Is WWIII Starting in Syria? Why the Choice is between Decentralization or Extinction

in war •  8 months ago

The events of the past week are precisely what I’ve warned about in the past. It makes no sense to me that on the brink of the USA leaving Syria, that Assad would pick that moment to gas his own people. The reports are that the “white helmets” were under pressure from the UK to stage the chemical weapons attack.

Will we fall into the same trap of obedience that we did last time with Iraq? It turned out that there were no WMD’s. It’s pretty obvious who the real aggressors are here with over 980 military bases stationed world wide. The ones looking for trouble are usually the ones most prepared for it. We don’t have much time left to prevent a world wide tragedy. Only a few very powerful people are involved in setting this up and they all profit heavily from war.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.40.45 PM.png

A more permanent solution to authority constantly bringing us to the brink of annihilation is to decentralize representation. But we’re several years away from that as a solution. First the equity drain from the 3rd world must occur because we in the west cannot free ourselves from our overlords. So their next play will likely be to engulf all of us in a world war, to help stave off the threat of cryptocurrencies to the banking system.

In the mean time we may need to fall back on the civil disobedience methods employed in the 60’s or we may never reach the point where technical disintermediation of authority can solve all of these issues.

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Those FEMA camps & all the stacks of plastic coffins might be useful soon.

I don't believe in the bible but the part about the devil being angry because he knows he doesn't have much time left seems right on the money.
Revelations 12:12

Good timing @zoidsoft. I was just reading about Syria being one of only 3 countries remaining without a Rothschild central bank. Not for long I guess.

I hope that russia stays calm and rational and the war will not be escalated further.

Interesting post. In principle, I agree with you.

Im also worried.