Wafrica Announcement: A call for guest writers and guest vloggers

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 Art by @jacobite

This is a gentle reminder authored by @mcsamm for Wafrica Curators.
Warmest greetings and gratitude to all @wafrica followers for the incredible performances to get @wafrica this far. It has always being wonderful with every single steemian who has supported and make use of the #wafrica tag for all their posts. We celebrate you guys in a very special manner. Just brace yourself and continue to be more consistence in working together with the team to achieve many great things on steemit.

Just A Reminder

Most people slept but others dreamt
People saw but others visualized
People liked but others loved
People searched but others discovered
Most people did but someone created
Most of us hope but few of us will possibly achieve


@Wafrica wants to make you Someone among Everyone. You don't just have to shine but be brightened. You don't wanna miss any single chance that come your way right.?
@Wafrica brings to the notice of every single steemian and its followers who really want to achieve greatness. A step further is taken to present a whole new different and educative maiden package to you as it calls for GUEST WRITERS/VLOGERS. Are you really surprised? Yes, you heard that right. We have always believed in what you share always and calling for your involvement to explore many other avenues. You really can and so why the wait?....


How To Hop In And Join The Challenge

It's that simple, no special rule and eligibility. This is just how it goes.

  • Create a well written post which is free from plagiarism. That's to say your own quality and pure content and then get it submitted to @mcsamm on
    Discord or Telegram

  • The content should not have been posted on any account because it would be posted on the @wafrica account.

  • Your post content will be reviewed. If it possibly meets @wafrica requirements, it will surely be posted on @wafrica.

  • Every work will be credited to the author in the post.

  • Remember also 50% sbd reward will be sent to the author after post payout.


Photo credit


@Wafrica will also accept posts that will feature areas such as ;

  • Africa
  • Charity
  • Work
  • Blockchain related talks and conferences.
  • Research report
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Technology advancement
  • etc

Who Qualifies?

This very opportunity is open to all West Africans, including but not limited to people from;

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Mali
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ivory Coast
  • Niger
  • Gambia
  • Senegal
  • Cameroon . . .

You may want to Contact @mcsamm or @lordjames on Discord or Telegram for a detailed clarification.


The best of luck going out to everyone as you make preparations to meet this opportunity. But till then, @wafrica curators share much love with all steemians.



 Art by @jacobite

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Such a great opportunity. Thanks so much @wafrica for haivng such a great challenge.

@mcsamm you always perform magic with your write up man. This so great...
All hail @wafrica!


Yes i also upvoted and resteemed this post to get soem extra attention for it.

I realkly want to see us doing @dlive and @dtube videos and getting like daily uploads as a normal ritual, I myself need to do this more, @mcsamm @steemgh so many others I know are already doing it and I know you may have started uing dlive more, I see everyone who DOES use it getting nice rewards when they start posting consistently, we can make more casual videos about @wafrica and it would work great I believe. Simple videos where you will need a smartphone or camera recording video while aimed at the laptop or computer screen, I believe that will make it easiest..

I cannot wait to see Steemhit $8 again :D Steem at $10 is going to make us all feel so much more confident in our own investments ohhhh I will behappy when those with 100 Steem will have over $1000 USD worth of steem, and when steem is $10 that will be the case, Oh wow that is going to be SO nice for everyone who has been stacking up steem! I cannot wait to see Steem have the same sort of pump EOS has had! I have full faith that this can and will happen once communities and then hardfork20 and SMTs comes out!

Many thanks to the masterpiece @surfyogi for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This really is a nice initiative by @wafrica to help expose the creative talented writers/vloggers. Just follow as it says and get your work duly appreciated..thanks for your effort too @prettyjules158


You are right man, all thanks to our big boss @surfyogi.

I love this! Wow

That's a great idea and I wish you give him or her..
So don,t worry..
Best of luck..

Well @wafrica i do not know how steemit works all i know is i am proud of Africa, am proud of my country Nigeria

This is nice thanks for the reminder


Good to have you

This is a great call to all. I surely will like to feature in this.
Thank you @wafrica for the opportunity.

Wow! what a good project you bring, very successful, I will try to participate and give my support.


Its all yours to grab. Get it resteemed to reach as many writers/vlogers who have being looking for such an oppurtunity..thanks too


The only detail is that it took me a while to try to open my account in discord, but I do not receive the code. My phone number could not open the account, and currently I do not have a phone because I lost it, another means of communication they handle?

Sharpening my pen for it.. Nice one

Wow what a wonderful post. We need more from this write up.

@wafrica I would like to know if a poem also counts

Hello friend @mcsamm thanks for your writing, I liked it and you have my support

Wow that's a great project in your hand and I think you will find good person for writing and vloggers..
Just carry on finding mission...

What a shock to see so much talent, greetings to @wafrica and to our friend @mcsamm

Very good job greetings friends


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Hello friend @mcsamm I congratulate you for your writing and greetings to @wafrica that always has new initiatives and innovation to keep growing

I want to greet all the followers of @wafrica and the friend @mcsamm for their work, blessings

Thanks @wafrica for showing us so much talent that is blessings in abundance of everything that awaits this community and a hug to the friend @mcsamm

Cheers to this, I would be looking forward to becoming a guest writer. Thumbs up to @wafrica and all others supporting in a way or two.

This is really impressive idea as it will enhance the grade of contents that is published and read from @wafrica. The tag is really going places and decentralisation of its contents to outside writers is a very good way to go, am fully interested and will prepare something on this regard. Nice one

its a great opportunity...
thank you..@wafrica

Excelente la participación de todos, me encanta su forma de trabajo.

really interesting post ,, i am happy with successful people like you

Nice post

great oppourtunity... nice post....

Well I'm not a writer but I congratulate those who are, since that's a gift. Greetings to our friend @mcsamm