VOTU Vlog #21 " Lets Talk Whaleshares ( dirt nasty version ) " New Steemians NEED TO KNOW about whaleshares.The Best kept secret and the key to earning $$ Early on in the crypto game.

in votu •  last year

As always we are dedicated to bringing you quality crap and today is no different! Sorry for the space in between vlogs we had a trip with elon musk to mars, you know how it gets. During todays vlog we talk whaleshares and what makes it so IMPORTANT!

What/Who is whaleshares?


Find out more here, content by @jphenderson

What does the process look like? Simple!


Whaleshares Promotes Steemian interaction! The best way to earn Whaleshares is via contest and events.


Join the Whaleshares Community Here Take me to the promise land!

Todays Vlog was brought to you by:


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That's some serious dedication :D
But why don't you swallow it? JK LOL


Lol, dedication is my middle name!

dam nice mouthfull of dirt I like it! lol :) great post now I know "whaleshares"

LOVE the weedmaps lanyard bro! Do you work at a dispensary or something? You ate dirt for whaleshares!

Spits dirt for a week.
Beast mode!

Walrus has dirt fetish? I didn't know that.

Can I also eat dirt for WhaleShares? :)


throws up dirt sure

This man deserves whaleshares.

Dedication man. Dedication. :-)


lol, you know it!

Haha! That was a fun one!

btw that totally is the right way to hold your phone while you film. Your video looks so much better.



ayy theres the legendary @teamsteem :)

Supreme SAVAGE!

Wahahhaa you're not right in the head.
Next time try walking towards the sun so that camera is backwards to it.
My whaleshares experience... created account, received WS tokens from someone, forgot password. GG

Now that was hilarious. You gave it a good effort on trying to eat dirt!

I am new to the Cryptos and Steemit and its good to see videos like this to learn more about the space.
I will checkout the WhaleShares
Thank you

I spy a cannabis worker on his way to work?!?


ayyyy my thoughts exactly buddy.

Is it even working today?

I'm getting started with Whaleshares asap!

Keep up with the crap
You're doing great!