Is Global Climate Change Really What It Appears To Be?

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What if Climate Change is caused by people?  But what if it's not the people they wanted you to think it was?  What if some government created some kind of doomsday machine that can manipulate the weather?  Maybe they'd use it in some diabolical political ways to increase taxes and punish those who would speak out against it.  Probably all while building secret underground bases so they can ride out the storms while the rest of us get wiped off the face of the Earth.

I've heard predictions that in the future, 300 mile-per-hour winds will eventually become the new normal weather on Earth.  But long before it gets that bad, the daily changes in temperatures will make it impossible to sustain enough crops for everybody to live.  All it takes is one big frost, drought, or pest outbreak to ruin an entire region of crops for the season.  You'll know it when you see the prices of food go up at the stores.

But what if it's all by design?  The rich can afford to pay more for their food.  The people who will really suffer are the poor.  The transition from thriving to dying won't happen to everybody all at once.  The real perpetrators of climate change don't want rioting and revolutions, they'd rather just have lots of poverty and homelessness.  By the time enough people realize what's really happening, it'll probably be way too late.

I think it's ironic how the governments spend trillions of dollars each year and budget absolutely none of it to do anything about climate change, while they try to shame the population for driving cars and eating beef.  The great industrial revolution started hundreds of years ago, there's no reason the government shouldn't endeavor to build a 'weather machine' to solve the global climate crisis.  But they'll never ever mention that such a thing could even be possible, because then folks might start asking who's been manipulating the weather so far?

If I had to guess which governments were responsible for the climate crisis, I might point at the old Mutually Assured Destruction group (Looking at you, American government).  But that's just a guess, if you really want to find out then maybe try to suggest using technology to solve the climate crisis, and see who says it's ridiculous.

But either way, even if I'm completely wrong about what causes Global Warming, we should totally look into using technology to stabilize the weather.



The use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

I wish I could agree with you (wouldn't it be nice if the world was just as simple as they say it is?), but unfortunately the weather here has been getting worse and worse since I wrote this article. It's almost as if somebody in the government was reading my blog. This morning our electricity went out because of the storm. And the power is still out, I had to use my cell phone as a wifi hotspot just to post this comment from my laptop with what little battery I have left (I probably should have just used Partiko, but I like being able to type).

This storm is really amazing too, the winds have been roaring for days. It's weird because we don't normally get big storms here, our last 'big one' was in 2007. But with this current storm the winds are about 45 mph with 65 mph gusts (I think if it gets up to 74 mph gusts then they start calling it hurricane force winds).

Anyway, I'm not too worried about it. I just thought I should post an update. And to the government, if you are reading this: I hope you realize that after you ruin the Earth and make it so harsh and unlivable that 90% of the population can't survive, that's the world you'll inherit. And even if after hundreds of years living underground you eventually come up with technologies that can terraform this planet and make it perfect again, you'll still have to deal with the soil contamination (it will go down for miles), radiation (you might clean up the power plants before going completely underground, but what about all the medical equipment and everything else?), and don't forget about Human Nature (how do you think future generations will react when they eventually uncover the truth?)

My battery is almost empty, I need to post this now. I hope everyone has a happy holidays.

Well, we should be worried IMO... anything fossil fuel must go ASAP. Go electro cars and crypto currency, everyone!!!

I really like your thoughts ✨✨🙏🏿! Keep going. I hope you will be ok soon.

lo unico que puedo decir que el mundo seguira siendo mundo..... nosotros solo somos pasajeros..... y somos pasajeros destrutivos..... solo pensamos en uno mismo egoistas por la misma publicidad.... solo pensamos en nuestra existencia.....

While I tend to share your sentiments, simply pointing fingers at "them" and doing little else really makes this nothing more than an OpEd. I think you should do some research on the topic of climate change - both natural and anthropomorphic - as well as the CO2 exchange and who's going to benefit from it, which will inform you both as to who's getting rich off this problem as well as the fact that it's sleight of hand. You should also take a look at other, related topics. Write an article after you do that, and let me know. :)

@anomaly you were at my post and you voted it but I am not sure that you read it too, your vote was worth to keep a hope in me. I would be glad if you visit again to see my whole post.

Thank you, I followed up-voted and replied :)

doesn't matter who's causing the climate change I think. But I'm sure it's clear that we should do something

Any ideas? Im all in :)

Actually, Fresco in his "Venus Project" lays it out correctly...

Definitely it is colder in California than prior years

Not only the goverments also the twenty two institutions as the banks, the religions, the education system , farmaceuticas etc.

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"What if some government created some kind of doomsday machine that can manipulate the weather?"

Oh my God! If this were true then we have more to worry than climate change!

that is right we have to thinking about earth , the people are increase too much , before few years the people was 4 billion , now they are 7 billion, that is need more ideas to solve the life

hello mmm... well i don`t know if can you talk spanish or not but anyway i have to writte you this saying thanks for upvote my post it means a lot for me.

hola a verdad no se si hablas español o no la verdad el ingles no lo domino pero vine acá a escribirte ya que no sabia donde mas buscarte solo quería decirte que gracias por votar por mi publicacion soy relativamente nuevo en esta plataforma se que para ti seguramente fue un voto pero eso significa demasiado para mi, gracias...

Climate change is just what it sounds like: a change in climate. Weather will trend to extremes. Storms will be more severe, droughts will be more extreme, cold temps will be colder, warm temps will be warmer, etc. You get the idea. It is not a made up concept, it is for real. It has continually become more severe since the Industrial Revolution. The burning of fossil fuels! Will the Earth be able to survive? Probably, but not without severe consequences:world wide hunger and poverty, displacement, and the extinction of many animal and plant species. Is climate change something to worry about? YES!

They want to keep the world population at 500 million! So, they have to think of ways to get rid of the surplus useless eaters! Famine, drought,earthquakes, hurricanes,cancer epidemic, poisonous drugs and food and water and air!, poisonous education and mass media, SARS and HIV plus Ebola, etc! Wars too! Economic collapses!

The Georgia Guide Stone!

appreciate all the upvotes!

Interesting post. is good read this kind of articles here in #stemit I hope so governments take conscience of real situation of our unique and polluted spaceship

Interesting take. We all know (except for the climate alarmists) that governments have been able to manipulate the weathers for years. HAARP is an example. And the US is not the only government with such capabilities.

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Very interesting article. You made me think deeper about this topic and also if it is really a natural phenomenon or just a creation of humans.

Quiero darte gracias por apoyar cada post mío @certerus

I think the weather is the least of our worries..

Why does no one mention the sun? We seem to be having record sun spot activity yet no one seems to ever mention this as a factor?

It heats our entire planet..

We all need to be extremely careful

Yep, I realized that this morning when I got an email from my Internet Service Provider saying they declined my payment. It's kinda funny, I think I tried every card I have today, but the ISP company rejected all of them, even my debit card. And as far as I know there isn't any problem with the bank, they usually call if there is. So I don't know how I'm going to pay my Internet bill if the company refuses to accept any of my payments.
Hopefully it's just a glitch in their servers, I'll try again later. But is it possible that I struck a nerve with this climate change article? Do you think maybe I'm on to something? And some government power is trying to shut me up? That sounds oddly familiar...

Anyways, even if I can't get my Internet bill resolved, I still won't disappear completely from Steem. There's still cell phones and wifi areas that I can post from (unless they literally make me disappear, spooky). I tend to post something at least once a month. But I'll definitely post more often if I feel like someone is trying to block me from exercising my Freedom Of Speech.
By the way, today (January 11th) is my birthday. But I don't want anyone to send me anything. If you do feel the need to give, then please choose a worthy charity and give something to them. That would make me very happy, thank you. :)

There is another point behind this. Which I personally resonate a lot with. Shamanic tribes of Amazon believe that digging and cutting the "body" of Mother Earth causes the climate change.

We know that we abuse and overuse the natural resources. They explain that just like human body, we have blood and oxygen and bones and other "precious material", Earth has her own. We are living in her body.

For example continuous mining is like breaking her bones. So she does not have time to recover. As any human being after injury we need time to recover.

This makes logic sense. Whatever you use, can be finished. And to in order to have more, we need patience and time to make it grow. And then use it again.

So they suggest that we do use it, because thats why Mother is giving it to us. But we do not know the measure.. or when its ENOUGH.

And for humans, its never enough :(

Most living organisms adapt to conditions around them. I would find it highly plausible the earth could in fact see us as a disease it needs to get rid of, and do what is necessary to remove this disease.

Hello, @anomaly why don't you have no write no more posts?

Climate change is a hoax. If it was real you are right the US military is by far the largest emitter of carbon. If carbon was actually a problem which it isn't.

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I don't know we are humans and we as humans we don't know anything

You might not know anything but humans know a shit ton. Look carbon is not a pollutant, Google it. Carbon is one basic building block of life, based on the ice core data the planet was actually in a carbon drought. So putting some carbon back into the atmosphere hurts nothing.

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Agreed I think u should start breathing high levels of CO and CO2 to prove your point!

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