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Hello people beautiful
@jeanipearl clocked a year on steemit and decided to make us have fun through one of her fantastic ideas, you can also join the ride.


•Attach a recent picture of yours.
•Repost the slum questions.
•Answer all questions.
•Drop the link to your post as a comment on the main post from her blog @jeanipearl.
•Use the right topic.
•Attach the link to post on your post.
•Use Nigeria, Wafrica and any other tag.



When did you join steemit and which community did you join first

I joined Steemit September last year, and the first community I joined was SteemIbadan

Who introduced steemit to you

I wasn't introduced initially, I found Steemit due to my curiosity, @tojukaka gave a testimony in the Church on how he made money online and started asking questions, that was how I got here.

>>What convinced you to join steemit

@tojukaka the was he was head over heels about sharing the opportunity.

What do you like the most about steemit

The fact that I will write an article and get token that I can convert to cash, and moreso have been able to meet the most amazing people on earth through Steemit.

Your highest steemit upvote reward

Around sixty dollars, thanks to @surpassinggoogle 's contest

Your best experience on Steemit

When I attended Steemit meetup in Ghana, in January with @gee1 @ewuoso @fisteganos @ibukun @tojukaka and @ejemai

Your worst experience on Steemit

I can't really think of one, everyday is a good day.

Your steemit role model

@surpassinggoogle He is a role model worthy of emulation

Your steemit angel

@hendrikdegrote he visits you when you least expect, sorry I can't even tell if he is a he or she, anyways whenever @hendrikdegrote visit,it makes me really happy.

Your steemit crush

@jeanipearl please I want to skip this question, because am crushing on myself.

Your best male friend on steemit

This is too easy, My sweet @olawalium off course

Your best female friend on steemit

Am still searching for her.

Your most memorable steemit meet up

The Steem Ibadan meetup.

A steemit wish

@ned I wish steem dollar can rise to just 10#

kiss,hug and slap ?

kiss : @surpassinggoogle
hug: @ejemai
slap: @fadiji09 (because I can easily get away with it )

Will you be at SIN2 ?

Still not sure.


A massive shout out to you all and to everyone on Steemit I celebrate you all
@olawalium @peacefulbliss @mediahousent @ewuoso @adejoke16 @mistakili @phait @ejemai @emekacollins @bookoons @stacey31 @arogboolabisi @zizymena @itoroarchibong @uche-nna @mosunomotunde @tojukaka @gee1 @@@awolesigideon @kwinesther @lordjames to mention a few like @oredebby #smiles

Thank you


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Lol... A few indeed. #smiles

lol, just a few.

i enjoyed reading.
thanks for participating

Thank you darl.

Thanks for the shout-out BAE... ❤💋

You are welcome darling.

We celebrate you too dear. Your Steemit angel should be @curie. Without their upvote, you wouldn't get hendrikdegrote's upvote.

Love you

oh really, I never knew about that.
Thank you

Nice and beautiful pic

Thank you, I think you should participate as well.

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