🔴 THE SECOND STEEMIT COLLABORATIVE VIDEO: SPREAD LOVE for Christmas and New Year is finally UP!! 🎥

in crowdsourced •  last year

it’s done, it’s final, we have all the clips, I’ve been emotional a few times, I’ve adjusted audio levels, I’ve laughed, it took a while and lessons were learned, I’m so glad that you took part, that you made it happen, that we could do this by pulling together the sentiment from all across the world when you don’t know each other. global collaboration, imagine what else we can do together! :)

27.12.17 - NOW WITH CROATIAN SUBTITLES! thank you @ivan.atman

thank you for all those that took part!

@connecteconomy, @techslut, @eric-boucher, @prowebwriter, @jeffjagoe, @picokernel, @sazzler, @dayleeo, @basilmarples, @qiqi-power, @raised2b, @cabelindsay, @coruscate, @steemberlin, @ammonite, @lifemovedbysteem, @rootingrobert, @steevc, @lloyddavis, @samstonehill, @steembirds, @leotrap, @surfyogi, @allinthefamily, @quinneaker, @fyrstikken — thank you so much for taking part, if you have not received the one steem yet you can expect it at some point tomorrow, again, you all did a great video and thank you for taking the time to make it! :)

the lines we collaborated on for this video. . .

Weirdly it feels like a message I can get behind for a christmas and new year message, may this spread far and wide. I’m also putting a copy up on @teamvideo (dtube) as I hope people see it over there too. Thank you for all taking part, it was a joy to behold! :)

  1. steemit is a different kind of social network
  2. decentralized by location, colour or creed
  3. yet the chances of finding your tribe are vast
  4. the social blockchain is global and distributed
  5. witnessed by the passing of data between machines
  6. our daily intentions computed and transacted together
  7. shared among many and voted on with our clicks
  8. together here, we craft and control our own words
  9. flocking together in swarms of action and determination
  10. step by step, a few moments in time further on
  11. for many this blockchain is a place they call home
  12. like time capsules of memories waiting to be found
  13. past, present and future legacy written away
  14. waiting for generations to consume and to debate
  15. our blockchain is like a rich tapestry of life
  16. our always on, right now digital connection together
  17. looking for meaning in the moments on planet earth
  18. considering our local view and expand into global society
  19. making the world seem a little bit more manageable
  20. of course, we might not be able to change the world today
  21. but we can course correct and change our own behaviours
  22. learn and growing together by storytelling compassion
  23. passing on respect, honor, love and understanding
  24. to every socially connected human being on the planet
  25. because we all deserve to share our moments
  26. to extend our hand of peace to our global tribe
  27. i'm glad you made it, welcome to steemit.

Happy Christmas and New Year
Fellow Steemians! :)

T E A M H U M B L E xx

P.S -- everyone has been paid now .. ;)

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Damn, Only say this now. Sorry. Wishing you the best for the new year.


not a problem. thank you for taking part. happy new year! :)

Oh my, what a joy! I'm just now seeing this for the first time. You've done another masterful job of rallying people together and unifying their voices into a meaningful message for the masses. Good Work! I am honored and delighted to be included in this mix here. Thank you.

Yes, and I'm happy to see the sweet faces of many beloved friends: @dayleeo, @basilmarples, @qiqi-power!!! Dream team. :) Plus @quinneaker, @surfyogi, @samstonehill, @connecteconomy, @leotrap... and you @teamhumble, you star. Shine on, brother!


cheers brother. yeah, it came out pretty nice, got a project to go in between this one and then setup for another for the new year positivity vibe! :)


Rock on, dude! Looking forward to what's next from you. Yeah, and I meant to tell you sooner I think your @teamvideo campaign is stellar. I caught a couple of episodes, including one where you introduce some of the key Steemit people to follow... and I see real value in your vids. Rich with content and quality. One day soon, I think they'll prove to be valuable to the masses.


cheers buddy. felt it was the very start just to get momentum going. want to improve the quality, script and details for 2018.

I love so many things about this. The collaboration between Steemians, the message in the video, and the specific lines of collaboration! Wow, what a great thing to do. Thank you for all your hard work <3


i love making, what can i say. lots more to come! :)

Greetings @teamhumble! We recently stumbled upon your page and the @teamvideo page. WOW. We are so impressed by what is being created by this Decentralized Team.

We commend you for your acts of service and for your purposeful application of intelligence. We see many similarities between the Earth Nation and @teamhumble/@teamvideo

The Entire EN Guild has upvoted this post in recognition of the shared alignment of our groups. We will soon be writing a summary/review of your educational series that we will share across our media syndication network.

We recommend making a fresh post on @teamvideo so those who are grateful for the service can return the favor.


wow back! that's super kind. we are working on new content for the new year. better quality, scripted, cleaner video and regular schedule so getting your upvote and validation is awesome. thank you so much!

You my friend are a very special individual. What you have done here has a power beyond the confines of this platform.

Thank you so much for your efforts and I will do my best now to promote this far and wide so that others may join us here and change their lives forever!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :)

Here's to the ongoing rise of STEEMIT & awesome projects like this one 🎉

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 07.34.43.png

See if you can guess which coin I am banking on for 2018 ;)


Can not agree more; this shows us the way forward to replace media as we know it today.

This is amazing!! I am new to steemit and am blown away by it all!! The people are amazing and the potential is more than I ever dreamed of :)) Thank you!


I told my parents this is a gift to humanity and I have no choice but to participate, invest and contribute, and if it fails we will learn how to make it work the next time...

Ahhhhhhsome @teamhumble! I love the way you are bringing the people together, and connecting us from all over the globe. This is really a magnificent video--makes me smile now just thinking about it.

I loved @basilmarples contribution--he really is quite an energetic, out-there guy!

MAGNIFICENT all around! Thanks for all of your support of Steemit and this community!


hey thank you @everlove means a lot to hear that from you. you get what i'm trying to do here. thank you for the comment. be blessed as we transition into this next year x


Thanks for blessing us with this awesomeness. I get it and I'm grateful! Happy EVERything to you @teamhumble.

@teamhumble Awesome such a beautiful video. Everyone growing together in Peace, Knowledge and Community. This is the future and the vision of so many sharing LOVE !!!

Thank you

WOW, just wow..

I am blown away and I have learned a lot as well.
This is the best place to be in the entire world and I'm a very fortunate person.

AMAAZING @teamhumble :) I am so sad I didn't participate... but theses lasts days I don't do many video...


It would be good to address our Tower of Babbel?

I believe there will be robotic translators in the future, to help people get along in a new country, or when they visit, and it would be fun to do a video of 100 different ways to say?



thank you! another one coming up soon, just gotta write it all out! :)


yeah like that! :)

Timing is everything and this Holiday time seems to be the perfect moment to share our visions to the world. Thank you so very much for making this second official video about us Steemians, I am honoured and joyful, thrilled and excited to be part of this, both the video and the global Steem community.

Namaste :)


hey eric. thank you for taking part. it really hit the spot right? :)


Well done, thanks for the opportunity to participate, namaste :)

Steemians assemble! United we stand

Rise of the Steamians.



if anyone wishes to convert the lines/words into a language for subtitles i'll be downloading the .SRT files soon so we can get as many subtitles in different languages as possible for it! :) message me on steemit.chat if you wanna translate to your language!


Hi @teamhumble here is my small contribution, I've translated to my own language (Croatian)

Really nice thing you've made, sincerely appreciate the emotion and arrangement of it 👍
Happy Holidays to you and everyone you hold dear, keep this up

Merry Christmas,,,,i am new steemit user , happy holiday i hope you enjoy this day, i wish you best of luck. Thanks @teamhumble

Yay! Thanks for putting this together and letting me be a part of it, @teamhumble! Coolest thing I've done on Steemit thus far.

haha, that was awesome brother. Nice work putting this together ;)

Yayayayayaya!!! Loved this one even more than the second if that’s possible - we’ll done mouser!

Lovely Work man! as usual... :) Merry Christmas 4 u 2! Peace!

Merry Christmas: I bring you divine favour, long life, good health, prosperity, success and the peace of Christ born of a virgin.


sir, thank you for your comments.

Resteemed! I do believe subtitles would be a good addition, but aside from that, it's perfect.

Oh yes, and Merry Christmas! I keep forgetting.


that's a bloody good idea. yes, i'll do them! :) see if i can get some other languages! :)


Such a great idea, some of the lines are inaudible/unintelligable it seems..

That came out great! Another awesome job. Definitely resteeming.

A big shoutout to all who participated as well!


super glad of the timing in the end, seems fitting, especially because we have die hard on as well! :)


it really did turn out great! and now you get to enjoy the Christmas classic :)

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Chritmass bro


merry christmas to you too! :)

Amazing job @teamhumble!! I loved seeing everyone’s personality come through in each line. You did such a great job writing the script and then editing the clips together in a way that has a lot of energy and flow. Resteeming this for sure!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


oh that's sweet. thank you. it was good to see it unfold. the Canadians brought it home! :) yeah it has great energy, across the board from friendly to family. i'm pleased - have an amazing christmas too! :)

Happy Christmas and new year to you friend nice post I love it. You can check out my page here please make your comment and upvote/comment/resteem I will celebrate you for that https://steemit.com/@crudens


happy christmas to you too.

awesome video"!!!!
Merry Christmas

happy christmas dear friend......
thnx for sharing

Amazing! So honored to be part of this amazing video, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


Your family was so cute in the video! It was one of my favorite clips. 😊


having the kids in the video really made me feel super positive about the future of communications. we engage in so much media that is fear based but i believe in our children and the next generation so so much.

This video was really nice for steemians..We learn a lot from your posts.I pray for you in christmas, be good, stay healthy.
merry christmas dear :) @teamhumble

Love it!! Happy Christmas! 😊 🎄


Great to see another Steemit romo video compilation from Steemians around the world. Love this project and am grateful to have been in both of them so far!

Full Steem Ahead!


always a pleasure to have you in them! have good holidays.


You to Brother∞§∞


Steem on!



Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 24.06% vote... I was summoned by @teamhumble! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

NICE! @fyrtsikken being funny at the end there lol