Obsidius Mallex - Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

in warhammer •  4 months ago 

Let the galaxy burn. Obsidius Mallex is a Chaos Lord model who is part of the WQ Blackstone fortress game. He is the strongest enemy in the base set.

An explosion from a space battle sent Obsidius and his ship through the warp until he found himself within a Blackstone Fortress. He has been residing there every since, raging in the darkness and attempting to unlock the power of the secrets within.

While we havn't fought him yet, this guy should be coming up in one of our games as we advance deeper into the fortress. I've read his rules and it looks like he can be quite nasty, gaining two activation's per round of combat with most of his attacks ignoring defense. He also sports 12 wounds which means he can take a beating.

Enjoy the pictures of my Obsidius Mallex below. As always please feel free to comment and/or ask me questions.




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Looks like a bad chaos berzerker ;)

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