Walk With Me: Learning To Read Energy Signatures In Nature

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I will continue walking in the woods and translating or reading the Natural Energy Signatures that exist for those who decide that they want to see.

These energy signatures reside in a few special rocks and trees which are located in a forest ecosystem, close to where I live.

This is an exercise in expanding your perspective and it can be practiced anywhere.

To be clear, your perspectives set the frequency bandwidth that you transmit out into the Collective Consciousness (which is a cooperative component) of our Universe.

They (your perspectives about things) also set the frequency that you can receive back from the Universe.

De-coding the information that is being presented to you is a key.

Universe: ONE SONG.
A song is a collection of different frequencies bundled together in a specific order and communicated through vibrations.

Being able to expand your perspectives gives you access to additional life skills and tools.

Expanding your perspectives also has the power to eliminate suffering.

The process (of expanding your perspectives) depends greatly upon:

  • What you think about.
  • And your expectations.

If Mother Nature decides to express herself to you and you decide to recognize or receive her transmission, you simply will and it will come quickly and easily.
It is effortless, once you think you can and you have next to no expectations around the outcome.

Nature’s preferred energy is often subtle.

(This is in direct opposition to a flashing neon sign that directs your eyes to what its arrow is pointing at.)

To read this subtle energy, I follow a few more steps in my process...(however, just like a finger print, you’ll grow into your unique process. I am only demonstrating one of many ways).

  • Feel the emotions, first.
  • Ask for permission to engage and for clarity in being able to understand the communication that is being shown to you.
  • Look, while staying (bias) neutral.
  • Follow the natural order (of instinct) and express gratitude.



In the photo (above) you can see a chunk of shelf limestone that’s expressing Raven energy.

I used a black and white filtre in order to reveal as much of the detail as I could.

Interestingly enough, the Raven Spirit Stone marks the opening of the path to the ring of trees we are also visiting.

Beside the Raven is a stone expressing Whale Energy.

Can you feel the whale in this spirit rock?

This signifies that the Devas here, hold a huge body of natural knowledge.


The knowledge encompasses a command by air (flying Raven) and a command of water (as shown with the whale energy).


This tree (in the photo above) was hit by lightning.

Powerful energy exists here, if you’ll only feel and then notice the code assigned to it. ;)


It was shortly after (the hour of noon) when I took the photo (above) of the lightning tree. The shadows (visible because they are showing the absence of photons) are creating a triangle that take your eye to this tree’s base.

It’s highly probable that a beautiful glass crystal (in perfect fractal form) exists in the ground where the lighting strike “ neutralized or grounded” itself.

In my perspective, it does and I think lightning is a fantastic tool for communication and transformation.

Think about this, you can feel the static charge build, you can see all the photons doing their part, you can hear the crackle and you can smell the ozone.

It’s easy for you to receive the transmission of lightning in frequency form because you’re skilled at using your eyes, ears, skin and nose (as the biological receivers that they are) to bring lightning into your perceived reality.

The frequency of lightning exists because you perceive that it does with your physical (receivers) senses. Lightning becomes part of the fabric of your reality (or real in your world) once you marry your sense of it, with your expectation of how it is likely to act.

When we have consensus (or agreement between our physical senses and our perspectives) the cooperative components contained within the universe, come together and form stuff that makes worlds.

If more than one of us reach co-resonance in relationship between our perceptions and our outcome expectations...then, that person can bring lightning into their reality too.

That’s power and a fantastic multifaceted tool!

As you can see in the example of lightning, the magick is in the getting to a place of neutrality.

Ok, we shall carry on into a deeper part of the forest.

It is here, where we will be greeted by two Tree Sentinels.


This gentleman has raised an eye at me (one eye is higher than the other).
You can feel the surprise in his long narrow face and the circle forming his mouth. (Like he wasn’t expecting to have his photo taken.) Once he got over the shock that I could see him (and vice versa) I could feel that he chose to express leanest because of the fact that he really is, easy going, and willing to bend.


This one, is the muscle of the two, but once he got done blowing hot air, he became quite comically.

So, what could they be guarding?


More Raven energy (in the photo above).

As a side note:
There were 2 physical ravens flying (overhead) and calling to one another when I took this photo. It wasn’t until I looked at this photo (hours after) that I could see the bird as if it was flying straight out of the tree at me.


Male Fairy Nobility (Side profile with dark beard, holding a flower with stem which is resting on his right shoulder.)


From a slightly different perspective...
You can feel the blooming of his commanding presence.

Had enough blurring of your perspectives?

Admittedly, the fairy energy is still a stretch for me but I am working my way to neutrality on the subject.

Thanks for taking the time to expand our collective consciousness. ;)

~ Rebecca


Love your post! :)
I often feel these subtle energies, while others around me don't.. I don't mention them anymore cuz people think it's weird.
I think it's sad that people don't care.. They are being said knowledge is something else and only professors can give it to you..
Same with doctors..
But I believe you can only heal yourself.
Greets :)
@tipu curate

Thank you for putting yourself out there (one more time) @luegenbaron!
I think, it is the way forward to support all life on our planet.
We talk about how we must restore our connection to nature and the elements but how does anyone take practIcal action if they are sanitized of their authentic feeling, ridiculed for thinking differently and judged into silence?
Hard to change anything if thoughts are rigid and all outcomes are expected to be realized exactly the same way every time.
Nice to chat with you. ;)

Haha Yeah. That's what I often refer to as "mind matrix"
Or when I talk about how words are jais cuz others dont have the ideas/ thoughts I wanna describe with the words. They often just have these general definition for words..

People want change but dont wanna change..

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