt when we came upon a downed tree blocking both lanes of the highway. Police were able to clear enough branches to let us pass single file over the rumble strip.

When I stopped for my Friday night bottle of whiskey, the power went out! Fortunately I'd just made my purchase. I was going to need it.

Closer to home, another downed tree meant I had to turn around and detour for several miles. At this point, street signs and traffic lights were swaying in the breeze like saplings.

Finally I made it to my own road. It was completely covered in branches and debris. Several times I had to get out in the pouring rain and toss limbs aside.

And then I came to a downed tree, right across my path. The down side to living in such an isolated place? We're at the end of a dead end street. And this thing was to big to move.

Thank god my neighbor was home. I gave him a call. "You still got that nice Stihl chainsaw?" I said. (I know he loves showing that thing off.)

"Sure. Be right down," he said.

While I waited, a couple big, burly guys pulled up behind me. They were renting a house a little past the tree. "Does this happen a lot down here?" they said.

"Once in a while. My neighbor is on the way. If you guys can help clear the logs as he cuts them, we'll be through in a few minutes."

"Sure thing. We'll just wait in the car where it's dry."

Well, they took a couple snapshots of the tree for posterity, and then took off. I guess waiting things out with a few drinks at the bar was probably more satisfying.

It turned out cutting the tree was no joke. Neighbor got his first chainsaw stuck, and had to use a second to free it. I used the emergency jack from my car to take a little pressure off the blade. It really would have gone a lot faster with a couple of bros in jeans and flannel to help out, but I did alright in my nice city clothes.

Finally home, it was time to fish the generator out of the flooded garage, install the starter battery, fuel it up, and pray. The old thing started like a champ and no one was electrocuted.

So, we're safe, we have light, we have music, we have booze and cigars. With a couple electric heaters, we're even reasonably warm. And we can even play Minecraft together, which seems like an appropriate way to wait out a power outage. And if this app works, we can even keep up with our Steemit family.

We're being told that the power could be on by midnight tonight, or five days from now. I may go to work Monday smelling a bit whiffy (I could murder for a shower) but at least the roof hasn't blown off.

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Hahaha, good story I share what he says about how uncomfortable it is to write from a cell phone and with little information. Writing stories and making good posts without a good computer and Internet is quite uncomfortable. Since I started writing my stories in Steemit, it has been like that, with the phone. But I love the application and I am very entertained by everything my eyes read and learn every day. I hope you continue writing your anecdotes despite the difficulties. This relieves the stress of sharing our experiences with other people👍

I do not envy you the clearing logs from the road in the pouring rain experience. Glad you two are warm and entertained!

Just out of curiosity, how long is your commute to work on a normal day?


Half an hour to the train, an hour's ride, then a fifteen minute walk. But the ride is the most relaxing part of my day, so I don't really count it!

I'm loving my new monthly commuter rail pass, since it allows access to the regular Boston subway too. In Friday's rain I could go straight from South Station to the red line for two stops, then the green line for one stop, and walk less than a block. Lots of fuss to save a mile walk but it's dry and the people watching's great.

Know your pain with storms. We've had our fair share lately and been really nice to get a couple of dry sunny days in a row to dry things out.

Hope things turn around and you get a break as we have.


48 hours later but at last we have power. Good thing too. Turned out the generator burned all the oil and seized up an hour earlier. Good night, sweet prince.


Very happy to hear you got power back...and just in time. Sure there isn't a generator to be bought within hours of you with all the outages out East. Plus I'm sure your coworkers will be happy you get to take a shower before work tomorrow LMAO, sorry couldn't resist that.

Well, that certainly sounds like rather 'adventurous' weather you're having. And yes, I agree that these are the absolute perfect conditions to disappear down a deep, dark minecraft hole for a while. Enjoy! 😂


Yeah, it feels good to take out my aggravations on some creepers.

You have light, warm water and a resistant roof! Is there any chance you can stay in a hotel until things get better?
Stay safe from the storm.


Hotels cost a fortune and I've already spent so much money lately! But we were just about to head off to my sister's place for the night when the power came back on. So thank goodness!

YIKES! You guys have been through it from what it sounds... not the least of which challenge is using the esteem app! haha I was so excited when it came out but it can be kind of tough to post from there for SURE. If you're interested in! Might I suggest a little travel keyboard? Sounds like with the train trips you may be mobile blogging more and more- I hope this helps! https://steemit.com/steemit/@dayleeo/be-a-steemit-mobile-blogging-champion-or-a-few-easy-tips-to-blog-anywhere

So, we're safe, we have light, we have music, we have booze and cigars.

Glad you guys are getting through in style! AND gaming?! Sounds like a perfect way to pass the time <3 Stay warm you two!


Yeah, I've been thinking of one of those bluetooth keyboards, and maybe a new phone to match. Mine's nearly three years old and slower than a government employee. But I'm also considering a phone that I can tether to the laptop for internet access, if such a thing exists. Could use one of those mobile hotspot plans but I'd rather not go wireless on the train.


For sure, just as a secret- our entire connection from the middle of a field is all from a mobile 4g sim.... kinda crazy that we both work all day, stream video and music and also live stream all from that little chip! It is possible, I just know providers in the states are a bit more stingy with their plans.

When I'm in the states, I have tmobile with unlimited 4g and I think 5 or 10 gigs of tethering per month, it gets me by for the in betweens for sure


Yeah, anything over 4 gigs here gets expensive quick. Might get me by on the train at least.


all the more reason to be drafting on mobile and then just pushing when you have wifi or you're not teathered later- everyone's got to find a flow that works for them, I didnt thnk it was possible to blog 100% from mobile but we managed (with a little prep work) to do it for a week at steemfest so it can be done!

I used to heat my home with wood, and windstorms were a great excuse to get free firewood.

It's good that you managed to get your supply of whiskey replenished just in time. Maybe it'd be a good idea to stock up, just in case.


My only problem is that if booze is in the house, I will drink it! And then it starts to screw with my sleeping patterns. 1.75 liters is usually plenty. It lasts for a couple of weeks and when it runs out it's time for a break.

Come take a drive through southern New England if you want some firewood. I'm sure the town employees will be happy to see it cleared away!


It will be some time before I am in that neck of the woods. At least I will have friends there when I do!

Well, it takes me months to finish a fifth, so I understand that there is a different dynamic =)

Hmmm.. so, sleep comes in patterns ... very interesting!



Another reason I love my new job - it's got a M-F 9-5 schedule. I've never had this before, and all of a sudden I'm going to bed at 10 and getting up at 6, every day. No more daytime wooziness, no more pulling over on the side of the road to take a nap. Unbelievable. All these years I thought I had narcolepsy, but it turns out I had retail.

The pipe is classy and the story is also very good..Loved reading the story..

Anyway sir please read my new blog it's on Syrian War.. if you read I'll really feel glad thankyou and much love