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  1. I always had the ability to improve my vocabulary on my own, but the opportunity provided by @majes.tytyty through participation in the Vocab-ability exercises each week has certainly helped motivateme to actually get out there (so to speak) and do it!
  2. Stability is the most important aspect of any foundation because, without it, anything we build on top is more likely to fail.
  3. It was a tough decision but the candidate chosen to fill the new mentor role at the University was the one who showed the most sagacity.
  4. The minority of teachers who were against the strike were extremely upset at the fact that they couldn't work on the strike day regardless of their industrial opinions, as there weren't enough of them to manage all of the children had the school remained open that day.
  5. Children with a high level of mental agility are usually more successful at spelling bees than others.

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Good work!

And I'm glad you feel motivated. Keep it up, and you might increase your vocabulary quite a bit.


  1. I am dear to my boss because of my ability to handle office in his absence

  2. The stability of a country depends on GDP.

  3. It is your segacity to stay calm while they were fighting .

  4. Religous minorities are not safe in our country .

  5. Your agility has helped you from time to time .


  1. Ability:
    Aubameyang has a glaring ability to perform a prolific performance.

  2. Stability:
    Since the initiation of Bitcoin in 2009, it has never gained stability in the market.

  3. Sagacity:
    His sagacity made him pass the examinations with flying colours.

  4. Minority:
    The teacher advised us not to follow the minority so as to learn the basics of working in a team.

  5. Agility:
    We could not help but perform with agility at the tournament.


  1. Wilson's ability to ride the heavy duty truck is amazing.
  2. The global financial market is far from stability or growth due to the trade war between America and China.
  3. AIs can't compare to the sagacity of humans!
  4. Being part of minority is not always a bad thing as long as there's fairness in the allocation of resources.
  5. The young engineer's agility saved his life, as he's the only survival from the building collapse.

My Vocab Practice

1.- Since I was very young I have had the ability to sing and play various musical instruments.

2.- When my brother-in-law passed away his wife lost her emotional stability because of being left alone and economically unstable.

3.- When my grandmother lived, she used to advise us with very sagacity about almost everything.

4.-When the government speaks of the opposition it refers to the minority of the voters, in the same way it happens when the opposition refers to the adherents to the government. It's as if at least they agreed on that (In seeing each other as a minority)

5.- I never had the mental agility to understand, with the first explanation the math classes.

Good work!

Hmmm, I'd rather have the ability to play a musical instrument than the mental agility to understand math. As it is, I have neither. :-(

My Vocab Practice

  1. The ability of chameleon to change the color of it's skin is incredible.
  2. The building had fallen due to lack of stabilityand lack of proper planning.
  3. The sagacity is the core value of humanity.
  4. The minority didn't exercised their right to vote.
  5. Not only in studies, but in sports too agility is a vital part.


  1. Ability:
    My ability to keep up with the random postings of the exercise has led me to believe that there are monsters under your bed that keep you from posting daily like the good old days.

  2. Stability:
    Having no stability as a child is a cause of why an adult cannot run his or her life.

  3. Sagacity:
    Sometimes I'm impressed by my own sagacity.

  4. Minority:
    I've heard the saying that the true minority are the ones who claim themselves to be causation.

  5. Agility:
    You should have seen my non-existent agility as I threw a punch at the Taijiquan master.

Good work!

As for those monsters, they're all in my mind. They're strong, they're wild, and they're in control of most of what I do. Including posting these Vocab Prac exercises on Steemit.


  1. His ability to do basic math is good.

  2. He needs to have a stability in income so he can rise up from poverty.

  3. The sagacity of a person comes with age.

  4. He belongs to a minority group of players.

  5. He has the agility to wander around in the city.


  1. ability
    My first ability was drawing.
  2. stability
    In a relationship, I need stability the most.
  3. sagacity
    The coach’s sagacity qualified the team to the prize.
  4. minority
    The minority of the population tried to do good things.
  5. agility
    His agility brought him over 100 medals.


  1. I admire her ability to be optimistic although she failed in her driving test.
  2. He achieved financial stability after getting a well-paying job.
  3. Tough life experiences teach us sagacity.
  4. Although I am a part of the minority in my country, I am grateful to receive the same quality of health-care as the majority.
  5. He lost in the chess competition as he exceeded the timer due to the lack of agility.

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Good work!

Tell "her" to remain optimistic, and just keep on walking for the time being. :-)

Thank you!

Hehe sure I will :D

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Excelente publicacion, lo felicito señor Majes.

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