Walk With Me: Rendezvous With The Wizards of Killaloe

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North East Ontario, August 11, 2019.

Carpe the fuck out of your diem.


At the bottom of the foothills.



It’s a bit of a hike. Nothing but lakes, granite and walls of tree lined roads that feel like you’re just going to drive right off of the edge of the world.

It’s also 16 degrees Celsius (approximately 61 degrees F).

Cold for August. It was 30 degrees, 2 days ago, so we’re experiencing some cooler temperatures the further north we go.

Thankful there’s still a road...


In Canada (in the part that I originally hail from) unpaved roads are called gravel roads. If you go for a long drive on a gravel road, we’d say you’ve gone on a gravel run.

It’s an adventure.


You can See What I See: the road is becoming narrower and now, there are a few rules posted.

WTF! What kind of Canadian gypsy party is this? No pony rides?!? (These wizards mean business.)

They are also very prepared to receive guests.


What kind of lit carrier of information would I be, if I didn’t take this story right into the toilet, straight away?


No running water where we are now.

But there’s mushrooms...


This is Alex from Fern and Fungi.


He’s pontificating on the boletus.


Alex is a wizard of All Things Fungi but his expertise is in medicinals.

Today I Learned:

About the importance of Ghost Pipe. It’s actually not a fungi but looks like one. It’s edible and has a symbiotic relationship with the mycelium of wild mushrooms and the forest trees.


It’s a very powerful and important pain-killer when used in tincture form.


(Source Credit: American Herbalist Guild)

Ghost Pipe also signifies that this particular forest is still healthy because it will only grow if the conditions are just right.


As I was hiking out of the forest, I looked down...


Then, I looked around a bit more...


Wizards get bored from time to time. They love to make your mind think differently than it did, 2 minutes ago...

(I got their number.)

Speaking of numbers, I need to introduce you to Jean Brereton-East.


Jean is a Wizard of Astrology with a wide open heart chakra.

She helps people decipher the cosmic influences that our human bodies and souls are governed by.

So to help you down this particular rabbit hole, I summoned little miss Dory to help us out...


Not kidding...she dug her own hole.


(Note to reader: Have you ever seen a real rabbit hole?)

How about we let Christine Lagarde (when she was heading up the IMF) explain the magic of the number 7.

(Posted to YouTube by Actiwote on May 25, 2014.)

The message: the date range from 2014-2021 will be mostly stable financially.

Wizards are everywhere if you are willing to look through your eyes...

Jean’s been reading the charts since before I was even born. (She’s in her 70s now and she’s highly calibrated.)

The most important pieces of information:

January 12, 2020.

This is the convergence of Saturn and Pluto.

These same conditions existed when the Great Depression started and on 9/11.

It signifies that big changes are on our planet’s event horizon with the power to turn our financial (standardly accepted) operating procedures and laws, upside down.

Jean sees that our money system is going to change and she’s pegged that to occur on January 12, 2020.

We will be in transition until 2025. After which, the Millennials will work in a much different way. Gone is the traditional 9-5 working model.

Synchronicities are coming fast and furiously.

My role was to validate Jean’s observations in the charts and share her information with you.

(This is why I ended up in Jean’s and Alex’s neck of the woods.)

I told Jean about cryptocurrencies and the adoption of it.

She now knows that crypto is currently growing like the mycelium of a healthy forest floor.


We all carry important keys which unlock value.

Sharing freely is what we can do.

~ Rebecca

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