The Thing About New Update Of Steemit

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Before Steemit was something like Facebook or Instagram that can post something on their blog, the new version of Steemit is kind of add some Facebook group function in it. So you can post something on your own personal blog or the group called community. If you write the post on Facebook Group you can not see in your own personal wallpaper.

The toolbar which is located on the left side of Steemit is this

(1) All posts : Original funcition
(2) My friends : See the post that my friends upload like facebook
(3) My communities : See the post that my community upload, so if you have Vietnamese Steemit Community you can only see Vietnamese Steemit post
(4) Explore communities: Find the community that drags your interest

Now we can subscribe each community that you want to get a feed from it.
So from now Community will play an important role inside Steemit. When someone tries to take the seat in the future when Steem price goes up? It won't happen now. Because everyone will know who is the biggest contributor to the community

the way to create community

This is a great update that can help the growth of Steemit

Let's go Steemit !!!!!!!!

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