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In this video, we explore what domain expertise is and how it differs from reputation score on Steem.

A user's domain expertise is the total sum of author and curation rewards accumulated by the user over a period of time:

User domin expertise

User domin expertise

Note: Currently, the domain expertise is being calculated since the public launch of Waivio.com in June 2019. In the future, we plan to index the entire history of Steem blockchain.

Author rewards are proportionally allocated to the hashtags and object references made by users in their posts:

Calculating the domain expertise

Calculating the domain expertise

Curation rewards are also taken into account. Thus, if a user upvotes a post that has links to some hashtags, that user will begin to build expertise in those hashtags as well.

The domain expertise accumulated by users can be found on their profiles on Waivio:

Domain expertise of users

Domain expertise of users

The combined domain expertise of a user is equal to the sum of their expertise in all the different hashtags they have referenced in their own posts or indirectly upvoted.

For example, based on Steem blockchain records, we can estimate that for @detlev #beersaturday is twice as important as #travel. 😃

In a similar way, each hashtag on Steem now has the list of associated experts:

Hashtag experts

Hashtag experts

Looks like @meesterboom has more expertise in #beer than @detlev! And @rollie1212 is already in the top 10!

As you can see, the domain expertise differs from the standard reputation score on Steem in many unique ways and it allows a much more granular analysis of users' interests.

Finally, the domain expertise can also be calculated for the hashtags themselves and it makes it easy to evaluate which topics are important for the Steem community overall:

Discover hashtags

Discover hashtags

We invite you to explore and browse hashtags on Waivio as well as check your own domain expertise on your your Waivio profile.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, post comments and suggestions.

Also if you like what we do and if you think we deserve to receive some funding from the Steem Development Fund, please support Waivio on the Steem Proposals System. Every vote counts!

And just #keepsteeming!


This is a great project!! any possibility of translating it into Spanish? I would like to take it to that niche, will you have some pdf or some manual to translate it in order?


Author rewards are proportionally allocated to the hashtags

Are the rewards allocated in equal proportion between all the tags in that post? If not, what method is used?

And, ignoring curation rewards for the time being, would it be correct to say that the domain expertise is a reflection of tag usage frequency and driven by the post payout when using these tags?

Granularity is good, I like details, thanks!

At this moment author/curation rewards are distributed between all hashtags equally. We are debating to count first hashtag as 2X.

the domain expertise is a reflection of tag usage frequency and driven by the post payout when using these tags?

This is accurate.

As you may know, Waivio supports wiki-listings/lists/pages on Steem blockchain - we call them objects. And when you submit a post through Waivio, you have an option to edit assigned weights:


Originally it was designed to allow authors to avoid adding weight to unwanted objects, but it can be also used to focus on acquisition of domain expertise in a specific object.

We might need to add a similar edit tool for hashtag references as well.

Thanks for the explanation!

fantastic new information coming out of this, nice nice nice!

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Wow, that is a **useful and cool information **about experts and how to find them.

Thanks again for using the #BeerSaturday as an example and feel free to do other analysis on my account.

Big question:

Is there anything @detlev could learn out of this analysis.
Means are there better TAGs to use or would it be better to use less TAGs or....

Good question!

Domain expertise leads to better visibility:

  • list of top 5 experts for a hashtag are always visible in the right column;
  • results in the predictive search are also sorted by expertise (both hashtags and users);
  • priority in the news feed (for example, if user follows a hashtag and there are too many posts, priority is given to authors with higher expertise in that specific hashtag).

But expertise can be also useful in other ways:
When objects are being edited (for example, multiple icons are proposed for the same hashtags) the value of your vote on updates (accept/reject) is based on your expertise in that specific object.

For example, you have a lot of expertise in #beersaturday and as the result you can select the icon for that hashtag.

It is not enough to have a lot of VP, but user has to have a lot of expertise in that specific object to make edits.

Hey @grampo, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

OK, that is a cool idea. Will give it an update....

But here a !BEER for you to celebrate weekend.

And greetz to that smart young lady wich was traveling with you the SteemFest.

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