Are we able to live in Peace?

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Dear reader,

Many times in life I am confronted with my own thoughts. I realize thinking to myself: "Wow humanity, and its people are so dumb!"

If you look at the major topics in the newsfeed than we must conclude that we haven't developed much since the Roman Empire. It is all about genocides and footbal games.

People shot in Turkey, terrorism in Europe and the Us, another shooting in Irak, genocides in Syria. But when do we start to take action?

We are distracted, we believe we are not part of these wars. The World Cup in Russia sooth our minds. The Super Bowl is so amazing, why worry about a war somewhere else?

Until people in warzones are sick and tired of the bloodshed and all they can do is commit a suicide bombing, to make a last statement.

Can we live in Peace?
Some times I have my doubts.
I wish to believe we can.


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Without a doubt

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Let's hope so!