The piece of the cold war nobody told you about - Africa's forgotten war - the SA Fighter Aircraft. — Steemit

The piece of the cold war nobody told you about - Africa's forgotten war - the SA Fighter Aircraft.

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Yesterday I introduced you to the South African Border war and some of its air battles in its Angolan stage.

Many different aircraft were deployed by South Africa over 15 or so years of the conflict in various roles.

Air to Air combat was mostly avoided since there was no guarantee of air supremacy of the Mirage variants against the MiG 21 and once the MiG 23 arrived they definitely had the upper hand in maneuverability over the French Mirages.

A number of different Mirage variant and types were deployed and some are shown below in various color variations.


The Mirage covered yesterday with with the MiG 21 kill and some of the various types of ordinances and weaponry it could carry.

A close-up photo of the Kill badge I took.

The crash landed MiG 21 and its story.

The restored MiG21

Since South Africa was arms embargoed near the end of the war, due to its unpopular race policies, It had to develop its own fighter capabilities to counter the now clearly superior MiG 23's.

img source

The result of modifying the mirage design to give it greater maneuverability was the aptly named "Cheetah"

The Cheetah also came in a number of variants but was never combat tested against the MiG 23 before the cessation of hostilities.

None of the Cheetah variants ever saw combat in the Border War, so their performance was never tested against the dominant fighter in the conflict, the MiG-23. The Cheetah Es were used as permanent interceptor aircraft, with a minimum of two aircraft on round-the-clock alert status, until the end of the Border War in 1989.


The extended nose housed the aerial radar system.

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I never knew of this border. South Africa had ever fought war apart from internal conflict emanated from apartheid policy. Thanks for sharing this

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing...Proudly South African! 🇿🇦

As stated yesterday I was in the anti aircraft unit. We had to identify all these planes from a distance to ensure that we do not shoot down friendly aircraft. We had to write very strict tests on this.


I went through an F-16 Intel top off course, and we had to do aircraft identification as well. I got to ride in one of the jets too! One of my greatest regrets in life is not taking the controls when offered. When the Pilot Instructor offered them to me, I was too sick to say yes. We were doing a dog fight flight, and the hard turns were not the problem. As people warned me, it was the flat level flight that made me sick. The jets float through the air bobbing up and down the entire time ever so slightly. That's what makes you want to puke!


Yes a great pity, I never had the opportunity to fly in one, howver I flew the impala simulator but definitely not the same!


I wish that once in a lifetime I could fly in such a powerfull machine. It must be great to feel the g forces..


For sure

So good @gavvet
dig well out of the bearer. I always enjoy your research and they are very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing my friend.


He really did a profound research there. Am so amazed

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Incredible and scary at the same time. I have friends that live in Capetown SA. I will visit eventually.

Nice post those Cheetah surely was impressive, I supposed one cannot say it is a pity that it was never tested in combat as peace is definitely preferable.



Your post reminds me of my country, the country of decades of conflict between the government and the movement that wants to secede from the state. The impact of many lives floating, home burned houses, schools and everything. I am reminded of a tragedy where people in the pile and instantly collapsed in blood and died. Then the conflict ended when a devastating disaster struck Aceh, the 2004 tsunami disaster that was the end of the conflict

The air fighter is machine, this is the first time I am hearing this. Welcome

A well analysed and researched piece of work @gavvet.
I am always impressed on your work and thus you always earned my upvote.

Good one indeed.

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MIG is the good choice for war

World war III ( coming soon ...)

:) cheetah

Nice pics!

Good post @gavvet

Very informative thanks for sharing @gavvet

Thanks for the information friend

Wow nice planes

Wow what a fascinating part of history that I didn't know about. Thanks for posting!

Sweeeeeeeet ridesssssssssss! It's like looking at never seen before footage. Very cool my man! Cheers!


amazing posts @gavvet
you look like an agent who has completely information.
this articles so informative for me. coz u explained it so detail.
waiting for your next posts ma friend .

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I was not even aware of the South African war. Thank you for the news updates

Great post, thanks!

SA is impressing the Africans.

I'm loving the research as well as the sick design on the aircraft !

awesome continuation from yesterday's post ! MORE COLDWAR PICTURES!! HAHAH , awesome post my friend

Wow those look like they're in great shape. Beautiful tiger logo too!

There is a war started somewhere?


no, this one is over

Great. So much new learned reading post. Thank you!

Very impressive things! Great post, thanks!

Damn! The world's on fire right now. Literally.

I did know about the SA war. Thanks for sharing and nice pics too

I enjoyed yesterday's article and today's one is just as enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

Mirage 5BA vs MiG-21 ( this is in 1964 )

Great post! very informative. Felt like i was watching the history channel

wow, this is really cool... thank you for sharing something like this... my grandfather was a pilot

thanks it was quit informative

Dhaansu Guru!!!!

I heard this first time.
thank you for sharing

Interesting. Had no clue about SA air defense before I read this.

I never hear or even see a documentary for this war....

Can I buy a MIG-23 with bitcoin?


I bet you could. Russian surplus gets sold.


It will cost millions of dollars


I mean many Bitcoins

Hello brother @gavvet . I wish you a beautiful day and the whole family
Man is fighting in the earth and now in the sky in the air what is left of man from something even in water exploited by man in wars
Hope and the life we ​​live. Where we live is very much to hear about wars
Although I do not like this word, but that is the case
There is no single reason for this. We have forgotten the First and Second World Wars, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb, and the killing of more than 120 million people. Now, is there anything shameful about it?
Thank you brother and friend @gavvet
Happy day
I wish you all the happiness
( Thank you very much brother @gavvet , I do not talk and write what is in my heart but with you and I am happy for that )
شكرا كثير اخى اننى لا اتحدث واكتب ما فى قلبى الا معك وانا سعيد لذلك

Wow, so really nice plain. I like mig-21.
Thank you for nice photo.

Postnya very useful and hope you are lucky for future in this steemit :)
But do not forget the upvote on my blog too :D

AMAZING Planes !!!

Excellent post, thanks. Those were good times.

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!!!

Perfect post. thx.. which one do you want to fly..

These are beautiful planes.
Great to learn about forgotten places in the world during the most prominent times in history.