Living By The Sun, Moon, and Stars

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Too woo woo?

Whether we realize, acknowledge or have any awareness at all, of the celestial influences of the heavens, our lives are ever woven into the fabric of these beings. Yes, they have consciousness, doesn't everything? Nope, not a scientist, physicist, not even an astrologer - simply a 'sensitive.' I've felt these energies all my life and much of that time mistook them as a 'me.' Meaning I've worked way too hard to figure myself out, when I finally realize there IS no 'me.'

My mom and dad always kept a tattered almanac next to the rocking chair in front of our kitchen windows. They used it mostly for farmer's planting dates and weather forecasts. I liked it for the little sketches and tables inside. Maybe that's where I infused a receptivity to what's in the sky.

It didn't matter to me that no one else had any interest in such things. It was fine not talking about them. I could feel them and that was dandy. Now and then I'd consider becoming an astrologer until I looked at the material in books, charts, and ultimately computers. My brain would spasm, head would throb, and body no longer felt anything below the neck! (just like learning steemit and crypto-talk!) So I just went along, feeling my way through life.

Sure, vulnerability is colossal living this way.


"The only true elegance is vulnerability." --- Chogyam Trungpa

Last week I read a great post on this exact quality by @connecteconomy

So when I woke this morning and felt into the energies within, it was a little choppy inside and my body felt uncomfortable. PAUSE! THIS is where I used to go into the 'what's wrong with me?' question panel. Or, 'what have I done wrong NOW?' excoriation. These disciplined but less-than-tender means of self-examination no longer benefit (did they ever?) my energies and they are fading from my 'tools.' To end this patterned habit, I pause, breathe and fill up with a clean, clear breath, and begin again.

Tea. Always a soother and friend. Sit. Breathe. Open. Trust. Realize the great goodness of this moment. Soften. More. And let it in --- the love, the feeling of assuredness that all is well, that the Flow handles everything when interference drops away. Andrew Harvey used to say,

"Let yourself melt like a pat of butter in the hot noonday sun."

(Not that hard to do in Arizona! ;)

Then I remembered the current celestial energies, ha, my personal 'almanac!' May I present to you this weeks 'guests'?

Chandra Symbol Leo 12
The Mouth of the Amazon River
“This world we live in is wide open. Anywhere we want to go, the invitation is there. Yet if we are going to take the path of open destiny where it leads, first we will need to liberate ourselves from all the versions of this which turn out to be mirages, illusions. We so easily draw to ourselves that which looks and insists that it is the open adventure, the free space, the clear possibility. Yet soon enough we find that we are enveloped in something so familiar and so stuck. In fact, we are repeating ourselves endlessly, in yet another variation. Quite compulsively, we persist in this pattern until we cannot bear it another cycle of self-avoidance. Then the actual open portal of the New Earth is right here before us. Unlike the substitutes, this one gives no ego-mileage, never will make us a special person. Instead, it floods us into journeying with everybody in a bigger story than the one we’ve told before. That unusual dimension allows us to breathe free of our own extraordinary nature. For it turns out that the good we can do starts when we give it all through us without a trace of self-conscious absorption in our own magnitude. But it takes so many heartbreaks, such deep letting go to find the place beyond the separate Self version of existence. The place of all-worlds-converging, all-times-now, all-windows-open calls to us here with a force, a power, a great passion. “ Posted by Lorna Bevan @

After reading, first I said, thank you! that I have a way to interpret the morning.

And then: Allow me to just get out of the way!

The day begins.

“This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.”

Maya Angelou

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