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Expectation : The next generation social media which pays for your time on social media!!!

Wow!! this excited me, my pointless hours on facebook, instagram, reddit gave me back nothing all these years and the moment I heard about steemit I found "hope".

Blockchain and Crypto space was a new thing to me, but I made an effort to understand this platform. I spent hours here to just understand the way this platform works. Spoke to hundreds of people like me and we wanted to grow together.

I am an artist and as such making money out of something I do is difficult, but I saw a hope in Steemit, it had all the features for me to grow as an artist by talking to various other artists. The best part is I also have a medium to showcase my art work and get paid for my work.


Reality : The things I just spoke about in the above section is like a fantasy isn't it? I mean what more can a new generation social media ask for ?? But one month into the platform I started realizing steemit is too good to be true. The whole system of whales influencing the way system works was ruining this on soo many levels.

I am a person who would not talk without right reasoning, here are few

  1. We spend hours of time just trying to create the work and generate the content for steemit, our time has some value.

  2. We were here with a hope of finding some livelihood, our hopes has a value

  3. I agree I may not be the best, now there are many worst than me getting better rewards than me... wasn't this platform about nurturing people who contribute well to the community with their talent?

  4. We may not know how to suck up to the whales, does it mean we are not entitled to stay on this platform??

Oh wait!!! You may not have answers to the above questions, why??

Few Whales Value Money Over Steemit Values

Because the majority of the so called "influencers" of the system with huge chunks of vests are selling themselves to bots, they get a close to 100% ROI of their upvotes!!!

So weather or not you generate a quality content, you should either suck up to a whale and help him with his bot or send some SBDs to his bots and buy his upvotes!!!

Is this what you believed in when you started investing in steemit??

Making money out of user's hard work?? By giving them literally nothing.

Kudos To Snowflake for His Recent Article On Whale's Mind

@snowflake in his recent post mentioned below

Enter A Whale's Mind

has showed us why the whale sell themselves to bots and he is brave enough to do that as a whale himself. He told us clearly why he would never vote on a quality content even if he likes them.

I am sure this is the attitude of every whale around here and if this is the case I am sure in the very near future steemit will be left with no users generating quality content, it will just be a bunch of people with 1000s of Steem which values next to nothing because steemit is not a sustainable platform.

I am sure this was not what @ned or @dan had in mind when they were building steemit!!

Conclusion : You Are On Suicidal Mission

Whales earn more by selling themselves to bots and this is the very reason more you suck up to a bot creator or a whale more are the chances of you succeeding here on steemit. I am not even confident to post this on my profile as I will be flagged for talking against the system, I no longer have freedom of speech and that is a thing long forgotten on steemit.

To all the whales out there, steemit is not built by you but by 1000s of users who spent countless hours to generate a high quality content and bring it to this stage.

If you sell your selves the way you have been doing all you will be left with is few more whale with millions of SP which values next to nothing.

I hope a positive message is sent out through this posta nd I thank @voiceshares in advance for giving me a platform to speak my mind out on this issue!!

Disclaimer: Voiceshares is only trying to create a platform to users on steemit to voice out their opinion on what is wrong with steemit and how can correct it. The above post was also a story or a perception shared by one of the users and @voiceshares is only representing it with a positive hope of changing steemit.

We at @voiceshares believe in creating the support system to those souls whose voices are suppressed. We would strongly urge you to write your stories of

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  2. Corruption on Steemit
  3. Political Suppression

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Well said, I also viewed the thoughts of a whale post and felt that something needs to drastically change in order for a more balanced, where you don't have to be a whale that invests thousands of dollars in order for your hard work to be recognized. While some of my work has been liked by others in the steemit community, most of it has received pennies. Regardless, I still continue to produce and curate, as I love interacting with others on steemit.

However, things have to change in order to lead more whales to manually curate and have incentives to not sell their votes, and that can only be done when there is less emphasis on selling your vote to external bots for profit, but instead receiving that profit for curators here on steemit. Until then, most people will be selling their votes to external bots since ultimately, they could care less about the content but rather their ROI.


Glad to see you think positive and this is something many on the platform thinks. This is keeping steemit alive, I hope more people start thinking on these lines, specially people with higher SP...Bots are definitely not the way forward


If these people want ROI they should do it on the markets not via steemit. This is similar to how music people sell thier souls. It's very sad. I have faith in this platfotm and it's users. Like you said, there is still content and cool people to meet on here


We definitely have amazing people, we need to sort out few issues to make the numbers grow


I was also happily posting and commenting, making peanuts. Then a damned bot with whale status stopped by to insult my work. Yes, I am "overly sensitive" because I am a HUMAN. What that bot did to my day almost made me leave.

Please read this because Asher has actually found that organic curation by @abit is more lucrative:

I was surprised by this.....


I only wish, whale who think they are smart read this post... to be honest even i Learnewd a lot from that post ...thank you for sharing..

Lets have a look at the big picture shall we?

Us techies screwed up in the early 90's by not insisting on encryption at the TCP/IP base layer, so now we're trying to fix it with VPN's and TOR, etc... It's not nearly enough to combat the trend toward centralization on the web which is the very thing that you're complaining about (i.e. whales). This is all the more reason why you should support Steemit instead of FB, Twitter, etc... Because the Whales of Steemit are mere microbes compared to FB.

We're in the early phase of decentralized social media. It's not perfect, but we have to take the "we" perspective instead of the "me" perspective. The "me" perspective is what has given us the current fascist panopticon and allowed authority to take advantage of us all. So let me suggest some things that you should be doing instead of complaining...

One of the first things I did is invest about $1100 into Steem using Blocktrades and powered up. Since you are one of the first ones here with us you are a builder/founder of this platform. Instead of looking at your 0.01 cent post and thinking this will never support you, you need to remember that bitcoin was about 1/10th of a cent back in 2009. Steemit is just one of many projects built on the Steem token. Even if Steemit doesn't take off as expected, your accumulated Steem / Steem power even if it's only worth a few bucks now can make you a millionaire within a few years!

If you don't believe that, then you don't understand the potential here. I have an advantage because I've been a software developer for 20+ years, so when I finally got through with my own projects in late 2016, I read the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper and realized something dramatic was about to change.

The early adopters of decentralized social media aren't here yet. They're about 3-5 years out from now. In the mean time, you should be thinking in terms of investing in the whales because they are the engine that's helping us decentralize against the FB panopticon. Without them, this platform has no chance of success against the FB financial juggernaut.

I've been around for a long time, reaching retirement and now because of what I've seen in the world of finance with fiat currency, quantitative easing, I have to consider Bitcoin / Steem, etc to be my "social security insurance". All good things are difficult and take time.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating the wider trend toward decentralization that will take the internet by storm by the early 2020's.

I have to agree with @raised2b. Steemit is a whole lot better than Facebook or Twitter. Those platforms will sell you into slavery. Realistically it takes years to develop a significant following. What all the top content producers have in common is that they didn't quit. Here you are only a couple of months in complaining which suggests to me unrealistic expectations.

In my field, it took me 10 years to finally make a living out of what I was doing. This is typical. Once you have that frame of mind, you'll see that Steemit is not bad at all and light years ahead of Facebook.

THANK YOU!!! I agree completely. If the bots are not reined in, this platform will TANK. If the whales do not start taking curation seriously, new good contributors will go elsewhere. It was a great idea, but if you manifest it poorly someone else will take you idea, do it better and leave you in the dust. Myspace, facebook.
Personally, I have decided to start muting all bots and flagging them when they are being twits to humans. I stand with the HUMANS. UNPLUG THE BOTS!


No automated system can replace the value humans bring in to the platform.... You are right sir!!

I really hope this bot thing changes and encourage the whale to participate on a personal level. That is what steemit is about…community!! Not a community of bots but real people taking real stuff producing real content. My posts don’t earn much but I’m a construction worker not a blogger. Lol. I don’t expect to get rich just want a decentralized social media with a great community to relate with.


We just expect a clean and transparent social media...mind you blockchain never lies

The sooner people open their eyes and realize the truth the better their experience here will be. I was once also all sentimental about how this platform was expressed as one way but then it turns out to be another. You've got to read between the lines though. One must accept reality. Nothing is for free in this world. While you can still reach heights by hard work. The model is clearly designed to rewards those who pay for exposure. This will definitely not change. It will actually become more and more stringent.

Steemit Inc. have realized the power and value of their blockchain and are now moving on with SMTs. One needs to accept it or find another place which is aligned with their dream. You can even start your own platform using the tokens. They have made this clear at steemfest2: Steemit is a place for entrepreneurs to earn their bread. Whether that is simply by humbly managing your blog to gain a large audience or controversially offering rented SP as blocktrades will. The choice is there. The game has changed.
The whales are fed. As cute as dolphins are, they will become outnumbered this time in 2018.

The sharks are hungry.


Well, I see a very practical approach towards Steemit and I appreciate it completely..... I just hope there is no cheating of people in the very mission statement of tseemit


There's no cheating as there is no obligation to pay. As earlier stated, you can still make it through hard work. Expect that process to be a lengthy one though. The system is clearly now designed to get you there quicker - when you pay. Steemit did no doubt start out as a noble cause. That's no longer the mission though. If you go to YT and watch the steemfest videos you will get an understanding of where development is heading. Even if you watch this video below recently uploaded by Exyle you will see how he has also realized this and accepted it.

The entry should have been called "On The Greedy Mind" instead of "On The Whales Mind".

That's all that rules here.

Bots, self-votes, witnesses running coin-miners. What a wonderful collection of crawling bedbugs, sucking away the vitality of the platform.

Steemit needs a fumigator, or a can of petrol and a match.


You are right buddy, it is only for betterment of all of us!!

Thank you for your courage and ability to voice your concerns here on a platform that has fallen very short of what it was supposed to be. I say supposed to be because I also drank of the steemit koolaid upon finding this platform via a video I saw on Facebook by @jerrybanfield.
I too have gone back to putting more effort into another platform called SPHERE, which is backed by an actual SOCIAL ACTION TOKEN.


I did check out SPHERE, looks interesting for sure :)

social media is very important for us

What amazed me when I first joined the platform is the fact that bot accounts are treated the same as real person's accounts. I don't know why a bot should have the same footing as a real person does. When I also see things like Saudi Arabia giving a citizenship to a ROBOT ( I know it was done for purely publicity reasons but...) while thousands around the world can't get a visa to visit their kids I am starting to be really troubled as to where we are heading...
There must be regulation regarding bot accounts. I don't know if there should be a tax or something else, I'm sure there are plenty of options here.
Thank you for raising this important issue!


I thank you for correlating the real world issue with what is going on in steemit, even I agree with your view point

steemit is a place to spend the right time in comparison to other online places @voicesheres.

great information flag is our weapon

Money makes world go around, this is why I post only on dmania because memes are easy with little effort and I upvote myself to accumulate more to pay for bots at end. Problem here is the more money you have more power you own. Idea like idea is not bad but I will agree it is not sustainable for the long run when everybody is using bots to get to the front page. I don't understand why steem has value with this BIG problem but who cares?

I am really happy to read your post. I am Pankaj from Bangladesh, I followed and upvoted you on steemit and I would be so grateful to you if you upvote and follow me back.
Nice to meet you.

Keep yah head up... I'm going to keep my head down, try to make good content and see where I am a few months from now. Maybe they will hear this and have a change of heart.


That is a very positive approach, we shall all be here.. when a system goes wrong we stick together and correct it


Oh... and you misspelled your name... its a "y" lol


Great idea. Inside this community people are easy to flag.

Steemit,Blockchain and Crypto space was a new thing to me, but I made an effort to understand this platform excellence post nyc wording best ever steemit leaks.