Walk With Me (Up and Down the Driveway)

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48 hours ago it was bare ground.
Someone has some shoveling to do.
Sadly I didn't have the camera when I sighted Teenus Americanus on the one day in 2018 when it put down the controller, got off the couch and shoveled a whopping 25' of sidewalk.
But I did get a picture of its tracks.
I thought the Dogloo was too good to not show.
It's hard to imagine the pole beans climbing that snow covered trellis.
It's much more beautiful when you're not the one shoveling.
Only about 50 more feet to the road.
But the road really isn't clear enough to go anywhere anyway.
Not in either direction.
Even the trees look depressed at the thought of more winter.
And the poor Rhododendron had its leaves uncurled just the other day.
Only an hour later and the first driveway is cleared.
We can get all the way out to the road now.
7" of relatively light snow, luckily it's cold enough to make clearing it just time consuming.
And the road has been plowed now too.


Wow, that's quite the snowfall! And the poor Rhody...awwww....

This one was quite magical:

Yeah, and the magic just keeps on coming.

There's another 8"-10" of fresh snow on top of that now.

Luckily the temps have remained cool so that its still the light, fluffy snow that clears easily.

I've blown and shoveled snow 3 times in about 24 hours now.

Oooh wow, you're under attack! hahaha!!

It would have been a lot worse if we didn't have global warming!


Yeah, someone should kick Al Gore right in his vagina.

Seems about right...

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did you shovel or do you have a snow blower?
Yes this global warming is getting us too..today was below zero and we have snow. :)

You can see the snow blower in the first picture.

It's almost like being there, except for the cold and the snow blowing back into your face.

If we had to shovel, we'd probably still be at it.

I wonder if Colorado would ban collecting rain water as snow from the ground?

The AFSCME would probably say that homeowners collecting snow takes jobs from Union workers, so, yeah that's probably a no-no as well.

Either that or the Ski Resorts would claim ownership of it and have you prosecuted for theft.