Vocab-ability Prefix–301 (ob__, oc__, of__, op__ = to, toward, against) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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Each daily “Vocab-ability 1x1” post has 2 main features, as follows:  

One “Vocab-ability” entry

By spending 5 minutes reviewing today’s “Vocab-ability” entry (below), you can learn the vocab roots and many high-level English words.    

One “Vocab Practice” exercise (for UpVotes

By spending another 10–15 minutes, you can practice using today’s words by composing your own sample sentences. Your practice efforts will be rewarded with UpVotes.     (See “Vocab Practice” rules and notes below)    Today’s “Vocab- ability” entry

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  1. I want to obtain an extraordinary power!
  2. He offers his heart to the one he loves.
  3. A servant has always been obsequious to his master.
  4. My cough often times occur at night.
  5. Its very likely my wife will oppose me again.

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Thank you!


  1. obtain
    His biggest mistake was that he tried to obtain something without asking first.
    He offered his car to her girlfriend while she was travelling.
  2. obsequious
    The prince had obsequious helpers who showered him with care.
  3. occur
    We didn't expect to occur something right after we started driving the car.
  4. oppose
    He tried to oppose to all the rude words about his sexual orientation.

Good work!

That "biggest mistake" sounds kinda like theft!!


  1. I want to obtain at least one token or coin of all cryptos.

  2. I hate to offer bribe.

  3. Kids must beobsequious to parents.

  4. Full moon occurs once in a month.

  5. I oppose racism.

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Good work!


  1. I am trying to obtain as much as coins I can.
  2. when I reached at his home he offer me water.
  3. All the students in the class were obsequious
  4. We try our best so that the event should not occur in this way.
  5. All workers oppose the new policy implement by the company.

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  1. It has remain difficult to obtain a first class degree in recent times due to the high levels of distraction among students who practically spend their entire day(s) on social media.
  2. The buyer of the old house made a valuable offer of a million dollars, but I just can't understand why the owner of the property has refuse to sell!
  3. I need an obsequious lady as a wife.
  4. Nobody can predict when the end of the world would occur, all we have to do is to watch and pray always.
  5. Opposing the rules of the traditional council of my village, will sure get you into trouble.

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  1. What must one do to obtain salvation?
  2. Must i offer a sacrifice first?
  3. Salvation makes one to become obsequious
  4. What will occur when i am saved?
  5. Woe to anyone who dares oppose my being saved

Good work!


  1. Obtain:
    It is not easy to obtain a good health when living a poor lifestyle.

  2. Offer:
    the government declined to offer Beatrice a scholarship because of her poor grades.

  3. Obsequious:
    The opposition parties when so obsequious to current government.

  4. Occur:
    The derby between the two teams will occur the day after tomorrow.

  5. Oppose:
    The prince had tried to oppose the prime minister but failed.

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  1. Theresa May seeks to obtain an extension from the European Union on the exit date for Brexit.

  2. The manager offered the interviewee a job.

  3. The middle manager was obsequious in his praise for his boss.

  4. Radiation occurs naturally in most locations.

  5. The House of Lords is filibusting as they oppose the Letwin-Cooper bill.

Good work!


  1. She went to the fridge to obtain some milk.

  2. He didn’t offer her anything to drink during her visit.

  3. His dog is very obsequious to him.

  4. The disgusting smell at the river bank usually occur after sunset.

  5. He is oppose to those who drink and drive.

Good work!

Interesting point about the dog. I believe that most dogs are obsequious, while cats are very independent and aloof.


  1. Obtain:
    To obtain my sanity in the midst of resolving the influence my mind and muscles have on me to complete my objective, writing a few late, late, late vocab sentences, I have now written you, bring my mind and muscle to a peaceful and relaxed state.

  2. Offer:
    Henry offered the homeless man with cancer a stick of gum.

  3. Obsequious:
    To address the arrangement set forth by the Great Duke of Pennington Hallway, the obsequious woman, who snuck around the halls and rooms searching for the bloody heart, left the heart in the bed of the chambermaids.

  4. Occur:
    Has it occurred to you that you haven't been posting as much as I would like you to do?

  5. Oppose:
    To oppose the working class with threats of taking away the meager income will only serve to enrage and turn them against you.

Good work!

Bear with me. I'm on a visa run, and there've been some obstacles to overcome. Hopefully, I'll get my visa on Thursday, then return home to Chiang Mai. Then, soon enough, get back to regular posting.


  1. obtain
    Keeping calm will help you obtain a more favorable outcome.

  2. offer
    I would make you an offer you couldn't refuse.

  3. obsequious
    I'm independent, resilient and non-obsequious.

  4. occur
    I can guarantee that no party will occur in your garden.

  5. oppose
    I'm opposed to receiving money with PayPal.

Good work!