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Ideas fall upon us like rain. What makes the difference is if we act upon those ideas. It is funny how things happen in life and we find ourselves abandoning what we truly love but finding it later in life.

I read Mass Communication in the university but had to abandon it because I could not find work in that line. I always wanted to work in the radio or advertising sector but after struggling I dropped it and got employment in the teaching sector.
afriac 3.jpg
I love to read, I love to write more but there was no time for that any more, all I had to write now were lesson plans/notes.
When I came across Steemit, it was such a blessing! Doing what I love and earning crypto, it could not get any better than that. After slacking for a few months, I got back up and fed my blog with content. In my first few months of being active, I met @surfyogi.

We had a conversation and he showed me a video that @teamhumble had made for Christmas 2017. Click this link to watch the video.

It was awesome, I loved the idea. There were a lot of known steemians, @papa-pepper, @quinneaker and even @surfyogi. He told me he wanted us to produce something similar and I agreed. I had to write a script to convey a message. I decided it would be a video which would propel the voices of Africans on the Steem blockchain.

Within one month, I wrote the script, @surfyogi helped me to edit and we sourced for entries from active Steemians.



I and the rest of the @wafrica team would like to thank all those you made this dream become a reality. We are moving forward to break and overcome more boundaries and achieve greater things. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. I would never believe that I could achieve this.

My dream of becoming a media personality is now a reality.
Thank you @ surfyogi for waking me from my slumber. Thank you for opening my eyes; I can achieve all I desire if I keep working and striving towards it.



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I was privilege to be part of this awesome team.
wafrica will continue to rise higher and higher.
Am a proud member of @wafrica creation team.
Thanks @surfyogi for believing in Africans.
We love you....


It is really a privilege to be part of history.

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Whichever way life goes, it always has it way of bringing us back to what we were truly meant for. The sky is indeed your starting point.

You Rock darling!!!
And to @surfyogi, keep doing all you do. You are a great man. Keep touching lives.

Don't stop here here @wafrica. This is just the beginning of grew things you can do.
We always need someone to wake us up sometimes. Thanks @surfyogi for the prompt.

Can I also say you've got a beautiful picture there

The notes on this really got to me and video is superb
Girl i can say that you are a fire starter. Not everyone that come across people as inspiring as @surfyogi and kick start their dream well and allow themselves get motivated,big thumbs up to you.

Am super proud to be part of this. WAFRICA is braking zones already.

To @surfyogi: you are the man, keep planting seeds in lives.

Belonging to the #wafrica family is like belonging to your own blood related
family. This family is caring and amazing. @wafrica.

Things can only go up from here

I'm proud to be a member of this community. Blockchain technology especially the Steem blockchain is bringing a whole new world to us - a world where those who do not fit into the status quo have an equal opportunity to make a niche for themselves. Together, we'll build this community and this tech to greater heights.

Arise Africa!

Wow, this is so beautiful.
I'm so proud of us.
Wafrica is going places

Thanks Sweety @chiama and @surfyogi🤗

Wow this is so wonderful I'm really happy seeing all this please keep it up @wafrica I wish my 100% upvote can add something to the community but I have to drop it because I'm really impress with what I see

Africa has seen the light. Beautiful video @wafrica. Well done @chiama

Africa indeed has risen. The world will forever see the light from a dark branded continent. Steemit the liberator is here indeed to redeem. I see financial redemption and hope. The light bearer @wafrica is never given up. The light indeed is glooming. Thank @surfyogi and all the amazing #curators of this amazing community.

@surfyogi Mommy says Thank you.


Congratulations very good job

this is a wonderful concept
kuddos to @chiama

its a great achivement..thanks your team...go ahead...@wafrica
love you...@surfyogi
@upvote & @resteem done

yeah, @wafrica grew day by day.
its all on happen due to contribution of @wafrica team.
thanks for @surfyogi for his big contribution.

@resteem done to represents your team.

Wow congrats on this great innovation and achievements, the journey just began and it's gonna be a good one, we wafrica must progress in all our works, nice start up and keep up with it we are here to support each other to succeed. Great job

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Yaaaaaayyyy I can see my @yungchief
Hahahahhahahahahah see his head. Lol



Wonderful video
Keep up,, greeter tinks await [email protected]

@chiama @ackza @adedoyinwealth @rejoiceavl Hahahahahah @nairadaddy yaaaayyyyy

Wow you guyz are looking so good. This is so beautiful I must say. Wowww... I'm so excited seeing this

@surfyogi wow sure u're the brain behind this.. #smiles... Multiple kisses to you all


Thank You.

Congratulations, it's nice to achieve our dreams. Keep trying and you will achieve more. I have a time publishing in wafrica. success!!!

excellent wafrica flight

Wowwww... I can see @prettyjules158 @jeaniepearl ... Wait is that @iconnelly??? Hahahahah

I'm happy to be part of this great achievement

Great idea and edition! I follow you and support you, I like this community. :) Support me to grew up!


Congratulations to Wafrica and Africa

  ·  last year (edited)'s amazing,the video shown us the people who had join in steemit expecially take a part of wafrica community,
I can see the happiness from their face and successfuly by join the wafrica community.
Thanks to @wafrica, @surfyogi and their community that have support us by the upvote our post.wish you always success and by best regard for you.

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Here in this great community, you have the wonderful opportunity to translate your ideas. Make the most of it.