To my beautiful and lovely wife...

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To the person who makes my life meaningful,
My lovely wife, I still remember the first day that we met in Saigon airport. You were so happy in that day, you waved hands to me and even jumped. I was so happy, but I remember we were so excited, I know it because I remember you forget to hug me when you saw me. But I was in there to remind it to you.
Do you remember the days that we were in Da Lat? We used railway to go down through the mountain. And when we decided to climb it by walking, I get so tired, but you were always energetic and you made me want to keep going. We went to valley of love together and went inside of a maze. When I found the way out so fast, I felt like I'm so cool and charismatic. But you didn't even care hahah. I remember we took lots of good photos in there together. I remember the night that I woke up, because I heard a noise. And you told me Da Lat is like city of ghosts. I was thinking it was a thief, but I couldn't see anybody so maybe it was a real ghost which made that noise.

Do you remember the time that we went to Mui Ne. We had a wonderful hotel room in front of the beach. And I remember rainy days in there. We went outside to eat lunch, but it was rainy and we went to Vietnam Home restaurant which is across the street. I still remember the taste of tuna that I ate in that restaurant. We swam in pool together as well, it was so good to spend time together with you. And we went to Jeep tour together in Mui Ne. Fairy Springs was wonderful, wasn't it?

And we were in Nha Trang too. I remember it was like Antalya, because it was full with Russian tourists. I remember we went to public pool together. And they thought I was Russian too. I get sunburn in that day, but it was still funny day for me, because I enjoyed a lot in there.

And after almost 1 year, you came to Turkey. I know it was difficult to preparing visa papers. It was difficult to come here, nobody can say 8000 km is not far. We met in Ataturk airport in Istanbul. It was not easy to find you in there, but finally we found each other and we came to my city.

Preparing papers for marriage was difficult as well. I think you remember that they denied your papers in Minister of Foreign Affairs, but we went to notary to make it correct fast. And we handled all paperwork in same day. And when we applied to get married, it was so meaningful day for me. I was so happy and I'm sure you were happy too.

And now finally we get married. In first day of marriage I want to say once more in front of everybody who read it. I love you more and more everyday. Your cuteness made me feel better in each day we see each other even on Skype. I love you more than anything in this world, you're the one who made my life more meaningful and thanks to you my life is much better now.

I will love you until my last breath and I hope you keep being shiny with your beautiful smile. I wish we will never leave each other again.

Your husband.


yayyy. Finally, wedding has come. Congrats to both of you. So happy to hear that news. Your words sending to your wife are so sweet and cozy as always. I wish both of you will live happily forever and after. Big big hugs!

Thank you so much. It was so difficult, but finally we (me and her) handled it together and get married.

What a lucky wife that has a lovely man like you .. i wish happiness for you together

Thank you for good wishes!

Really??? Omg

Yeah, finally I'm not single anymore hahah

I’m happy for you for this huge milestone. Because some people in the world are still struggling to live next to each other. Congrats!

May God bless you both.Be happy and live a beautiful life...

Thank you so much!

Congratulation, your wife is so lucky

Thank you, I think she's luckier than me

Beautiful romantic post that you will surely cherish into the future - enshrined in the blockchain!

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My home country of Vietnam is beautiful

great couple and a very lucky wife to have a good husband like you

That is so sweet. She's lucky to have a husband like you and you are also very lucky to have such a partner for life. Congrats to both of you on getting married. :)

this is amazing man !!!!!

I went to the first place. it was beautiful

Marriage is a great change to grow with each other! We´re 14 years toghether, have 4 Kids... and still love each other (mostly) :)

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So beautiful. Nice pictures i like it very much
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