US and EU countries sponsor genocide in Yemen

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While all of the media attention is directed to Syria, the alleged gas attacks and escalation of US military involvement, another conflict in the middle east - the Yemeni civil war - is very rarely mentioned. However, the Yemeni people are continuing to suffer from the immense devastation that the conflict brought.

In 2015 Saudi Arabia has launched military intervention with a naval blockade and deployment of ground forces in order to influence the outcome of the civil war in favor of suni government. This resulted in huge famine in Yemen since spring 2017. Over 3.3 million children and pregnant women have been reported to be malnurished. What made it even worse is the outbreak of cholera causing 5,000 new cases every day.

Nevertheless, the US keeps aiding Saudis in their actions. The Pentagon, since 2015, has provided "non-combat support" to Saudi Arabia, including intelligence sharing and air-to-air refueling for its warplanes. In 2017 The United States sealed a 110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

The EU states as well keep selling arms to Saudi Arabia. According to official data only in 2017 UK has sold over 1.1 billon EUR worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Germany has reportedly sold over 500 million EUR in 2017. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute France is the third biggest supplier of arms to Saudi Arabia (obviously after US and UK).

Time after time it has been reported that Saudi commit war crimes in Yemen, yet there is little pressure on these governments whose weapons are being used for war crimes.

In the UN meetings people representing these countries will make a facade of high morals. How dare Assad kill tens of children with gas? What an animal. These meetings will keep happening as millions of children in Yemen will die of famine and cholera displaced from their homes destroyed with American, British, French and German weapons.

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What can I say? The truth is hidden or ignored. We are a warrior State. You may want to take a look at a series I'm writing, The Roots of War, the Hope of Peace. I appreciate you putting this info out there. Blessings.

"alleged gas attacks"

i am glad you said alleged. to add insult to injury, these fake platitudes and pearl clutching over gas attacks would be bad enough, but watching them create fake attacks that never happened, or flase flags and false false flags... and then manipulate us into more wars, is even worse.

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