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Wow, that is a **useful and cool information **about experts and how to find them.

Thanks again for using the #BeerSaturday as an example and feel free to do other analysis on my account.

Big question:

Is there anything @detlev could learn out of this analysis.
Means are there better TAGs to use or would it be better to use less TAGs or....


Good question!

Domain expertise leads to better visibility:

  • list of top 5 experts for a hashtag are always visible in the right column;
  • results in the predictive search are also sorted by expertise (both hashtags and users);
  • priority in the news feed (for example, if user follows a hashtag and there are too many posts, priority is given to authors with higher expertise in that specific hashtag).

But expertise can be also useful in other ways:
When objects are being edited (for example, multiple icons are proposed for the same hashtags) the value of your vote on updates (accept/reject) is based on your expertise in that specific object.

For example, you have a lot of expertise in #beersaturday and as the result you can select the icon for that hashtag.

It is not enough to have a lot of VP, but user has to have a lot of expertise in that specific object to make edits.

Hey @grampo, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

OK, that is a cool idea. Will give it an update....

But here a !BEER for you to celebrate weekend.

And greetz to that smart young lady wich was traveling with you the SteemFest.

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