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The Emercoin is cryptocurrency platform that is built with the state of the art facility with a robust and sophisticated software to create a highly secure ecosystem for business services within the globe. The emercoin has one of the best users interface graphics in the history of the internet of things and in the blockchain technology. It is at the heart of the e mercoin to make sure business services with individual and cooperate organization is highly transparent and secure without external bodies or hackers interfering with business dealing within the confine zone of the Emercoin platform
The Emercoin is first public distributed business services in the history of the blockchain technology to help develop, integrate new positive ideas, improvement and modernizations to business owner. Emercoin is here to provide solution, assitanceship and makes sure businesses visions are accomplish within a targeted frame time of the business owners.

The Blockchain technology with bitcoin taking the lead in the industry has change the old way of financial transaction which has cut across many sectors which include political, economic, health, education ecommerce sector etc. to new and fast way of doing transaction via the internet of things removing Trans boarder challenges from the loop, this is why many fanatics and financial enthusiast called it a the first paradigm shift and a new revolution in the financial industry .Bitcoin is a fascinating technology which is yet to be adopted but the effect cannot be denied in the modern technology which have created a fast way where money can be transact effective. Despite the great opportunity bitcoin offers there are still challenges where bitcoin have not be able to render a quality services to business owners and develop their business with good innovations. Let’s a proper look at this challenges below

Security issues
Many companies that built their businesses on the space are still face with numerous challenges which have plague their business services to their customers. Many businesses have been bankrupt due to security challenges facing then that was not handle very well due to the technology these companies uses .due to the vulnerability of bitcoin, many hackers have been able to hack financial transactions in most platform .let’s take a view on the MT Gox hacks, individual and cooperate bodies that left there bitcoin on the exchanges that were not able to withdraw their funds were all stolen from the exchange in the year 2014. The worth of the bitcoin that was stolen worth more than one million Dollar. Funds that was stolen have not been able to be recover since the hack token place. These incident have cause fear and many lost faith in the bitcoin and also in most altcoin general. Apart from the incident businesses like in the ecommerce industry also experience hacking of their platform. Users of such platform lost their identity to unknown person. These identity have been use to commit fraud and other security threat to the global community unknown to the owners of these identity.

Smart contract challenges
In dispensation of altcoin coming on board on the blockchain industry many having been developing their tokens on a smart contract. Many business uses this smart contract to render services to their user’s .study have shown that many smart contract in recent times have been hacked from the deep web and also from surface web.
Counterfeiting of product
Lot of product we have today have been counterfeit which have result to lose of life and property. for example on the aerospace , many spare part that have been used to build this aircraft have cause lost of life due to the failure of such part that was used .counterfeit product is not advisable and should be discourage from the public due to it negative impact in the society .

All these and many more reasons the Emercoin was develop to create a friendly dynamic and suitable platform for rendering of business service to everyone and these are the main reason why the Emercoin was built with the state of the art facility to revolutionize the blockchain industry by creating a secure ecosystem for business services .

Emercoin was built with high security level of degree to stand against attacks, by using the peer to peer technology in making transactions which also integrate the PoW and PoS simultaneously into the platform to resist possible hacks. This technology is difficult to hack and is proven in recent years that is 99% impossible to hack the emercoin by world leaders in the cyber security .the security is decentralized technology which means no agencies have the authority to control the security level of the Emercoin. Although any slight probable attack on the Emercoin will lead to exposure of the hackers network and more dangerous effect on the hackers network even though they did not succeed to hack the Emercoin but the result is that their network will make automatically vulnerable and visible to the cyber world. The Emercoin taking the security as high level priority in protecting their business services they render to their client.
Emercoin also uses the block chain technology to control counterfeit product from spreading in large quantity to the global community. Before any product is circulated the Emercoin takes an audit report of the product from the producer which cannot be forge or erase since the blockchian is not erasable. Emercoin marks this product and identity the fake from the original, and also track these product using the Emercoin surveillance.

What the technology Emercoin integrate into the blockchain industry
The emercoin has one of the best of all time technology that is now integrated into the blockchain industry for rendering of secure, fast and safe business services to the entire world. The technology are outline below:

This is decentralize ledger of cortication that can be used to manage all kinds of data for ownership of a property ranging from housing properties , landed properties , vehicle .etc this proof of ownership certifications cut across all industries.

The EmerDNS
This is decentralized means of censorship which means any records which you upload to the emercoin blockchain cannot be manipulated or change to different kind of records. In other words your business services is secure and safe for business dealing with client at all levels.

The Enumer
This also decentralized technology emercoin introduce to the blockchian industry where you can render services to your client such as VoIP services to your client irrespective of their geolocations.
These are the few out of the numerous technology the Emercoin integrated into the blochchain industry


The Flexibility Nature of the Emercoin
The emercoin is flexible in many areas and not regid like so many platform we have today, the emercoin will allow you at all time to store arbitrary data in the blockchain at your own comfort and is easy to use without much tutorial on how it works.

The Reliability Nature of the Emercoin
Holder of the emercoin have full privilege to earn 6% of their Emercoin holding, the Emercoin also encompass the proof of stake for mining within the emercoin ecosystem

The Security Nature of the Emercoin
The Emercoin is highly secure and the emercoin code cannot be use for fraud or writing of sort of code for malicious reasons or other wise . the emercoin security technology is the number in the world right now that’s why the emrcoin is taking the lead in the blockchain industry as a pace setter

The Emercoin have various partner all over the globe. The partners believe on the vision, technology and the ideology of the Emercoin.

The Emercoin team
The Emercoin team have proven years of experience in the internet of things, blockchain industry, and information communication technology industry. With more than 35 years of experience by the CEO Eugene Shumilov who is leading the team is set to render a quality business service to the global community. Below are the best team

The Emercoin advisor
The emercoin advisor are owners of different companies who gave step by step guideline to make sure the team deliver the project and also to fulfil the emercoin project vision. They integrate their areas of specialty into the emercoin .below are the advisors

for more info about the emercoin project and update please kindly visit the below link

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