Dear life: Help me thank @leeuw for his support.I am so greatful.

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There are friends and true friends. As socializing beings we will for sure meet alot of people. Some eventually become our friends and through our engagements, we bond with these amazing people. For some of us we have met people we hardly meet but they are more than family. They are our true friends. Starting in our little virtual world , I met a lot of people here and through our associations and affiliations , we had a great time on the steem blockchain. Along the way some may for some unknown reasons seem to have left us but some do stay and became our greatest spectators. Some stand out and are always by our side supporting us emotionally and physically. Truly in our hard times our true friends did stand out and are our true heroes.

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I want to use this medium to thank all my friends who through their tremendous support has kept our hopes high. We appreciate the support of @leeuw for helping me out with my mobility issue. To me no amount is too small. I am so greatful for the support and it has greatly reduced my burdens and with local support I am hoping for I can finally move. I pray the good lord bless him abundantly.



I think you are very brave young man moving on after many hardships and adversities, you showed you are tough, strong, resilient and determined which is why steemians give you the extra pushes in terms of STEEM coin. the steemit platform is perfectly suitable in a super efficient economy and i say to all look right here at steemit or busy etc to see what STEEM can do for the world!

I am honoured my good friend. Thanks for your amazing support. Will be starting work soon as a teacher and will impact into my students great virtues. Love will ultimately be the first one.

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very exciting to hear about jour job, I think it is perfect fit type of job for you, your students will love you, keep us posted!

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@leeuw does not cease to amaze me, you deserve to be supported by the friend, you are a great guy

Thanks a lot my good friend, for your continuous support and encouragement. I pray that your economy improves with the speed of lighting. Thanks alot

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Thank you for your wishes, I know that soon Venezuela will do the same as before or much better, you are an example to follow for young people

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