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Ok so I've been on #Steemit for a hot second and it seems to move really fast here!

My whole first #introduceyourself post may even be obsolete by the time I've finished typing this one. Now I'm not even sure if I'll be exercising my writing skills here and getting any life story blogging done after all LOL! It seems like we have a much more LIVE social community happening! Most curators are putting out short posts and perhaps that's what this platform is ideally suited for? Either way no-one can deny it's fun to watch unfolds and it sure is an exciting time for our ever growing crypto-currency reality!

That's why I'm pleased to officially announce right here on Steemit that my whole previous #Kenicamz library is going up on Watch My Bit ( It's a brand new and exciting, bitcoin enabled video hosting platform . Doug and his team are working around the clock on this game changer. This will viral rival the giant #YouTube in the coming crypto-era and I personally think that a platform like this will be responsible for exploding #Bitcoin into the mainstream.

So for those of you who've found me here on Steemit, you've got the first heads up! I haven't even announced it on my own blog yet. So many people have asked me to re-up this content since it shut down on YouTube and I never had the love or energy to do it. Re-editing and conforming to their sensitive community guidelines and censorship requirements was time consuming the first time they deleted me, not again no way! I plan to roll this content out on my blog when Baby gets here so we can be fully focused on that miracle. However you can start watching right away. No ads, no e-begging, simply support our content with Bitcoin micro-payment. There are already 12 episode published and many more to come!

Final thought: Now is always the time to think about your own online ventures. Perhaps starting your own video diary and thanks to Watch My Bit you could be building your audience right now while immediately receiving daily payouts directly to your wallet! If you don't have one yet, use my invitation and earn $10 with your FREE wallet at Coinbase (


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Thanks again, seemingly friendly one word bot.. I wonder what are you doing here and what is your purpose? Hmm perhaps that's a pondering both we human and bots have in common?


Ah you did! And perhaps you are also a bot? No judgements of course. Nice to meet you.. deja vu lol! :)