Emancipate yourself from monetary slavery

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I'm brushing off another old facebook-post, based on something I wrote in a discussion about the events in Oregon, and what to do about it. Some of the stuff I thought were perhaps worth sharing more widely, so here we go.

Most of us know the [belief in] government and it's use of debts and monopolized violence, as the universal tool to "solve problems", is THE evil and THE problem we're facing in this episode of humanity.


I'll take this opportunity to point out a simple fact for all of you out there;

All governments, and all their tyrannical acts and institutions, are fed NOT by your votes or your words, but ultimately by your money.

Recent technological advancements has made their entire basis of existence practically OBSOLETE. If you TRULY want change, and I think we all do, the most efficient act you can do, is to simply STOP using their fraudulent centralized currency. Take ANY opportunity to request that financial transactions be made in Bitcoins or any other of the DE-centralized, UN-touchable, NON-falsifiable, debt-, fee-, and interest-FREE cryptographic currencies out there.

It's a really SIMPLE thing to do, ANYONE can do it ANYWHERE, for free, without needing any ID, with NO commitment to violence or otherwise coercive or political entanglement. You really have NO excuse not to. Period.

Think of it like this... Encryption and Torrent technology made it IMPOSSIBLE to enforce laws against file-sharing. It happened before, but it was technically possible to at least partly block and hamper it, and BEFORE it was computerized it was considered kinda dishonest. All anti-piracy law in the WORLD can't stop distributed file-sharing, like torrenting today. And because it is SO EASILY done, virtually EVERYONE does it. VERY few today feel guilty about file-sharing.

It's rather the fact, that BECAUSE it was made so easy and relatively safe, it opened our minds and made peoples attitude CHANGE towards the act of file-sharing, and towards IP and it's aggressive enforcement. That's because the benefits were SO obvious in their personal life. It is EXACTLY the same with block-chain technologies such as crypto-currencies and bitnation.

This collection of icons represents just a selection of available decentralized currencies, that make great alternatives to the mandated centralized & fraudulent "money", still in popular use today, in your local tax-cattle farm. Upgrade to non-feudal money today!

Apart from SOUND competing and collaborating currencies, it works equally solid as a distributed replacement for individual identification, property registration, liability contracting, qualification certificates etc. etc.
It's JUST WAITING to become common knowledge and common practice, and the DISBELIEF in the need for central authority or control WILL have become an engineered FACT.

This is how almost ALL significant evolution of civilization happens. Big changes are almost ALWAYS pre-cursored by disrupting technologies. It's as true for ethics as it is for communication or warfare.

To illustrate: the printing press revolutionized public knowledge, public knowledge broke away layers of hampering views of bureaucracies of institutionalized religions and their immoral practices. It changed world views and lead to the END of chain-slavery, the birth of disciplined science, shortly followed by an intense technical industrial revolution.

What I hear from people who thinks freedom (abolishing statetheism) is impossible:

Now the world is again facing a key revolution in human history, one towards decentralized, distributed and individualized solutions. So I'm not more worried about the parasites in politics, pathetically powerless to stop progress, than I would have been among the protestants when they were breaking up with the church of catholicism.

The advent of the Internet, has rapidly made the functions of governments to manage and organize masses of individuals, as obsolete as the folks lighting the street-lamps and delivering ice to fridges, before the advent of electricity.
If you see this big game-changer for what it is, you will welcome Bitcoin and it's relatives into your lives in a warm embrace.

What if there were more hacking on the roots of evil?
We know what it is, and quite seriously, there is NO excuse not to.
Let's DO this.


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Its awesome that we're transitioning into a world where digital currency is a thing. Good read and a truly enlightening video. Showing us that there is a way to combat these banking cartels. The idea that I can make trades without some guy watching over my shoulder is so0o appealing haha. Steps in the right direction I think. Thank you

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