V.O.T.U.'s Interview w/@pfunk preview Campaign Push #2 for Minnows,Dolphin,Whale Support.

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Over here at V.O.T.U. HQ we have been working very hard to bring you new diverse content (and believe us its not easy) I mean you all have the attention span of a goldfish w/adhd watching keeping up with the Kardashians, but fear not my loyal pirates! We have come up with a solution.

Full Interview coming later in the week along with Podcast so stay tuned.
@kevinwong - Have we caught the attention of your ears yet?
@berniesanders - Are you not entertained?
@donkeypong - we need this post on the trending page.
@pfunk - sorry man lol
@steevc - hope you get a laugh out of this
@themagus - we are real
@smooth - Sup bro
@ned - " they hatin on ya boi's right now"
@luzcypher - sorry i missed so many open mics

I mean come on guys, who else is doing it like us? Link them in the comments below lol
Produced by V.O.T.U.

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That's a cool piece of animation software but I take exception to the haircut :P

I've told you before, it's 'Doughnuts'! Damn colonials can't spell




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I really spent a quarter of a minute getting what VOTU was meaning ... ;) Being away does not help ;)