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The word integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete. In this context, integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness" derived from qualities such as honesty, discipline and consistency of character.


One day, I logged in to see a message in my messenger, calling my attention to a post made by a teenager on FB.

Out of curiosity, I clicked to check it out and something about that post got me both angry and sad. I scrolled to the comment section and it was all sympathy everywhere but I couldn't get myself to sympathize with the teen.

I quietly sent him a message and he replied. And we started chatting while I let him in on a few thoughts of mine.

The post was about his failing jamb and scoring below the required score. I was going to sympathize with him but I kept reading and saw where he regretted not cheating as advised and I went HELL NO!

I don't know what you think and someone who might have known me from school days might be tempted to accuse me of not knowing what failing feels like..... Well, I won't blame anyone for such accusation because they might be right but hello! That changed after my graduation...I witnessed massive failure in my professional exams and I know what failing and exam and starting all over feels like
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About what I told him that night....
I told him that I wasn't going to console him like the others because he has every right to cry and be sad over the failure. I like realistic approach and so, I told him to cry all he wants because it truly hurts but went on to tell him that it didn't feel right that he feels sad for being a person of INTEGRITY. I was enraged that people were even rubbing it to his face about how they cheated and so on. I was more angry that he thinks so cheaply of integrity.
I don't know what you define success to be but I can simply summarize it with "any accomplishment with your full dose of integrity intact"....that to me is success. It's sad that people think Integrity can be sold off for just one contact or even a contract. It's sad that people sell their peace of mind for what they think they need rather than keeping what they need(peace of mind) and letting go of whatever threatens it. I don't know how you sleep knowing that what you got wasn't a bit of your sweat and still look boldly in the face of integrity to accuse it for lifting the loyal ones to an enviable success.

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If anyone has ever told you that integrity is worth less, then that person must have sold a deceit to you. It's better to fail honorably than to succeed dishonorably... Now, that doesn't excuse you to fail. You can fail, cry about it, learn your lessons, pick yourself up and do it again. It's your timeline... Your peace... Your pace... Your unique journey... Your values... Your dreams. Don't settle for less and treasure your integrity at every moment

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Hello friends, you got that job and signed that huge contract and I am happy for you but I have a question IS YOUR INTEGRITY INTACT? How much is your integrity worth? The beauty of your success is how much of your integrity you protected. Well, remind me again, what did Buhari do?

Good evening

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