VR Gaming Review - SairentoVR

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SairentoVR is one of my first encounters with VR gaming in modern times. Needless to say, it is everything a VR game should be.

From the beginning, you are dropped into a futuristic dojo as the loading zone. It was very reminiscent of the first meeting of "Ghost" in the Matrix series.

The experience from there only gets better. Between the campaign and the various types of games that you can play, SairentoVR is basically like becoming Neo in the first Matrix movie...with bullet time and everything...yes, you can dodge bullets...or even deflect them with swords...

If this game were just available to play on a console it would be addicting, but that it is in VR reminds the player that yes, we are in the future.

The physics within game make the player get lost in the fludity and forget that you can't actually run on walls like this in real life...Being able to double jump, do a backflip, and then fire on your enemies in slow motion puts the player in the position where you have to put in the work in real life in order to win in the virtual realm. Unlike games where you're just sitting on the couch, you can't play Sairento for hours on end without legit getting tired. This actually keeps the gaming experience fresh and keeps it from getting stale due to overexposure that often comes with non-VR game binging.

The game gives the user the ability to decide their weapon loadout, which gives a person a wide range of possible experiences and ways to play the game.

Considering my favorite weapons are currently dual-wield katanas, I hesitate to call this game a "first person shooter" and must assert it has graduate to "First Person Ninja Simulator".

Whatever the highest rating you can give something, i give this game:

5/5 Tacos



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