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The majority of people go through their lives without ever discovering their true talent. That wealth eludes 95% of the population is no surprise, considering so few of us have any idea of what our greatest individual value is or how to determine it. Deep down, we all want to make a difference, contributing something memorable, leaving the world a better place, enriching the lives of those around us. Yet, as strong as the desire may be, few ever come even close to the capacity for enrichment we're all capable of, not knowing which way to best direct our energies.

There is a massive shift occurring in our evolution, wherein people are waking up, taking responsibility, and committing to being a positive force guiding the transformation of our world. The world's been sick - we've pushed ourselves to the limits, and our souls are being called to restore balance. Our priorities are shifting; we've become aware of the limits of a profit-motive, and are now moving towards sustainable living & business practices with which we can develop both fully as individuals and as a collective working harmoniously to solve the problems facing us as a united human race sharing an amazing planet.

Many of us are highly passionate about various causes - be it education, environmental protection & sustainability, health, or any other humanitarian mission. And while we've got numerous foundations, charities, and organizations devoted to each, there's a major disconnect - despite all the people committed to their objectives, we've been failing to tap into the full power within each of us to fuel the positive transformations we're hoping for.

It isn't a matter of willpower or commitment. Rather, we've been scattering our energies inefficiently, not knowing which way to focus our individual efforts.

We were never taught growing up what wealth really is, or how to go about creating it. No one in the "education system" explains to us the value of bringing our greatest strengths to light and putting them to service in a team of individuals all in their unique flow, to synergistically evolve an entrepreneurial vision into a vehicle for ongoing wealth creation.


I had been on a quest for riches, embarking upon project after project, chasing dollars in ventures preached to be the next big ticket to wealth. Real estate, forex, internet marketing, network marketing - I had a hunger to learn and try it all. Yet, as I looked outside for opportunities to deliver me money, I was neglecting to look inwards for what unique value I had to offer the world. I had always aimed big, studied & worked hard - determined to make something spectacular of my potential. Yet, I wasn't able to put a finger on what exactly that potential was or what I REALLY wanted.

My vision still was far from clear - had so many different ideas coming and going throughout the years, I couldn't possibly juggle them all, didn't have the infrastructure & teams to move most forward, didn't know which way to start focusing, and was getting completely overwhelmed in a sea of information I didn't know how to sort according to importance, need, relevance, and applicability.

I set out to learn, adhering to the advice, "if you want to be successful, learn from successful people and do that they do." Problem was - so many people were saying so many different things, some contradicting each other, many outdated, few producing consistent results for the typical student. There were thousands of different ways being taught to make money, though practically no one spoke of creating wealth in the flow of your own, unique path. There were tons of new-age Law of Attraction type stuff promising we can get whatever we want and to follow our passions, though little talk of all the various paths we could take & roles we could play reaching our objectives.

A key fact missing amongst nearly all the gurus' teachings is the acknowledgement they had each created their success putting their distinct talents to use in ways most others aren't so inclined to. Their inherent strengths and makeup may suit them well to the methods they teach, yet the majority will possess different talents better fit for other ventures. Any particular strategy may work, though only for a fraction of people.

There's an unspoken assumption in much of the personal development and "wealth education" worlds that "anybody can do it" - that if you put your mind to something, you can make it happen. Problem with that line of thinking is - what many people put their minds to is influenced by the opinions of others, rather than determined by their souls' calling. Most have no direction as to where their truth wealth lies, so follow the advice of others who have what they want, though not realizing that at this point in our evolution, no one has EVER achieved before what we are here to do in our lifetimes.

Regardless of the guru writing or speaking, they all seemed to agree on the concepts of core beliefs and paradigms. I knew exposing myself to a wealth of knowledge would eventually rub off, so kept persistent, inputing masses of information, sensing each piece fit in a much bigger puzzle. There'd be breakthroughs, plateaus, and breakdowns, before the cycle repeated again. Some deep beliefs have been stubborn, others have been dropped and replaced with better ones. Every now and then, there'd be periods where I stepped into new dimensions of possibility, grasping profound insights, seeing beyond the filters of beliefs through to Absolute Truths. However, the pivotal paradigm shift for me came upon the discovery of Wealth Dynamics...


Based on eastern philosophy and the energetic principles at the core of the I Ching and other ancient texts, alth Dynamics]( provides a framework for understanding the elements of wealth creation, one's individual profile, the stages of an enterprise's business cycles, and how to build strong teams of people with complimentary talents to bring about the fruition and sustainable expansion of a self-sustaining business venture.

A world of possibility opened before my eyes as the philosophies' Truths sunk in. I had studied tons of business & success gurus, taking in bits and pieces of good info here and there - though this seemed to be the missing link. Nowhere in my searches had I stumbled upon such fundamental wisdom, without which, one is more-less leaving their success to random chance. While I had come across many good concepts and guidelines for various playing fields, none had provided such clear insight to the overall dynamics of wealth creation and how to effectively navigate one's way thru the business territory according to one's personal strengths.

Once I took the profile test, it was though I was handed a map to my highest potential. While I had been drifting from project to project with a sense of underlying disorientation, I knew I had the capacity in me for so much greater contribution than any singular venture. In discovering my profile as a mechanic, I could begin to see a much bigger vision. Suddenly everything I'd been learning, all the experience I had gained; my talents, strengths; the goals, dreams, ambitions, aspirations, and inspirations - it all fit into a larger picture.

Looking back, I could see the common thread connecting each phase of my journey and how every part fit together in a common theme. Going back to my high school ambitions of creating an empire encompassing manufacturing, retail, hospitality, publishing, & media - to my constant inquiry into psychology & philosophy, seeking to understand the underlying dynamics of human motivation & natural law - to the independent scholarship in business, attempting to uncover the working of how an enterprise was brought from conception to world-domination - to my immersion in forex, studying & observing the technical systems & strategies at the core of electronic financial trading - to ventures in the world of internet marketing, developing a comprehension of how all the various elements, techniques & strategies all fit together - having been alerted to the fact I'm instinctively wired in a certain way and my wealth lay in the development and improvement of systems and processes, I became increasingly aware of a natural intuitiveness into and perceptiveness of the structures, strengths, and weaknesses of various system dynamics.

I had never in a million years envisioned myself understanding & developing systems and processes - had you told me such a thing, I wouldn't even have had an idea what you meant. Despite the range of all the business materials I had studied, the concepts were somewhat foreign to me, my understanding only a faint familiarization with the existence of such things, heaven forbid any "talent" in deeper dominions of the arenas. Yet, even though I had never before been well-versed in such language, I felt well accustomed to the territory behind this new door of perception opening up with a heightened degree of self-knowledge, as though perfectly at home.

Provided with the direction as to what path I'm best suited for, given my energetic-psychological makeup, I began seeing the world from an entirely new angle. Things began making incredible sense. My vision was put into a fresh perspective, from which great clarity emerged. It was as if I had matrix-like vision into the the world of wealth, seeing the exchange of value through various mediums of leverage everywhere I went, able to spot opportunity all over.

I could see how in my previous ventures, I had been attempting to put myself in roles I'd forever struggle with. I could see how I had been "chasing butterflies," rather than "building a garden." The reasons for my failures were apparent - I'd been attempting to play games I could never excel in, failing to focus on making the most of my strengths, trying to launch various ventures on my own rather than connecting with teams of people in their respective flows, setting off without a compass on the wrong paths.


As I've immersed myself in the philosophy and begun to study materials enabling the development of foundational knowledge and skills catered to my inherent talents, the doors of perceptions have opened wider & wider.

Whereas before I had allowed myself to get excited over the latest and greatest money-maker, buying into the opinions of others on what is the "best" way to get rich quick, my perception has shifted to open up a whole new vision - understanding the dynamics behind wealth creation and what role I'm best suited to play, I can see and feel wealth surrounding me on all sides.

I had gone from a worldview of scarcity, to truly being able to see abundance. The ventures I'd been previously pursuing were mostly because I thought they could make lots of money and provide financial security. Becoming aware of the critical implications of understanding our human life value, it became clear that all security is internal - how the capacity of any situation on the outside of being able to produce financial reward for us only in direct proportion to the personal human life value we bring to the table.

I've grown from a subtle desperation & impatient yearning for my latest project to be the one to make me rich, to a solid confidence in knowing regardless of what unfolds with the current venture, I've established the foundation to proceed into a wide range of enterprises with a value far beyond the limited vision of those preaching get-rich-quick schemes and opportunities.

There's no need to get into a business just because you think it would be profitable; in fact, to do so will often lead us astray from the path where our true wealth lies. Though every experience has its valuable lessons, we can get on track much faster with the initial direction of knowing our profile and following the right path for us, shaving years off our journey to discovering our path of least resistance.

To pursue any project with an expectation of security within that business itself is akin to building a castle on sand. Take a look at the statistics - 95% of ANY type of business is likely to fail. Each industry will have gurus teaching the magic formulas to success within it, though despite how closely a person follows those formulas, the odds are stacked against them. Why? The lack of a proper foundation in place. What is that foundation? A person's internal value.

Though I had, of course, learned much through various ventures in pursuit of riches, the majority of that time was spent acquiring specialized knowledge, most of which was not at all applicable outside those contexts and would become outdated and useless. It eventually hit home, like a 2x4 to the forehead - study alone is useless and counterproductive, until its in not only in a specialized field, but the content is best suited for a particular path, at a particular time in the journey.

We will put themselves on the fast track to success, not learning techniques & buying into "business opportunities," but by acquiring knowledge catered to the development of internal value - building skills fit to our natural talents. The only way we can ever create wealth is through getting into flow, doing what we're best at, playing a game we're passionate about. And once we find our flow, vision expands and clarifies, attraction happens, and amazing possibilities open up for us to explore.

The success we desire will not come from what we do exactly, but from who we are and allowing ourselves to be that completely, sharing and contributing in ways only we can...


It took quite a stretch in thinking to realize OUR PROFILE IS OUR TALENT.

My conception of "talent" had been rather limited, as it is for most people. We typically assume a talent is a specific, measurable skill of some sort or another - most of the time something creative like music, art, or acting. I knew I had incredible musical and writing talent, though I sensed that was only a fraction of the value I had to offer, that my top strengths were something I hadn't thus far realized and definitely not yet able to define.

My self-perception transformed, allowing access to an entirely new realm of possibility and power having been told, as a mechanic, my value & talent lies in my perceptions & insight. I had always sense it, though it's not exactly something you can grasp or measure, so I had never considered it. I always knew I had an ability to see what others didn't; a certain adeptness for grasping a bigger picture; an inclination towards comprehending the dynamics underlying an interaction, situation, or organizational structure. The idea this was actually a talent, however, was new to me.

Though, that awareness brought an indescribable sense of relief. I had been plagued by a restlessness, feeling as though my true value in the business world would never be recognized because it wasn't something I was able to put into words, much less effectively communicate. I had felt isolated from the traditional work-world of J.O.B.s - the entrepreneurial drive insuppressible, though not able to be channelled without the knowledge of where or how to apply. With the gift of self-awareness in having my value defined by someone wise, experienced, and wealthy, came a certainty - not only could I now define my value, I could see limitless opportunity as to where that value would be applicable, appreciated, and vital as a component for expanding the visions of others who shared a common purpose.

I also recently took the Strengthsfinder profiling test, which provided an even greater degree of self-insight, discovering my top 5 strengths - intellection, deliberative, futuristic, input (learning, collecting, absorbing information), and ideation. This made complete sense, confirming what I already intuitively knew about myself, but had struggled to define. With that clarity, I was able to see where my value lay, where it might best be put to use, what prospects/opportunities to follow and avoid, and who I need on my teams to counter my own strengths & weaknesses.

Around the same time, I also invested in a "True Colours" / "Personality Dimensions" profiling, which maps out an individual's balance of 4 main "colors," or energies. Simple yet effective, it provides a powerful way of understanding both ourselves and others - whether a person is predominantly "gold" - structured, rule-governed, responsible, orderly, prepared, loyal, dependable, thorough, sensible, punctual, stable, caring, concerned; "orange" - lives more in the moment - somewhat impulsive, spontaneous, witty, charming, eager, bold, physical, impactful, generous, optimistic; "blue" - sympathetic, much more in touch with their emotions and others', tuned in to those around them, highly valuing harmony, warm, communicative, more spiritual, sincere, peaceful, flexible, imaginative; or "green" - intellectual, analytical, logical, cool, calm, collected, perfectionistic, conceptual - (which I found myself to be WAY out of proportion in)...

The insight within the profiling has given me guidance on how to communicate more effectively with people of other colors, rather than scare them off with my unbridled intellectualism, and how essential it is to bring myself into balance, being able to connect with others, tap into my other inner resources & capabilities, and bring my ideas into form through proper grounding & structure. As well, the awareness brings a new level of understanding of those around me - I can better relate to those in my life, seeing where they're coming from and how they "tick." It's a rather simple profiling system with only 4 dimensions, though powerfully insightful & effective, with far-reaching implications once one grasps and implements the knowledge within.


Having discovered my alth Dynamics]( profile, my top strengths & weaknesses, and "colours" clearly defined, I can now see how it all fits together; I can see exactly what it is I can excel at; my internal value is something I can figuratively grasp; I know where I would and would not make a good fit within an enterprise or project and how I can most effectively contribute.

Though my bank balance may not be an accurate reflection of the wealth I've been developing in my knowledge, network, skills, character, and clarity of vision & purpose - I've never before felt so empowered and confident in all our abilities to do amazing things with our lives.

As I've become part of the XL community - an organization of outstanding entrepreneurs all clear on their profile, following their passions - my conviction in the power of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles and create prosperity for all has increased a thousand-fold.

Realizing the incredible force to be applied towards any worthy cause by becoming clear on our profiles and collaboratively creating wealth based on timeless principles & divine wisdom, I can't help but advocate the progression of self-awareness, defining & pursuing one's talents. Knowing what great potential lies within each of us to be accessed through clear vision and alignment with others in their flow, I feel it essential for the knowledge in alth Dynamics]( and strengths-based leadership & development to become more & more mainstream, if we are serious about making the kinds of differences our souls are calling for.


Coming into the realization of what makes oneself great and significantly valuable is a life-altering step into a world of increasing possibility and freedom.

By discovering the constant source of wealth within us, we move from reliance on any single job, contract, or opportunity, to a confidence in our ability to walk into a number of companies with beneficial value - from dependence upon the strength of a particular company or venture, to the stability of a solid foundation which can serve hundreds or thousands of enterprises, perhaps even simultaneously.

In turning inward & recognizing our greatest internal assets, we transition from a vulnerability to economic conditions or market cycles, to a security in knowing when & where our value is most needed, how to best adapt to changing circumstances, given our individual aptitudes & temperaments.

Knowing who we are and what we're wired for provides priceless direction. A simple profiling test ( / can shave years off our learning curve, putting us on the right path, with great confidence, the knowledge of who to connect with, and a whole new level of invaluable insight and enthusiasm.

So many of us completely overlook our greatest strengths, not realizing what gold lies within us, simply for the fact our talents are so much a natural part of us, we may barely give any second thought to them. What of our gifts others may most value, we may not even give serious consideration to, it's so much an integral part of us - coming so easily, we don't even realize the potential within such small things that could make such a big difference to others.


We are in the midst of a transformation unlike any we've ever seen or imagined; it isn't merely the continuation of our physical evolution, but the stepping into realms beyond what we can see, taste, touch, and hear - discovering the incredible power of spirit by embracing it fully as our true nature. With these leaps in consciousness come the opportunity to form our outer worlds in ways few ever have.

Business, economic, and financial models must evolve to adapt to a dynamic, rapidly-shifting world. The way we understand & do business is undergoing a major metamorphosis, with the culmination of centuries' of experience, Timeless Universal Principles, imaginative genius, entrepreneurial spirit, and collective vision providing the alchemical formulas to the fulfillment, prosperity, and completion our souls have been aching for. Traditional jobs will become more & more a thing of the past as we move towards increasing automation and continual innovation in thought, technology, and spiritual empowerment allowing us greater freedom, more energy, effortless sustainability, and the ability to do more with less as we follow our paths of least resistance, allowing our actions to rise out of our core Being.

Through this shift, we are seeing the establishment of new and improved systems to accommodate the smooth flow of wealth into constructive investments for all-around empowering community development. Through the midst of the chaos & conflicts currently around and within us, we are provided the opportunity to rediscover ourselves, reconnecting to our Source, harnessing our power to fully engage in the developing manifestation of a new collective dream. Within this new world, awaits a space for each of us to grow beyond our past, formulating our future in alignment with our deepest principles and values.

Though the number of traditional "jobs" available is declining, giving rise to an increase in entrepreneurship, this does not mean we all need to own our own businesses. Most of us are much more likely to get what we really want by contributing to others' projects and enterprises - it is often better to be a part of something established and sustainable in line with our purpose & passions, rather than risking everything starting from scratch for the ego gratification of ownership & doing it all ourselves, having it all be about us. Though, this does not necessarily mean conventional "employment" in a set job description.

Whereas traditional employment contracts may call for an individual to fit a pre-specified role - reducing the individual to a mere component of a mechanic system - the capacity of an enterprise to survive and thrive in our evolving world is becoming increasingly dependent upon its openness to adaption through continual restructuring, with the guiding force being that of a "workforce" growing increasingly aware of and yearning for the recognition & deployment of its own greatest internal values.

While there may continue to be the average low-wage jobs, those seeking the expansion of wealth are entering a new game. The individual choosing to play will, as a necessity, undergo a journey of self-discovery, finding themselves in a new realm of possibility as they become aware of and accept value within themselves society has not traditionally recognized nor rewarded. The progressive enterprise will be found choosing its associates based not on expectation for a position to be adequately filled according to a person's resume, but much more so on the potential for exponential growth through the addition of these individualized value components having a transformative effect on the organization's possibilities.


Whatever our greatest internal assets, there are groups of others waiting, needing the type of input we can bring. Whatever greater cause we believe in; whatever purpose we feel driven towards to make our difference - there are thousands, perhaps millions, of others out there in enterprises that could expand, achieve and exceed their objectives far more quickly & easily with the addition of our value. Though, it is absolutely essential to be clear on what that value is.

The ancient sages were right, when they simply said, "Know Thyself" - for this is the ultimate key to all True Wealth - wealth not just meaning money, but overall wellness; quality of life; joy, fulfillment, acceptance, gratitude, sustainable expansion, contribution, and all that other good stuff...

Understanding ourselves is not some novelty, new age fad, or something to be pursued on the side while we go on with usual lives in the "real world," but the fundamental key allowing ourselves to step beyond our self-imposed limitations and expand to be a source of Light and inspiration.
Only once we get a clear grasp on what value we have to offer, can we step forth to significantly contribute towards the causes closest to our hearts. Only once we form organizations & teams based on our fundamental differences & designing orders to make use of each our own top strengths in synergistic combination can we harness the power to move forward confidently in the direction of a sustainable, harmonious, positively constructive global community.

Let us not struggle in attempting to survive "crises" and desperately rushing to "get ours," continuing to buy into accumulation theory & seeking to escape the problems of the common, unprosperous man - rather, let's proceed steadily in the fulfillment of our destinies, heeding to the calling of our spirit. Let us listen to the inner guidance of deep wisdom, heeding the signs pointing us in the course we were prepared to take in this lifetime.

We can now step out of the spiritual dark and acknowledge we're here for some sort of karmic completion or another, the common factor being rising above the ego and into self-actualization as part of an integrated whole. Within the game of mass collaboration, we've been assigned particular roles to play, blessed with certain gifts and faculties for us to use in bringing forth our brilliance to shine. Only once we tune in to the power in our strengths & virtues can we allow their value to be a force for fueling the positive transformation in the outer world. Only once become present to our True selves, can we begin to experience real prosperity...

~ written November 2009

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Once I read that God gives you talent, work makes that talent flourish and you can excel! As you well say: very few people are aware of the talent they possess, in fact they can lose their lives wasting that talent and die not knowing what they were good for, what was the gift that God gave them at birth. When you discover what that force is that moves you and makes you happy, the idea of work and sacrifice is lost. There is nothing more rewarding than working on what you like, on what you feel you have a vocation. It is sad to see people disoriented by the environment that can tell you, it is better to be a doctor, lawyers, engineers, and that person only dreams of painting, making music, creating stories. There are some talents that are not well received by society! Because society can encourage, but it can also castrate. Nice Saturday for you, @rok-sivante.

You have given very good information, You have rightly said that many talents are hidden inside man but they need the right guidance to them.We should try to recognize the hidden talent inside us and work on it.


The Genius Test is an excellent free watered-down version of the Wealth Dynamics profile test that provides a great starting point for such discovery... ;-)

Really fantastic!
it's good to read this type of content..I felt identified.
and it's good to read experiences and views similar to mine, but with magic words



Cool to receive such feedback and see it still connects nine years after first writing. 🙂


haha before it had not been published due to the problems generated by the Steemit update!

@rok-sivante, In my opinion we surround ourselves with so many aspects, inturn we fall in the confusion circle of choice of action.

Really liked how you said Souls are called to restoring balance, and yes for sure our Consciousness is waking up.

Yes, we sometimes committed to some changes but we cannot implement that change because our life is influenced due to many factors.

And may be you are right and by that i mean, we are here for particular reason and current waking up of consciousness is giving hint towards that aspect.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂