It's a kind of magic - An introduction to designing better user experiences in VR/AR

in vr •  11 months ago

Watch the talk now.

In the video I will share an 30 min introduction to designing better user experiences in VR/AR.

  • How to approach UX for immersive computing.
  • Understand why magic matters for UX design now and in the future.
  • Breaking down the academic UX definitions of magic.
  • See real world examples of how to approach this UX design paradigm in VR.

This is a recording of my original talk I had at a couple of weeks ago.

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Can you give some pointers regarding the personal direction you're going?
I work in Augmented Reality myself, see profile picture :^)


I don't quite get what you are asking me? :)
In what field do you work with Augmented Reality?


What do you persoanlly plan to do, and what will be visible here on steemit?

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