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RE: Drug War Stories: Corralled in Conneticut

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I think Dudes although may not have raped any body or murdered any body, the involvement In growing marijuana is prohibited by the state. We all no the effects of marijuana to the health of the citizen. Unless you do not find anything wrong in growing marijuana and selling it . For me I think the growing of marijuana plants is good reason for the police to go after him. Thank you for sharing this post and I appreciate the way you express your opinion on this story even when it is little in contrast with my opinion.


c'est la vie, yea i think state intervention only makes things worse even for actually harmful substances like meth and heroin

Hey blizzo. What are the effects of marijuana on the health of people?

from what i have heard mostly if not entirely positive

Different for all but good for all we are born with an Endocannabinoid system and cannabis feeds it

Just google it

Google has lots of answers from both sides of the debate. I was hoping you might expand on your thinking.

I have never heard of any legitimate evidence of negative effects, especially that would justify coercive state intervention

Ah, there is evidence to suggest that the non-existent CBD levels and the artificially high levels of THC in strains of skunk might be causing some mental health difficulties in adolescent boys. It isn't conclusive, but certainly warrants more study.

yea but i mean cause or symptom? correlation i dont know if that is good evidence?

Cause, it would appear:

And there is plenty more. And this discusses how important CBD is:

I am not anti-drugs (especially not anti-cannabis) by any means, and I realise that a lot of smokers won't find it easy to accept. But the evidence is stacking up.

Do your own research, if you are really seeking a balanced view.

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