'Anything but Pad Thai [ PHOTO CONTEST! ]- MIXED VERMICELLI''

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Hi. Today is a beautiful day. So I decided to go to the market and cook for my family. My mother is traveling in Korea, so there are me, my brother and my dad at home.When I was cooking, I remembered the competition held by @waybeyondpadthai. It's a food contest, You can cook a dish or you can share any food you eat at the restaurant or sidewalk. !! And the contest will end in like, 3 days

Materials to create this attractive dish:

  • Carrot
  • Wood-ear
  • Vermicelli
  • bean sprouts
  • dried bamboo
  • vegetable oil, spices,
  • Scallion
  • lean pork paste

How to cook ?

  • Drop the dried bamboo shoots into boiling water. Boil dry bamboo shoots for about 30 minutes, then rinse
  • Chop all the ingredients into small and long pieces .
  • Soak in water for about 1 hour. Do not use hot water soaked with vermicelli because the processing of vermicelli will be crushed

  • First, you need to fry carrots and dried bamboo shoots. Final, put bean sprouts on mix.

You should not fry all the ingredients at the same time because some ingredients will ripen and some ingredients will be the opposite.
Do you feel this dish is attractive? Look at the color of this dish. In this dish is full of vitamin substances. In carrots with vitamin A, vitamin K and beneficial nutrients, carrots have many health benefits such as improving vision, beauty, cardiovascular protection or prevention of cancer. In bean sprouts there are vitamins vitamin C, vitamin E - it's especially good for men. Vermicelli and bamboo shoots are the foods that help you lose weight. This is a high fiber mixture, so you can eat a lot without worrying about being fat :D I have eaten two dishes of '' Vermicelli mixed'' hmm delicious!

Cooking for your family !

Ready-to-cook food !!!

Anyone can cook with me - By @a-alice

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Looks absolutely yummy! Haha.. I also follow @waybeyondpadthai. I enjoy her videos and articles.


She came to Vietnam and joined the Vietnam meetup. Now I will participate in all competitions :v


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the contents! <3

Looks like it would have a very organic and natural taste. It is a very detailed dish. Thank you for sharing you have a very lucky brother and dad getting to enjoy such a dish.

Thank you for this post: I am Italian and I love Italian pasta, of course. Vermicelli are one of my favorite kind.
And the I say thank you ti promote @waybeyondpadthai 's contest: I would like partecipating.
Good job!


You should join now, I see in Italy there are many beautiful and delicious dishes.


Thanks girl! Yer the best! <3


Ohhhh! Please join so! I will be happy to see what Italian dish you got! No need to cook of course, it's a FOOD PHOTO contest and yes, your face in it too! :)

Oh my hahaha! Thank you so much for joining. You look soooo pretty in the first photo. I hope your dad and your bro enjoyed the dish! :)

Though, I would like to fix something you might have misunderstood.. :D haa

It's a food contest, you can cook any food.
You can enter the competition here, the competition will end in 48 hours. ^^

It's a FOOD PHOTO which you don't need to cook but you can! :) and the contest will end in like, 3 days hahaa.

Much love and good luck with the contest! ❤


thank you. You are really funny and friendly. I edited the article.😁🤪

It's Korean fried noodles.
look so delicious☺️


no. vietnamese MIXED VERMICELLI haha :D

kind of like a great vegetarian noodle except for the lean pork paste which I have no idea what it is. :-)


oh thank you You should try this dish. ^^ I used to think you were a robot @@ now I know you are real. Where are you from?😄


You're welcome. I've something similar before but not the same ingredients totally.
I'm from Singapore :-)


I see a lot of singapore people working on steemit.
example : @culgin
Do you know him? :o


No. I mean I've seen his post sometimes but I don't know him personally

This food looks very good ... I must have it :)


Look at ingredients and recipes, you can cook easily :p


I must try :)) And thank you!

Lovely food i missing

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Nice dish i like it and when i see this in my mouth water is come


Nice dish i like it
And when i see this in my
Mouth water is come

                 - sardaradeelkhan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Looks very good

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Wow love this food ,but have not ate it because we don't eat here in Nigeria .hope i will eat it one day .

Nice food .


Look at ingredients and recipes, you can cook easily