Magicians of the Universe - Chapter 1 - Part 1

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Magicians of the Universe.png

Bora was a teenager who is just 19 years old. He was walking on the street for a while. He noticed something on a window of a store while he was walking. There was an old collector who sells second hand stuffs in that store. He went closer to the old man and asked for the thing that he saw.

"I think you're looking for this," said the collector while he was bringing the box that Bora asked for. "This box was staying in this store for a long time. I forget this thing was still here actually."

"May I learn what its price?" asked Bora.

Collector said that they can make a deal for five dollars. Bora took money out from his pocket and gave it to the old guy. Old guy gave the box to Bora after he took money and said that he can come if he needs help. Bora went back to home with the box that he bought. Actually there was a picture of a stick on the box and he wondered what is inside of it. That's why he wanted to buy that box from the seller.

As soon as he came to home, he cleaned the dust which is all over the box and he opened it carefully. There was a stick which is around twenty five-thirty centimeters inside of this box. He found a cable inside of the box after he looked at it more carefully. One side of this cable was small and the other side was USB cable for connection with computer. Bora didn't understand what was small part of cable for before, but after he looked at that stick carefully he found a little input which cable can fit in. He saw there was a little installation CD in that box as well. He took his computer and opened it quickly. He put the CD into his computer. There was an installation file in that CD. He installed it quickly. He got surprised after he saw the screen on his computer. In that screen he learned that the stick that he bought wasn't actually a stick but a wand. There were features of the wand in the application that he installed. It was telling the wand is programmable with different features and how to use it. Bora connected the wand to computer using the cable. And he saw a text "new hardware found" and he waited for it to install


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