The Robbery.

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As he cocked the shotgun and screamed "Lie down!", it all just suddenly seemed like a movie to him.

Robbery was what he saw in Hollywood movies, in Nollywood uninteresting movies on Africa Magic.. Where the guys would wear very big suits and tie handkerchiefs roughly around their forehead to look rough.

Robbery was what he hoped to never experience. Robbery was not something he ever dreamed he would organise.

The unusually loud whimpering of the woman, nudged him back to reality.
Her wrapper was almost rolling off her waist. He watched her use her shaky hands to spread the edge of the wrapper above her thighs.
She had the exact figure of his mom.

He sighed silently as his partner hit her shoulder roughly with the back of his gun, and went into one of the rooms.

"Where is your husband!?", Steve probed.

The woman mumbled an inaudible reply. The reply earned her a slap from him. He regretted it immediately.

"He is not around!", she screamed, shaking almost too much.

Steve's partner came back to the sitting room with a gun lodged on the neck of a teenager. Her son.

"Please don't harm my son. Please. I will do whatever you want.. Please..", she screamed hysterically.

"Shut up!", the partner screamed, and hit her twice with the gun.
The teenager shook, growled, but didn't cry.

Steve was infuriated.
He thought they agreed not to hurt the woman. It seems his partner's only definition of hurt was kill.

" Where is the money!?", Partner asked.

"I have only 45,000. Its inside.. I will bring it"

After some minutes, Partner and the woman moved steadily to the room.. The gun carefully lodged on the woman's neck.

It happened suddenly. Maybe the boy had been watching too many action movies, because the kick wasn't amateur.

Steve's gun flew out of his hand and landed inches away from the boy. He reached for it effortlessly, and had the hole facing Steve immediately.

"I'll blow your brains off if you move an inch closer!", he screamed with feigned boldness & feigned accent.

Steve lay hands up, waiting for his partner to return and silently hoping the drama that will follow won't involve blood spilling.

He didn't quite get what he hoped for.



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