Droplet of The Day ~ Is the Cycle of Life being destroyed?

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What is it? 


We see it flowing in rivers, sitting still in puddles and ponds,   

When the rain falls, sometimes, we even smell it before it comes. 

It comes overflowing out of our eyes. 

We drink it in, and expel it out, in a never ending cycle. 

No food grows without it, no creature survives. 

We crave it, need it desperately. 

For the very cells in our bodies are made of it,   

and they are carried through the body surrounded by the same fluid   

WATER bringing lubrication, hydration, balance for the entire cellular structure 

On planet Earth, Water is the most abundant liquid, covering our surface and springing up from the depths of lands. 

From the oceans and forests up into the clouds, 

raining down over mountain tops and lands, 

spilling down into rivers, lakes, creeks which twist and wind and search for their way back, 

to complete the cycle, 

to merge the raindrop back into the Sea.  

From the caverns of mystical depths holding sacred ground waters which spring up to bring fresh mineral waters to the Lands.

 From these ground and ocean waters, the unceasing thirst of All creations on Earth is quenched.   

Yet, Humans, Humanity, seem to be out of tune with these natural laws,   

No doubt misguided and entrained to function in exact opposition to those laws 

Groundwater is viciously pumped beyond replenishing across Earth's Nations. 

Forests are invaded, trampled, destroyed and shipped away 

Waterways are forced into man-made routes, polluted and forgotten. 

Animals enslaved, tortured, murdered and made to be as a commodity.

Fresh mountain springs are taken, bottled and sold. 

The People, the creatures, the Land, go thirsty, sick and broken.  

The cycle is unfulfilled. 

Balance must be restored.   



How do we face the consequences of what has been done?


  “According to Viktor Schauberger, water subjected to these(damaging) conditions loses its character, its soul. Like humans of low character, it becomes increasingly violent and aggressive as it casts about hither and thither seeking to vent its anger and restore to itself its former health and stability.  
However, due to the senseless malpractice of the clear-felling of forests, we are destroying the very foundation of life.  
....The upshot of all this is more flooding, reduced groundwater quantity and lower groundwater table. One flood therefore begets the next in rapid succession. But since there is no groundwater recharge, the water-balance and natural distribution are completely upset. 
The remaining trees - the vital retainers of water - die, leaving the land barren and desiccated with the necessary sequel of drought. The less the tree-cover, the more extensive the flooding and the longer the period of drought, of water-less-ness, which is synonymous with life-less-ness!  
Unnatural, quantity-inspired forestry practices, ignorant of Nature's laws, and the over-warming of the soil arising from massive deforestation are the primary causes of the deterioration in water quality, climate and the sinking of the watertable. 
The channeling of water through straight, unnaturally constructed, trapezoid canals, steel pipelines and other misguided systems of river regulation also force the water to move in an unnatural way and accelerate its degeneration and increase its disease-carrying capacity.”  https://www.alivewater.com/viktor-schauberger               


The Water breathes, and moves and feeds the planetary system this opportunity,

 to Exist. 

The water has the power to change shape, to be molded and moved and carried through Time. 

It is constantly changing, unpredictable, yet repeats it's same history again and again. 

It can be freezing cold, or burning hot. 

You can drink it in between your lips,  or it can blow by you in a mist that escapes your grasp. 

It can bring deep Peace observing a serene body of Water, Or it can bring terror and destruction to witness 

Water's chaos, Water's destruction 

As the waters within our bodies shift, we are taken in the currents

overcome with turmoil, emotion, disease

We are One with the exhaustion of Earth 

Fighting, Peacefully, cell by cell, to repair the Spiral Dance


How will I choose to Honor the Water?

What does Water really mean to me? 

What does it need from me?
How do I make space to process and explore my emotions? 

How do I begin to repair the damage that has been done? 

When do I allow myself to float, in complete Trust

in the arms of the Mother?

I bow down in Surrender to the forces of nature

Who will join me, share with me, help me, to assist this planet and ourselves? 

Where will we begin?




All art by Adam Scott Miller


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