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I watched a video which involves the Chief of Staff to the president of Nigeria which among one of his shady deals were exposed and not wanting to keep to his end of the bargain

It was an epic conversation on that show as it seems almost unbelievable that the Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria could be this corrupt up to the extent of duping his own family member and it felt so sad to know that the complainer father raised the Chief of Staff and this was the reward he could give back to his son. Let's start from the beginning so you will understand this.

The Chief of Staff of the President took a contract to supply 15 Hilux Jeeps and owing to the fact he does not have the authority to execute any project, he decided to place a call to his family member and asked him to him run it. He requested that the family member comes to sign an agreement which he did and it was agreed that he will be given 30% of the profit. And about $800 was paid to an account to start the job and he had to go borrow money from friends to be able to supply the Vans as he was very optimistic that the deal was gonna sail through. The total money released from the government to carry out this contract was $857,142 which was paid in full but due to the level of shadiness of the business, the money was sent to different account which the person given the contract was not aware of.

As it seems as a family contract, he supplied the Vehicles and was waiting for payment and to his great shock, his own family relation don't want to pay him. This is shocking right? How the heart of human can be that cruel when it comes to money. He waited patiently for a year but nothing and he couldn't take it anymore and decided to report the matter to the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). What unfold there, is a story meant for another day.
Have you ever imagined being jilted by a family member and how would you take it. Sometimes we think the enemies we are looking for are far but never knew they are within us and some are our very own family members. This can be so disappointing as you may not know who to trust again. This is same President whose slogan is Anti-Corruption fight and he is shading one very close to him. This is not the uptenth time that several complain about this very Chief of Staff has been made known public but the president keeps pushing such matters away.

A friends can disappoint you with a scratch but family members leaves internal injury. Becareful with people you trade with cos I am sure most of you got different experiences of it.

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