Are you really into peace?

Many people believe themselves to be supporters of peace and freedom. It may be because they vote for politicians who talk about being peaceful. It may be because they support politicians who promise to end the war on drugs or allow gays to marry.

But what if the entire political process is violence at its core, no matter which politician you vote for?

"How can that be?" Think of it this way: when you vote, you are asking the politicians to take money from your neighbors, and use that money to cage or kill people who you do not agree with. It's bad enough if you believe their promises that they will actually enact your favorite programs that help some group or groups by stealing from others. But usually the ruling class just does what they want because campaign promises are not contracts and the majority of us are too stupid, stressed about money/survival, jaded, or distracted by shiny things to even want to hold the politicians to their promises.

But the point here is that using the political process to steal from your neighbors, while less violent than robbing them directly, is still robbery, just with less courage and honesty.

If you really believed in peace, the idea that it is NEVER cool to steal or INITIATE violence against another person, you would abandon all support of the sham that is our current political/economic system and the corporatism that has infested America, along with most "developed" Nations.

Surely you can see something must be deeply wrong if anyone has to work more than a couple hours a day in the year 2019 when technology is as pervasive and advanced as we see now!

Through the Federal Reserve, a few big financial institutions have been bleeding us all dry with debt and inflation. Right now your dollars are worth about 15% of what they should be. Think about what it would be like to have 85 times more spending power! If that doesn't bug you then there is no hope. If you think you can use the political process to do anything about it, you haven't been paying attention.

Look up Voluntaryism, Agorism, Anarchy. These ways of being don't mean what you have been told by government-funded schools and status-quo supporting elite-owned mainstream media makers. If you didn't know that [most] Anarchy is based on the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) or that we can have law without government (, maybe it is worth some investigation?


while less violent than robbing them directly, is still robbery, just with less courage and honesty.

So much truth here.

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