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It sad when all seem to be going on well, and suddenly bad news find it depressive way back. I have always prayed for mercies and grace of the lord and I am quite overwhelmed with the massive support from amazing friends. Sometimes I ask myself "who am I to receive this amazing love". Been completely down coz in as much as I try to solve my problems it just keeps multiplying. Have been quite down and it seems hope is gone. Surely its hard to understand my life, but my heart saddens. I am sorry for being a disappointment to my friends. I pray the good lord helps me in times like these.


My country Venezuela is going through a horrible economic crisis yesterday when the price of the dollar went up I knew that good things did not come, I went out early to try to acquire things that I really need, a cell phone that I have not had for a long time, and other personal things for me and my daughter, it was devastating to return home very sad after seeing the prices of what until yesterday maybe I could buy today is impossible, the feelings are inexplicable, it is a mixture of everything and I ask the question to God , even when the Venezuelan is going to live this situation, people are going hungry, it will not be a good Christmas for many, that's why I understand you in part

I am also very depressed but life goes on and we have to keep fighting

Truly and well spoken my good friend. I have seen hardships but this years own seem quite hardest and life have not been easy for many of us. I can imagine what is going on in your county as a young economist. life indeed must go on in times like these. Its like a bad weather which will sure go away but we stay stronger until then. I am facing series of financial difficulties and with no help from family it hard to press on. Thanks for word of edification.

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Hello, so i was in a exact state of feeling just a few days ago, and whenever i feel like that and allow my self to actual feel, i get emotional. (thinking of how i feel stuck in life, and all the challenges i am currently facing), yeah i get emotional and cry, Ugly deep and emotional. This time i cried and recorded my self and put it on facebook, my intention was to show the reality of life behind the scenes of the seemingly happy person., and got alot of reactions from everybody, relating to what i had said.

Tell u what, the fact that u are alive, is a chance to live and fight another day, many would trade tp be in ur position. Most importantly is to continue the fight im life on bended knees or with the help of whoever u consider as the most high. Small progress everyday is good, and makes u closer to a break through. Keep up the fight, lets keep up the fight.

Things is by Gods grace, this time next year, you will be facing whole different challenges u will look back nd smike because u concurred these current challenges. Keep up the fight. It will be well.

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Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement. Its is important for me to stay strong and know all will be well.

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I don't accept your God, but I do accept your humanity. There is no disappointment in having depression (even almost depression). There's no need to waste your time with an invisible friend who has a lot to answer for. You have life. Live it if you can. Rise above your nature as the opportunity to do so presents itself. If people make you happy, then invest your time in people. Don't obligate yourself, as that will just make waves of self-hate you don't need. You are only human, and thus can only do what a human can do, which isn't much.

You won't find success in making your feelings something they are not, but you can find success in being mindful of your feelings. Let the worst of them pass through you like the tide. When one leaves, another will follow. What shape will the next one take? If you want a friend, just speak and you will find them.

Sometimes other distractions work just as well. Pinch yourself, rather than burn or cut. It will lessen the pain just the same. Listen to music and/or sing, even if it is lame spiritual hymns.

Personally, I like the band Smile Empty Soul. A post grunge band that really drives the hardest feelings home. With them, I can accept what I feel and ride the wave. Fuck the status quo, fuck trying, fuck fighting, fuck everyone. They give me a release and vindication, but they are not for everybody.

If the reality is that you should not feel like dying, then the way is to not feel like dying. Be real. Find a way to live if you can.

I completely respect your perspective about life and your position. Thanks for your motivation and counseling. I will not give up but stay strong for better times

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Thanks senior

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